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chapter 10

chapter 10

But Alanis was in no hurry to immediately inform about this process. He wanted to see Gaver’s future message first. After persuading his father to eliminate his worries. He went to the machine and set the time and date and entered the coordinates and wanted to receive Gaver’s message. At that time, the electricity of the neighborhood went back and forth for a short time with the excessive electricity drawn by the machine. The message had arrived and read it excitedly.

Gaver was eagerly awaiting messages and responding, as he felt passionately love for someone he had not seen. This time, he wrote in detail that he first followed the instructions given to him by Alanis and the science group. As they said, he had wet the meteorite completely with wine and covered it to prevent the stone from breaking by the people in the region. Although the local people controlled the region, they could not locate the thing that fell from the sky. The stone was not broken into pieces as it fell on soft soil farmland. Since the spread of the virus would occur with the breaking of the stone, he prevented this by covering the soil on the stone. It was not possible for the farmers to meet by chance, as they created a very deep hole while falling on the agricultural land. Since the stone does not have a chance to be exposed for a long time, the virus contained in the stone will be destroyed after a long time.

Later, in the message that came to Gaver, Alanis asked him to find a living entity and put it at the transfer point. He explained that if he could succeed, he wanted to pay attention to Alanis’ time. But he added that first, he had to enable the live transfer. For Gaver, it was beyond dreams. Was it really possible that they read it? It was like a miracle of God. He hadn’t felt this lively in a long time. He rode with this joy and enthusiasm. Gaver went to the nearest town and placed the seven chickens he bought from there, with their feet tied, in the horse’s saddlebag. The king’s men roamed the town. Therefore, he did his job carefully and in secret. Either way, he was pretty sure the townspeople would denounce him for the gold prize. Alinas had to take his hand quickly and take him as soon as possible. Although Gaver had taken a different path to the mountain road, he encountered a few people from the townspeople on the mountain road. They were people engaged in agriculture, but they looked at him at length.

Since climbing to the mountain was a curse for them, they stared in surprise when they saw someone climbing the mountain they did not climb. Now that it can be heard that he was on the mountain in the town, he gave the king’s men a clear address. Even if the local people hesitated to leave, the king’s men would follow him as soon as possible with their orders. That’s why Gaver galloped his horse. The sooner it was, the better. Wherever he went, the wolf-dog followed him, not leaving behind, approaching its owner with unprecedented devotion.

When Gaver was reunited, he left one of the leg-bound chickens at the transfer point. Before long, Alanis teleported the chicken, but when the chicken arrived, it was dead. He worked for a while, but he could not find where he went wrong. He should have sought the help of his father, as he had no other choice. But he didn’t know how to do this. Finally, he gathered his courage and went to his father’s room, and clicked the door twice.


-Daddy how are you?

-I’m fine girl, how are you?

-I wanted to ask you something if you’re available?

-Tell me?

-As you know, I’ve been working on a project in the garage for a while.

-I don’t know? You didn’t even leave room for our car.

-I know I’m giving you trouble, but I promise I’m going to empty the garage in a short time.

-I’m kidding, my daughter. I don’t think the car will have trouble standing on the street.

-Thank you.

-Tell me what were you going to ask?

-There is an issue we discussed with some of my friends, including my friend who helped me in the project, and we could not come to a conclusion. I also wanted to know your views.

-I am waiting?

-Assuming that time travel is possible, but the transfer of inanimate objects can be made and living things cannot be teleported, what could be the problem?

-It’s an interesting subject. There are many different problems in this regard. Let’s clarify this first: is the living being not teleported, or is it teleported but damaged?

-Living beings die where they are sent. In fact, can you tell us the reason why the transferred creature went lifeless to the point where it was transformed?

-Well, do these creatures suffer any damage other than death? Does it seem like there is a deficiency in the body?

-Actually, this is the point we are discussing; dying without destruction. How do you explain that there are no marks on the body, they are just dying for no reason?

-So let’s think like this: alive, not lifeless; As moving, immobile beings.

-As you know; Even though living beings are still, the heartbeat, blood circulation, the functioning of the organs, the existence of the soul does not stop moving. Problem; The adjustment must have been made without taking into account that living beings are constantly in motion and that these movements contain variability. If the arrangement is made taking this detail into consideration, the problem will be resolved.

-As I understand it, you are saying this: a code should be made that introduces the machine that the motion of the object to be transferred can be variable as well as moving?

- That’s right, my daughter...

- Thank you, daddy. How do I skip this? Yes, that is, the answer is just such a logical and simple detail.

- I’m glad I could help.

- You are my hero. I do not know what I would have done without you.

Alinas hugged her father’s neck tightly. His father was surprised by this gratuitous happiness. After all, it was just a controversy, he thought. But his father did not question anymore. He liked this unexpected and enthusiastic show of affection too much to dispute. Alanis ran out of the room, kissing his father. Her father sneered and watched her leave in astonishment. The paternal instinct was revived, too, to stop smiling.

Alanis ran into the garage and how could I have overlooked this? He was deeply angry with him. He forgot his message to Gaver just as he started working. He left Gaver’s message for later so that he could concentrate on what he thought of. Although he was not fully satisfied with the first arrangement, he sent a message to Gaver and told him to put a living presence. Gaver dropped one of the chickens to the transfer point. Even after adjustment, the teleported chicken died after ten seconds of moribund morphology. He changed the encoding and tried again and again. The chicken that came was alive this time for thirty seconds. In subsequent adjustments, the maximum survival time was three minutes. All seven chickens were finished, but he decided to do the due diligence and started coding. It seemed that the finest editing had to be done, down to the smallest detail.

Gaver was waiting with anxiety. He had written a message and placed it at the transfer point. He was getting more and more worried as he kept turning around and seeing the message still not received. Life ended here for him. There was nothing left to live for. If Alanis failed, he would allow the king’s men to become his executioners. By showing the necessary care, Alanis managed to make the most precise adjustment to the machine. If this job took too long, he could get into trouble with Alanis. Due to the surge caused by excessive electrical load in the neighborhood, an authorized person could come at any time and reveal that the reason for this fluctuation was their home. He realized that he was afraid as he prepared a message and asked Gaver to leave another living being. Gaver had already exhausted all living things.

He wondered what he could do since there was no living creature nearby. While he was thinking, a field grasshopper jumped beside him and caught his attention. Even though it was difficult, he caught the grasshopper and put it in the message box, closed its lid, and left it to the teleport point. Alans was surprised to see the message box as a chicken-like creature was waiting. When he opened the lid and wanted to read Gaver’s message, there was no rolled paper as usual. He turned the bowl over and shook it down. When he saw that a locust had fallen from inside the box while trying to get it to fall to the ground if there was something in it, he saw that Gaver had found the most clever solution. He was both surprised and fascinated by this solution. The grasshopper flew and clung to the wall of the garage. It was both very healthy and more sensitive than human beings. If the grasshopper came healthy, there was no reason to feel healthy either. Regardless, it was like luck. There would be no more return if the result was negative.

He prepared a message and tried to explain what happened to Gaver. He added that this situation could not be compensated. They might only have a chance in that matter. There weren’t enough experiments. Therefore; He explained in detail that he wanted Gaver to find larger living beings if possible and to try their transfer first.

Gaver noticed something was wrong with his wolfdog growling. Looking at the direction the wolf is looking at; he saw that quite a large number of the king’s soldiers had come to the mountain. At that time, when he had no other chance, he untied his horse and released it, and gradually reached the transfer point. He called the wolf and took it between his legs.

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