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Yes, now; ı am a love thıef owner of a tıme machıne. ı steal the Gaver ın tıme. The room stole my heart. We are determined to spend my whole life together. Do not go against this, because even time could not hold us back. We both saved all people, including you. All people owe us life. First, I want you not to think of interfering with us, then surrender your machine when you hide it. It belongs to us and we want to make sure it is destroyed. You will send me a vehicle tomorrow, my suitcase is ready and I will send you a message about the address of our house. I have always loved you and will continue to do so. But accept that; Now your little daughter has grown to save the world. Goodnight…

Mystery / Fantasy
Y. Ahmet Doğan
Age Rating:

chapter 1

chapter 1

There is no paper yet… The pen has not taken its memorized form. Writing is as difficult and rare as reading. A handful of people know. There is a belief that it is so valuable and permanent that it is carved in stone. It is written so little that it is carved into the hardest rocks to be left to the people who will come after them. It was miraculously rare to see these two skills in one person, when the writing master and the stonemason were separate. There was no need for writing to become a scholar, because people who realized the limitless information received by the brain became scholars and aged with the love of learning.

Most recently, writers have been valued. One of them was the youngest writer who grew up in his father’s profession and learned to read and write as a child. He had a pretty well-contoured face and had an environment in which every acquaintance made an effort to call him a groom. Like himself, his writing was beautiful and smooth.

For this reason, the most important stone plates had his craftsmanship. Since courtship was not so free and ordinary yet, the news sent to him secretly and the love messengers with expectations were quite high. He ordered the king to work connected to the palace, so he became the master of the words that the sultan ordered to be engraved on the stone.

While the days passed with struggle and difficulty, the whole city was poured into the streets with the sudden enlightenment of midnight. Something in fire fell from the sky to the point, which is the extension of the city where there are even a few houses, right next to the city. When the earthquake became so severe, some of the earthen houses collapsed, increasing the fear of the city.

The natural disasters that the houses were destroyed were sent to different gods with laments, praying because there is the belief that “God has the way of punishment”. Although the same belief was observed in the vast majority of the city, different beliefs were not few. Sun worshipers went to the roofs and waited for the sunrise. The worshipers of the moon turned to the moon and shed tears with a combination of cries and fears.

In the whole city, despite everything different, only one spot was common that night. They were all crying and praying. Tears were in everyone and only a lucky few children were consoled.

Situations at the palace were no different. Everyone was running and hiding in the corners, as there was not enough time to escape. In fear, the king threw himself into the courtyard. Slaves and other servants came after him.

Everyone was looking at the sky and waiting for the fire to fall on it. After the shaking, everyone saw that they belonged to such death that when the sky fire fell and the shaking stopped, they controlled their bodies with their hands. They looked at themselves and those nearby to see if I was alive.

Finally, as they and the city recovered from the shock, the officials were sent to the place where the fire fell. When it was explained in exaggeration that a big hole was opened by bowing in front of the king, the sultan was also curious.

With the preparation of his horse, he immediately turned in that direction, and accompanied by guards, the horses were driven to the region.

Going to the area, the king, watching the size of the pit in astonishment, sent someone by order to understand what the stone-like substance that was in the center of the pit was. Although the soldier who descended into the pit shouted information, he was observing by walking around him because he was afraid to touch it. The king sent a woven cloth to the hands of the other soldier with a rope tied around his waist. He shouted and ordered the stone from the pit to be removed, wrapped in a blanket.

When it was impossible due to its weight, the stonemasons were summoned and ordered to be removed to pieces. The hammers kept making a sound, but because of their solidity, only tiny bits were torn apart.

Stone masters saw a hole in the middle and tried to cut it into two starting from that hole. It split into two as a result of hammer blows that lasted exactly twenty an hour. Workers working in turns even gave their meal breaks outside of the rest, according to the employee order. They tried to get full by eating quickly, but if they did not want to be hanged in front of the public, they had to work diligently.

Out of the rock that split in half emerged a bright orange and amber-like tablet. There was no writing on it, but it was flat and perfectly smooth like tablet stones. The workers, who look into each other’s eyes, quickly throw the veil over him and wrap it up, and the chief officer quickly goes to the king’s presence, holding him on his lap. Left with reverence, the king uncovers the veil and stays there for a while, astonished at its perfection.

The sultan glanced ceaselessly to understand...

He studied for a long time, it was not enough and he brought the light of the lamp and continued to examine it in the light.

Whoever is doing the stonemason profession, all gathered in the palace. More than thirty people crowded into the stone. Anyone who could give information about your stone would get a thousand gold, and if he lied, his head would be gone.

Respectively, the masters examined the stone, but could not make any comments. The young master, breathless with respect and panic, at last, entered. When he asked for permission, the king sneered, saying desperate and unnecessary time, and ordered him to come out with his hand.

The vizier bowed and whispered in his ear. He said that his father was the best master of the century, that his son showed all the skills he learned from him after his father, that he wrote all the tablets belonging to the palace, and that he wanted the sultan to serve the palace because he liked the writing, and that it might be right to give an opportunity.

‘Okay then call him,’ the king said.

The vizier, who ran and called, opened the veil himself and made a hand gesture as if commanding the young boy to examine it.

He studied the stone in such a way that the king observed something more than admiration. He had never seen someone look at something this way before. The young man had lost himself. He does not walk around; it seemed to float in the air.

For a full hour nonstop, young, studied the stone, the king and vizier young. Finally, my king, with his eyes looking down; Can we turn the stone over? He made a request by saying…

With his hand, the king ordered the vizier to turn the stone. He turned the stone so carefully that the vizier would be executed if the stone sounded, while he was turning it. When the other side was turned, the boy closed his eyes and, moving his hand across the surface of the stone, first a smile covered his face, then his lips moved, and his tongue was swiftly wandering around and whispering. The king was thoroughly curious, and whenever he was increasingly impatient and sought to spoil his anticipation, the young man aroused respect with his actions and felt a sincere reverence as if he was worshiping.

He drew his hand, came before the king, bowed, and asked permission to speak. Upon getting the approval; there are writings with invisible text in my king. The text is written in such a way that it can only be read in whatever light it is written. The texts are small and well written as if they were needlework. It is different from all encrypted texts in this period. It’s just like a gift given to those who appreciate it. This is a miraculous article that does not belong to this world.

He finished his words by bowing his head forward.

Although the King became more curious and waited for answers by ordering his questions one after another, the only answer he could get was “the right light must be found”. The king ordered a thousand gold coins but said in a loud voice that if he lied, he would be executed.

The boy had no fear, but it made him feel more confident.

When leaving with permission; he turned and spoke saying that I have a wish for the king.

I have a wish and can I do more research on stone instead of gold? He said.

The king sent him saying that he would think, even if he was surprised at first. All kinds of light were collected, observed every minute of the day, viewed under sunlight. Even the bright fires did not work, the king ordered the young man to be brought.

What kind of light do you think there could be? Asked. It was viewed under all kinds of light, but there was no result. Either what you tell is a lie, or you need a light that is not.

Young; He stated that he could not offer a correct suggestion, but if he had to guess, the most appropriate light could be viewed in the moonlight of the evening when the stone was brought.

The king did not hide it and explained that this stone fell from the sky and said that the moonlight was every night and that it would be looked at night.

Young: My king said that the tone of the light is different and its direction changes, and therefore whatever date it falls on the night of its fall must be looked at exactly that date the next year. King getting angry, you trying to stall me? He yelled like. Young, apologizing, said that if he wanted to, he could write in the moonlight tomorrow night to prove it and that he would not be visible in the born moon the next day.

The king, who became calm, accepted the offer and took the young man to the observation tower of the palace the other night, and he himself stood there and watched. The text is written, clearly engraved so that it can be seen easily. The other day, the king, who looked at the stone again in the same tower, could not see the inscription and was stunned.

His belief in the young has grown so much that he will not be completely shaken anymore, the young person’s wish to investigate has been accepted and the room has been arranged and many officials have been given in the palace who can fulfill their orders.

Although there was a person whose orders could never be denied in the palace after the king, he did not use this situation and spent it modestly. He saw some letters of the writing, reflecting the moonlight with a lens, after struggling for nights and days.

But it does not belong to any known or seen language. The king came to believe in one thing: God sent a message to them. Although it was tried to hide, the whole city heard and spread from language to language. Various legends have been invented, exaggerations have come to such an unrealistic level that the only person who can see the writing has come to the level of the belief that the only person who can see the writing is definitely a prophet and that he is the agent of God.

One day, when the young man had the opportunity to go home, everyone who saw him fell prostrate in worship and prostrate their foreheads to the ground.

Even though the young man tried to explain, everyone also raised their eyes more, saying that God must have ordered to hide it.

By saying that everybody was obvious because of his morality and beauty, he started to regard his correct life in the past years as the basis of this situation.

The king began to feel uncomfortable with this situation and saw the influence of a simple stonemason on the people as a threat to himself, even though he should have been the only power.

Now he has cut his connection with the stone and started to keep it away from the stone by sending it to his house. He could not be executed because he knew that the people would rebel. Otherwise, the king will prioritize eliminating such a threat.

Since the whole city will never accept this situation, it cut its connection with the stone and started watching.

The young man, who tried to read by reflecting the moonlight with a lens, succeeded in passing a few lines of his writing on charcoal, on a board, as it were. Although the king confiscates all of his work, he has managed to bring the board he took notes to his home before. The attitude of the public caused the cautious behavior of the highly intelligent young man.

Relatives of the sick, the disabled, and the relatives of those who have had all the illnesses whose hope is exhausted, who are brought to him continuously when he goes home, have started to queue at his door. Whatever he did, they began to lie at his door, his name continued to spread to other cities and countries.

The reason for the belief in the most hopeful young people; It was because they thought they were the only ones who could save themselves from God’s torment when God cursed in the fire.

Now everyone has a habit of looking at the sky before going to sleep to see if any fire is falling. Because of their fear, they believe that they will escape from the fire that will fall on them.

Nothing different from stones, which are nearly identical to the rocks on earth, has been found, although occasions that continue to fall have been observed several more times, despite not to the city, but far from the city.

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