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chapter 11

Chapter 11

Waiting for an answer to his message, Alanis was too shocked to know what to do when he suddenly saw Gaver in front of her. Because Gaver stood dead at the same time. She started to cry and as she collapsed and started sobbing, Gaver said;

- Alanis… Ala, ni…

- When you control it by running in a moment; she just realized he was fainting.

- Yes, Gaver is mine Alanis… Are you okay? Can you talk, would you try to open your eyes?

- How can you do this madness?

If I stayed a little longer, I would have been killed. I had no other choice.

Come on, let me help you get up, try sitting down.

Finally, I was able to touch you, it’s okay if I’m dead now.

Thank God that you can handle this miracle, even for my world, it is not an easily accepted situation. I can’t even guess for someone in your era.

I don’t know if I can continue like this.

Is this your dog?

It’s my only family, I couldn’t leave it behind. O ’me too; We owe each other life, for saving its life.

Let me give you some water to help you recover.

Thank you.

Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re still in front of me.

Now my consciousness is not as well as it should be. I want to leave my astonishment to later.

Alinas hugged him with a laugh. It must have been the strangest and miraculous event of this world that two people born at different times were inextricably in love with each other and came together in an unbelievable way. Although he could not tell Gaver, she could not keep him here very much. She had to arrange a place to hide it immediately. She called a friend and asked for help, knowing that her friend was out of the country. She said he could use the house and where she kept the spare key. When Gaver started to recover, she brought in the helmet she had designed for Gaver.

When Gaver wears this helmet, he will envision all the wars, technological developments, changes, laws… from your time until now.


Because there is a lot of difference between your time and the present that you can never imagine. The moment I take you out, it is very possible that you will lose your mind in front of what you see. Therefore; We must load it in your mind first, then you must meet. This is the only way to stop you from going into shock, unfortunately. I know it’s not right to want that in this state, but I can’t keep you here any longer. Anytime someone can come and see you. I talked to my friend, we’ll hide you there until we find a permanent place.

Why am I hiding?

They immediately realize that you don’t belong here.

Until when will I be hiding?

Until I somehow arrange for your documents with official records.

Official record?

In other words, citizenship documents are issued by the state to its own people. You can think of it as a certificate of recognition that your king has just given to his people.

Gaver and Alanis hid for a while. While Alanis was at home, Gaver stared out of the window and suddenly his eyes fell black. He stayed where he was for a long time. When Alanis found time and arrived, he found Gaver unconscious on the ground. Whatever he did, he could not sober up. He called the ambulance and took it to the hospital, frightened and surprised by the situation. What he overlooked was that everyone was registered as fingerprints and gene structures at this time. Since he did not have an identity card, the hospital informed the security forces when no information was found about him. The FBI came and started an investigation against the unregistered person. Alanis was immediately taken into custody. No matter what they asked, they could not get a logical answer.

They had never met anyone like this before. The lack of information about Gaver aroused suspicion, as chips were also placed on everyone. When people in the hospital said he was in a coma, two FBI agents began to guard at the door. But Alanis couldn’t get out of the investigation. When I reached her father and informed her; her father managed to come and take her home. Her father was a scientist working on behalf of the state. Their official connections were very strong. Knowing that the crimes attributed to her daughter will continue; When she took his daughter home, she took Alanis into the room to speak seriously.

Alanis what’s going on?

Dad, I don’t know either. When I saw that he fainted, I called for first aid.

Are you crying for someone you don’t know?

Alanis remained silent. She thought that no matter what she said, she could not tell what had happened to her father, but she knew that she could not hide it.

If you don’t tell me the truth; I can not help you. You can be sure it won’t end here. The FBI will not let go of this. Since they cannot even find an unregistered person in the international investigation, they will imprison him either as an agent or as a fugitive. They will try to make him talk with torture.

Dad, the machine I’m dealing with in the garage is the time machine. I brought it to see it and examine it in an abandoned warehouse. When I succeeded in time travel, there was no live object travel at first. Send a message to an ancient era Gaver replied. We talked like that for a while. When he learned that the king had made a death sentence for him who had no one left, I tried to transfer him alive so that I could bring Gaver to this period. I even came and asked you, remember? Later, when he succeeded in his live transfer, I brought Gaver to this period when the king’s men would catch him.

Do you really expect me to believe this?

I found the time machine in a warehouse and brought it here when I realized what happened. If you don’t believe it, I can prove it with a machine. I don’t know what happened; he suddenly fainted and did not sober. I think he probably fell into a coma because of time travel. I beg you to help Father Gaver?

I don’t know what nonsense this is, show me the machine first.


His father was even more shocked when he proved by teleporting an object he had put into the machine.

Dad, will you help me and Gaver?

You have no relationship with Gaver from now on. No matter what the cops ask you; You will say that you fainted on the way and wanted to help. I guess you don’t know how dangerous this situation is? This situation will be the end right here.

Dad, I love him, I beg you to save us, I put a chip on him and record it with fake information.

This situation will never happen. We have to dismantle this machine immediately and store it. The police will raid the house in a short time. And this topic will not be opened again. Start shredding right away. I call someone and come. Do you think they will keep us alive if they learn about the existence of this machine?

Stop daddy! Don’t go, if you don’t help and save Gaver, I’ll do it myself. However, you can never see me again. Even if I fail to save Gaver, I will die with him.

I guess you don’t realize you’re bullshit? You still can’t see how dangerous this situation is. This is not a joke. They kill us all, not just you.

I said I’ll say it, daddy. Whether you are or not, I will try to make this happen.

You are crazy.

It might be, but I can’t live without it.

Can I help you with one condition?


If we save Gaver, you have to promise you won’t see him again.

I don’t think I can make this happen.

New working location to delete selected memories in memory. And Gaver and you, if you agree to erase all memories of each other in this way, I will help you save.

Daddy, I beg you, don’t ask for this from me.

If you do this, I can delete the time travel from Gaver’s memory and insert false memories. It will be very easy to mingle with society. He will continue his life as if he was born during this period. And when I enter his records, the police will access his information and release it. You can never wake him up from his coma. I can awaken from the coma. I know what the problem is. You will save his life at the same time.

But dad…

These are the last things I have to say. When you have made up your mind, come tell me...

OK I agree.

Alanis was crying, but his father was very determined. She asked her daughter to go and bring her bag from home. Her daughter went home crying, took her father’s bag, and came. His father took his computer out of the bag. The computer was as much as a cell phone in this period. And it served its user with an image projected from the screen in the form of a hologram. By opening and using his authority first; He told the system that asked the password by voice and made the architectural plan of the hospital. He asked his daughter:

Show me what room your Gaver is in?

I think he should be in room number four.

Are you not sure?

That’s all I remember with the shock of that moment.

Then go to the hospital by disguising as a nurse and calculate which room it is and the exact location of the bed. If you get caught, you’ll ruin everything, the police on duty shouldn’t have seen you. Detectives just saw it, right?


Then somehow enter the room and exit by scanning the room with the imaging system.


Let’s go together. I’ll wait for you outside as soon as you’re done, come to me immediately.

Sure. Okay.

Come on, let’s go.

I’m ready, let’s get out.

Stop, first we need to enter the work record showing that he is working in the hospital with the chip on his wrist. Surely, the police on duty will have the chip on his wrist read.

How do you do this?

I made those chips. Nobody else can do it. Bring your wrist closer...

He opened an encrypted system on his computer, entered the desired code, approached his daughter’s wrist, and uploaded the nurse record to the chip as employee information.

Is it over?

Yeah, it’s over, we can go.

When they came to the hospital, her daughter disguised as a nurse in the car wearing a nurse outfit. They had bought the nurse’s clothes from a healthcare clothing store. Her daughter came out of the hospital. She first approached and found the location of the room where the police were waiting, and when she approached the room with a file and medical control unit she had handled, she wanted to enter, smiling at the cops. She was comfortable not to draw attention, but the police stopped her. His heart began to beat rapidly.

Could you stretch your wrist?


This is a mandatory procedure.

Here you go.

Yes, you worked in this hospital, but you are not the staff of this floor?

After he hesitated in surprise, not knowing what to say;

When there is a shortage of nurses in the hospital, we can be sent to different departments. I will only do a general health screening, if you want, you can stand next to me?

Okay, no need to come...

Thank you.

When Alanis entered, he immediately scanned the room with a tool he took out of his pocket and recorded it as a hologram, then he approached Gaver involuntarily and dived into his thoughts for a while. In an instant, he gathered his attention, left the room, and went down the stairs. He went fast and got into his father’s car. His father immediately started the vehicle and rose into the air. Vehicles were no longer using the road. The airline was used in this age.

- Did you do it?

- Yes, I recorded the inside of the room.

- We have to go home and carry that machine now.

- What’s your plan for me?

- You will learn, girl.

Her father apparently did not explain the contents of the plan and did not want to inform her of the process so that her daughter would not change the plan. When they got home, they entered the garage of the house and started moving the machine to a friend’s warehouse. After conducting the transport process secretly and carefully, they assembled the machine again in the warehouse and arranged it to do a few experiments. They teleported a pet bird to a friend’s house, setting it up for the previous day. If the bird was teleported, its friend must have seen this bird since yesterday. Therefore, he called his friend and asked about the situation. He did not directly ask his friend. He did not want to attract attention, so he was waiting for this to tell him.

His friend said to himself:

You know what happened yesterday? When I got home, I encountered a bird flying in the house even though there was no open space. Isn’t it very interesting?

Yeah, interesting indeed.

It must be an open place, or how can he get in?

I checked it many times, there was no open space.

He entered the day before and you left without notice.

I was out of town the other day. Anyway, I haven’t explained the most interesting part of the work yet. I wanted to take the bird to the pet shop and get a cage, and when I wanted to buy birdseed for himself so that it would not starve, the man who took the bird I put in the box added that the bird’s stomach was completely full and it seems to have just been fed. If he had entered the house the day before; how could his stomach be full?

He may have found something and ate at home.

What can he eat at home; I don’t think if he didn’t open the refrigerator door and prepare food himself…

Okay, see you. I wish you good friendships with your bird.

Take care too, see you… By.

All right, he thought, the next job will be the hardest part. He brought the girl to him from his thoughtful state.

Daddy what’s next?

It’s the next morning to create a fake memory for Gaver. You have to help me, this will take a long time. Go to the study room. You come to the study room, I will also go to the room.

Yes, daddy.

After having dinner with their family, they made an excuse for their mother and brother and went into the room. Alanis was writing to the system, and his father was processing it on the image.

We must start from childhood first. He was born here and his parents died in an accident.

What accident?

Their vehicles have fallen. And the rescue equipment is not turned on.

How are his mom and dad?

Mom and dad look like Gaver, both with blue eyes and black hair. Let her father be an engineer and her mother a housewife.

I think the house will have only one child?

Yes of course…

Let’s add the holidays he spent with his family.

Let his parents be interested parents.

Won’t he remember his home addresses?

You remember, but instead of the house, the office is built.

At what age will his family be dead?

They died at the age of seven. Whether he grew up in an orphanage and was found in the accident; do not attempt to investigate the death of his family.

Dad, that’s not true?

This is the best girl; be sure. If we don’t do this; He will be tortured to death.

Isn’t there any other way?

Do you know why he’s in a coma?

No, why is he in a coma...

Time travel is very dangerous. It is due to the fact that he was brought here from the period he lived and knew. He chose to turn himself off by not being able to handle the extremely different variables in his time and life environment. These memories will come to life when loaded.

Are you sure?

I’m almost sure.

You are scaring me?

No need to fear. I am a scientist; I always leave a possibility.

But I made him see the history flow with a helmet. Both technological development, fashion, wars. Everything that comes to mind...

In fact, it was very good that he was in the hospital because someone who has never had a vaccine before and who has come to a different time can get sick with many things in this period. In his time, the world was cleaner, there was less danger, but now there is more threat to affect him.

This period is not immune to diseases. For this reason, when we take him out of the hospital, we have to do the necessary vaccinations.

Well, all memories will be unlimited. How are we going to upload such more memories?

We will just create the focal points and leave the rest to artificial intelligence. The boundaries are on us, the filling is on it Even as simple as it may seem, won’t the weight of these memories spoil his situation anymore?

Let’s pray he won’t break it. This is the only solution for me. We need to speed up, otherwise, the FBI and the hospital can learn aspects that do not fit this period at any moment.

Okay, what’s next?

Construct the memories within the logic we designed and let’s finish the skeleton. Then we will leave everything to artificial intelligence.

When these memories are uploaded, they will forget me, right?

Yes. You know it was a mistake anyway. You cannot have a future.

I’ve done everything.

Alanis was crying quietly. He was in great pain, but she knew she had to give up her love for Gaver to be saved. She couldn’t make a voice. He was preparing her own ending consciously. Gaver made her feel alive, and a life without Gaver was to return to a life full of emptiness.

Can you check my bag; Could you take out the artificial intelligence?

It happens…

I will enter the necessary commands out loud. You just start the system and leave the rest to me.

I started it.

Her father gave the necessary commands and enabled him to create all memories. He then instructed the AI to add a record to the gene record and fingerprint record. Using the time machine, an image scan of the hospital room, they pinpointed the Gaver’s exact location and began teleporting him to where they were. Suddenly, Gaver teleported to themselves, unconscious. Later, they made a connection with artificial intelligence and arranged the connection by arranging the equipment that would go into Gaver’s head. It started uploading fake memories prepared by command His father took Gaver’s fingerprint and vaccinated him at that time. He had prepared the samples required for official records by taking the necessary tissue to produce the gene map. The loading of memories would take longer than they thought. They waited for a long time. Although the father wanted to send his daughter home, he could not persuade her.

The moment the FBI notices Gaver’s absence, my daughter will come to our house first. The best thing is for them to see you at home.

I want to be here when you sober up.

You can’t be here when you sober up. He shouldn’t see you. A friend of mine will come and take him home. If he leaves here, he cannot make sense of what he sees.

The system was pointing backward from the face and there was two percent left. It would still be enough for him if he at least moved his eyes. He was afraid that Gaver was still not sure if he would sober up. When the procedure was over, there was no physical activity. He looked fearfully in his father’s face, waiting for an answer.

It takes time for memories to be loaded, filed, and placed in memory, it will not be sobered up immediately anyway. Come on, get home, and I’ll come when I hand it over to my friend. I promise I’ll let you see from afar when you awake.


Father’s word.

Okay, then I’m leaving.

Hurry up. If anyone comes home, let them find you at home.

Well, I’m going home, you take care of him, daddy?

I will. Don’t worry.

Alinas came out and cried and cried. Her father commanded the artificial intelligence to enter the necessary records. All the necessary data were now in the official records. In order not to draw attention, the date of record entry was created very old. His friend came and loaded him into his vehicle and took him away. When his father returned home later, he saw that police vehicles surrounded the house. He had not neglected to wear a chip on his wrist before sending Gaver out. Alanis’s father was the scientist who designed the chip. Therefore; His powers were too much and his control over the system was unlimited. Even without it, he was the only one who could use the weak points of the system to penetrate.

When he got home, he got out of the car and walked towards the house. Suddenly a policeman said he could not get in front of him. While trying to explain that it was my own home, the detective in charge called out to the police from the door and ordered him to give permission. When he was given permission and entered his house, he saw that the police were searching all over the house.

What’s wrong, detective?

The patient your daughter knew, suddenly disappeared from the hospital room. We couldn’t find his connection with anyone other than your daughter. The FBI cares a lot about this. We think that groups that may pose a threat to the country may have connections.

I understand, but my daughter only helped, they do not have any other connections.

Because he brought it with first aid; We know that the first aid team bought it from home. Someone who seems to be in the same house as your daughter. We investigated the owner of the house; He went out of the country a while ago. He admitted that your daughter was one of his sincere friends. He knows your daughter but does not know the person being sought, so; your daughter must have sent to that house.

Detective, what do you think you accused my daughter of? Neither my daughter nor we will assist or abet a criminal. Now leave my house and go. I will call your manager in a moment. Get out of here without engaging people with whom even your manager will tremble. It is only your fault and incompetence to vanish, someone, you have not seen before your eyes. When I came to pick up my daughter, you said that boy was in a coma, can you tell me how he can escape?

We suspect it might be organizational work.

Suppose they come invisibly; Didn’t you have a man at the door? How did a person disappear under your protection? You have no job in this house, you get out now.

Do not take the situation personally, you have a search warrant.

Go to the prosecutor who gave that search order and tell them that this is not done here.

The whole country knows you very well, but you are not the issue, do not perceive this situation as disrespectful.

You didn’t hear what I said?

Well, we’re going out, sir.

As the police cars arrived, they left the house fast. The man they came to his house was a scientist who was admired by the whole country. With the chip he designed, the salvation of the country in chaos was achieved, after all. As he knew from the detective who came to his house; he enlightened more crimes than the cops. Finding a killer from a chip was easy, for example. Because the telephone received a more sophisticated signal than the signal, they could immediately detect the other signal at the place where the murder was committed or at the point where the body was thrown.

The crime rate in the country dropped to ten percent with the chip. It was the segment that generally used signal jammers or erased their traces in the crimes of this small proportion. The number of people who managed to escape the crime they had committed was very few. Somehow there was evidence at the end. For this reason, the country’s prisons were overflowing, and cyber-secure prisons had proliferated. The person who thought of committing a crime knew that he would be caught. Nobody could easily afford it. Even snatching was over.

The house was scattered all over. Before long, the detective called the principal and apologized. He sat down and breathed for a while, and then he called his friend and said that Gaver was sobered. The daughter immediately rushed over to ask whether the caller had given the news she was waiting for.

Yes, my daughter, the news you were waiting for came; awakened.

Thank you daddy and very much.

Alanis, who hugged his father for a while, suddenly became worse like a fading flower. Gaver’s sobering also meant that he had forgotten himself. Unfortunately, he should have forgotten as he had promised his father. Presumably, his father would have put on a helmet and erase all memories connected with Gaver.

This is the best girl. Do not worry, you will love someone again. This time there will be someone suitable for you.

Gaver forgot, can you not make me forget it anyway?

You’ll go find him sooner or later.

I don’t go.

This issue has been closed, we will stop on our promise.

See Gaver from afar tomorrow and it’s over. Then you will forget.


Alanis went into his room and shed long tears. She did not sleep until morning. She understood from the voices that her family was awakening shortly after sunrise. Her father called him for breakfast and asked him to go. She got dressed and walked downstairs but didn’t eat anything. Her father got ready and left with her daughter. They went to his friend’s farm. He was one of the few people who chose to stick with the land. They saw Gaver walking around the farm. They didn’t even get out of the car. Alanis cried a lot, but five minutes later her father drove the car towards his lab. It was time for Alanis to forget. He put on the helmet and wiped the Gaver in Alanis’s brain with the codes he had previously processed. When Alanis opened her eyes, she looked at her father for a while.

Why am I here dad? Yes, I remember there was something to make me forget and that’s why we came here, but I don’t remember what happened.

You had nightmares and you wanted to get rid of them, I saved you from them, don’t worry… Get up.

Is that so?


My brain is confused.

Do you want to go and register to go to space, we’ll spend this weekend there?

It happens…

They went and took their places and returned home. His father left the house and came back after a while and called Alanis. When Alanis arrived, her father opened the door of the vehicle. A wolf-dog jumped from inside the vehicle.

I bought you a present. Let’s see if you like it.

Very sweet dad. Where did that come from?

I thought he would be with you.

Does it have a name?

You name it.

Wounded, get its name. Look, there’s a scar on your back leg.

So this is hereafter called: Injured.

The wolf-dog was Gaver’s. Both had forgotten about each other. Gaver was caught with fingerprints one day and taken to the center. Although the fingerprint was the same, his records and chip showed him not guilty. In the last period, Alanis’ father was released without any problem, as he loaded memories while loading his memories into Gaver’s memory. By now, Gaver was a young man dealing with painting. Because he had a talent for painting, they uploaded the moment in that direction.

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