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AYA 🌺🌸

My name is Aya and I'm Astrid mother or you can say foster mom.
I knew Astrid mother,joy, you could say she was a friend of mine. At that time when Astrid grandmother died,joy had to flea, but she could not leave a ten year old child alone and helpless. she wanted to stay very close to Astrid, she never wanted to leave,but she had to. she needed to erase every connection she had with Astrid.

that was when she found me...
you might be wondering how I know to much. It's because I was once understand the goddess control.
my case was quit different from Joy's ancestors.

I used to leave in the sea with the goddess, I was one of her errand maid. yeah, you could call us sea people but never call us mermaids.

when the prophecy was newly spoken, the goddess did not want to go down like the rest of other gods.
she started making plans for her reign to continue on Earth.

I never supported it.she filled the whole sea what more does she want?
I decided to talk to her, well as a maid it was really hard to get her attention.

after much persuasion,she obliged.
" my queen, I wish to speak to you" I said.
" go on, I'm listening"
" forgive me, for I do not wish to speak I'll of my queen, but I must say, isn't it to much" I said on my knees with my eyes down, it was a sign of respect.

"what do you mean by that?" she asked furrowing her eyebrow.
" all of this planning, isn't it enough?" I asked as I raised my head up to meet her gaze.

" if by planning you mean, what I'm doing to keep my name for ever, then no it is not enough" she said clearly irritated by my words.

" but my queen you do know that a time would come when all of this would not matter, development will enter the land, people will no longer worship you or come for healing or anything and it would be by their own free will"

" I will do anything in my power to make sure that it does not happen" she banged her hands on her throne.

" but my queen, you have the whole ocean at your dispense, not even compared to half of what is in Earth, just let the humans have their life"

" have their life you say, tell me what life would they have without me, I provide them water which is the most essential thing to them, if I wanted I could make all the whole rivers dry up and then they would end up dead, I am showing them mercy the list they could do is worship my name" she said raising her voice at me.

" but, my queen..."
" you will speak no more" she cuts me in.
" take her away from my sights" she order her guards to take me out.

" what about the project?" I asked as I was been dragged out.
" the doom of other gods are not my concern" she responded.

" no, not that prophecy" I said.
in response she raised her hands up signaling the guards to stop.
"what prophecy?" she asked.

" you didn't know my queen, you do not know what faith lies in store for you and you are here making plans"
" do not beat around the bush and just spit it out"

" there is a prophecy that a day would come when someone would rule over you, that person would stop your madness and take over your throne"
" what you speak are all lies, lies that the humans tell themselves, if they were a prophecy like that I would know about it, I would know it it'll true or not"

" take her away, she has nothing else to say" the guards griped me by the arm again dragging me out.
" or better still, Aya you are banished, you will never step foot in the land of the Marines ever again and send this as a warning to anybody who portrait the characters of Aya.

I felt numb, she banished me, I needed to go but where?. I swam to the surface. and that was when I met joy.

she entrusted Astrid to me when she left. everyday I see Astrid on the streets but I didn't want to pick her up yet I wanted her to strong, I wanted her to know the dangers this world could give. I wanted her to be strong enough to take it also in

after some weeks of keeping an eyes on Astrid I decided to take her in.
whenever we talked about her mom, she would snap and tell me she hated her mother.

well I honestly don't blame her. who would leave her child and run away just like that.
what she didn't know was that her mom was alive and might not be as far as thought

when she had a dream the other night, I was confused. the goddess was coming for her but why?
then it hit me , the good
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