Hideaway: Part II

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The sequel to Hideaway. With school finally being over, Tony can’t wait to start off the summer with his friends at camp. But when a sudden new threat comes along the way, Tony soon realizes that the mysteries of the Hideaway forest aren’t over yet. Will they survive the forest’s dangerous games this time or will they die trying to escape the new murderous threat? β€œBe careful who you trust...it’s out there waiting...”

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Late at night two guards were guarding the section NY of the forest. It was a dark and stormy night in the Hideaway forest. Nothing but the sounds of thunder and the total darkness of the night.

β€œI don’t like this place,” one shivered, trying to keep warm.

β€œEver since you saw that lame zombie movie, you’ve been acting like a total creep,” the other told him, β€œThere’s nothing bad about the forest.”

β€œBut Liam! Didn’t you hear that there was a murder about a month ago here? And some disappearances?”

β€œJack, that was a month ago. Nowadays this forest is completely calm,” Liam assured him.

β€œWell if this forest was so β€˜calm and normal’ then why the hell did they put us here to guard this stupid fence?!” Jack asked, pointing at the tall fence behind them.

To guard the NY section, there was a tall electrical fence that cut it off from the rest of the forest. But still, to keep everything safe they decided to put two guards on night duty telling them that on the other side of the fence animals were being hunted and needed to be kept safe.

β€œDon’t know, but when someone offers you a job with high pays you don’t ask any questions. You just sign the contracts,” Liam told him, as he looked at the fence.

Suddenly something rustled in the bushes and both guards looked at the bush.

β€œWhat was that?!” Jack asked, as his voice trembled in fear.

β€œWhatever it was it’s on the other side of the fence,” Liam told Jack, as he pointed his flashlight towards the bush on the other side of the fence.

Suddenly it began rustling again and again.

β€œIt’s the monster!” Jack suddenly screamed, pointing his flashlight towards the bush.

And suddenly, a black cat jumped out of there.

β€œSee? It’s nothing but a dumb old cat,” Liam said to Jack, as he chuckled a bit, β€œHa! Can’t believe you’re afraid of cats now.”

β€œI’m not, but I’m telling you something weird is going on,” Jack huffed and began walking away, β€œI’ll go patrol around.”

β€œHaha, yeah. Watch out there might be more cats,” Liam laughed, as Jack soon began walking away.

β€œHmph! I’ll show him!” Jack mumbled angrily, as he walked along the fence.

Just as soon as lighting struck from a distance, Jack pointed his flashlight to something that made him jump out of his skin. On that side of the fence, the fence was broken.

Jack trembled in fear thinking who or what could’ve done such huge damage to an electrical fence. He got his radio out to contact Liam, as he stammered in fear, β€œH-Hey Liam?”

β€œWhat now?” Liam asked in an annoyed mood.

β€œThere's some-something!” Jack stammered.

β€œWhat do you mean?”

Suddenly he heard something creeping behind him. The sound of wet leaves crunching and a mysterious sound of a whisper. Jack hesitated to turn around but he didn’t have to anyway because he suddenly threw out a murderous scream.

He gave out a scream when he suddenly felt vines got roped around him and dragged him into the dark part of the forest by some murderous creature.

β€œJack? Jack?! JACK?! ANSWER!” Liam shouted through the radio.

He knew that shouting wouldn’t do any good so he just decided to run towards where Jack was. Once he got there he noticed that only Jack’s radio was there.

β€œJack?! JACK!” Liam shouted at the dark and stormy forest.

But nothing, only the sound of lighting in the distance. Suddenly he saw the broken-down fence and immediately decided to get ahold of the emergency line.

β€œExcuse me? This is Liam Henderson reporting from the XY patrol night service, there’s been a...problem,” Liam said into the radio.

But there was no one on the emergency line.

β€œC’mon dammit!” Liam muttered angrily, as he kept trying that line. Suddenly he heard footsteps approaching him, so he turned around with a relaxed expression, β€œPhew, there you are Jack. I was wondering where you had gone off to”

He soon noticed it was not Jack, but a nine-foot creature in the shadows. It only lurked in the shadows, so Liam could only see red blood eyes, long shadowy arms, tall shadowy legs, but no face.

β€œWHAT THE HELL?!” Liam suddenly shouted out, as he tried getting his dagger out.

But before he could, the creature gave out a hiss of a snake and suddenly shot out one of his long arms. Liam tried all in his power to run out of there before the creature got ahold of him. But it wasn’t enough.

β€œHELP!” That was the last thing Liam could shout.

Just like lighting striking through the sky, the long arm got ahold of Liam and dragged him into the shadows...
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