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chapter 12

Chapter 12

Two years later, Gaver began painting by going to a park every day. He was drawing the trees and the landscape in the park. He would take his canvas and paints together and make a painting every day.

One of those days, Alanis went to the same park to walk his wolf-dog. While playing with his dog, the dog suddenly started running after the a scent he was picking up. He threw himself on Gaver, who was running and drawing a picture. Until Alanis caught up, he licked his old owner. When Alanis arrived, he was out of breath. He was angry with his dog, who had toppled the canvas and had spread the paint. When he met Gaver’s eye, he felt something he didn’t know. It was as if he knew it, but did not remember when. It was something very different this time. They both kept looking at each other for a while.

Is this your dog?

Yeah, sorry, he started running all of a sudden.

It does not matter.

Have we met you before?

I don’t think so, but I’d like to take a photo of your dog with your permission to draw.

Sure, it’s okay.

While Alanis was still puzzled trying to remember, Gaver stopped the dog and took a picture.

What’s her name?

It’s injure.

An interesting name.

Yes it is.

Come on, Injure, we’re going to now. I said come to you. You would never do it like this, what happened to you? I guess it made you look like someone.

It could be.

Whatever Alanis did, the dog did not leave Gaver. He put his head between his legs and stood that way. Not knowing what to do, Alanis collapsed with exhaustion.

He looked at the pictures of Gaver.

You are very talented.

Thank you. If you wish, let’s go to your home together. From there the dog will come in. I’ll leave there too. Otherwise, he will not leave me this way.

They walked together when the house was close. They chatted together. As they approached the house, Gaver escorted to the door. When the dog entered, he said goodbye and left the door. Both were attracted to each other. Alanis’ father called to him...

You’re late, did something happen?

The injured scent someone in the park and started running and did not leave him. You should have seen it. I thought the previous owner first, but the man said he had just seen the dog When he could not leave him, he accompanied me home and left when the dog entered.

His father had guessed who he was. For this reason, with an expression that indicates that he is not satisfied with the situation;

Who is it, did he say his name?

His name… I now remember that I didn’t ask for his name. Oddly enough, it sounds very familiar to me, but I don’t know where it came from.

Not everyone can be trusted, don’t go there again.

Okay, daddy, don’t worry.

Do what I say.

Anyway, daddy, let you know that I am going to a party with friends in the evening?

Come back early.

Be home at twelve o’clock.

Dad, I’m over the age of eighteen.

I know my daughter, I grew up until I was eighteen. Listen to what I say.

Well okay. Tomorrow, I’ll take the space exam, I’ll be back early.

In the evening Alanis went to the party. After spending some time at the party, he got bored and went home early. He came home earlier than his father had said. He just couldn’t get Gaver out of his mind. He felt he knew it from somewhere, but could not find where he knew it. He was sure that he knew very well. For a while, he turned in this way in the bed. That way he fell asleep.

Gaver found it interesting for the dog to approach him in this way. Oda Alanis and his dog could not get out of his mind. Although he tried to paint in this way for a while, he could not gather much attention and put the picture aside and went and bought a blank canvas. He placed the canvas on the easel and opened the picture of Alanis’s dog and started to draw. When it was his turn to draw the dog’s hind leg, he saw a scar he had not noticed before. This scar felt quite traumatic and familiar to him. For a while, he dived into the scar on the picture by running his finger. After a while, like a flash, he remembered that his dog was stitching up his wound when he was alive and young, but it’s just a small scene. Although he suddenly tried to figure out what was happening and the logic of what he saw, he could not succeed. He decided that one day he would go to the same place again, and he would wait to see Alanis and the dog.

Alanis had decided to go to the same place in this way after the exam. Waiting for hours at the same point the other day, Gaver started getting ready after a while when he had no hope. He thought they wouldn’t come. As he got up like this, he saw that the dog was running to him. He quickly bent down and hugged the dog. He began to fondly pet the dog. When he paid attention to his back wound and started to move his hand around that part, he suddenly remembered how that wound was and how he saved it.

When Alanis came, he greeted him and apologized on behalf of the dog. Seeing the look of surprise on Gaver’s face:

Something bad?

No, why?

Your face looked like that?

It may sound interesting to you, but I remember when I was a puppy, I sewed up this dog’s wound and healed it.

I do not understand.

I couldn’t understand too much either. I wondered for a moment if my parents bought it for me when I was little. Maybe he remembers me from there.

Maybe my father brought the dog to me a few months ago. He did not say where he got it.

There is something else in this business. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

You seem familiar to me in a way that I can’t get out of my mind ever since I saw you.

Something unusual is going on.

You’re right, but how can we find out?

Will your father confess where he got the dog?

I do not think so. In fact, when I said that I met you, his face took an interesting shape. He forbade me to see you in an abnormal way.

Then what should we do?

We can find your background by searching. If this dog is in your past and our paths have crossed somehow before, we can only find it this way.

Okay, when do we start?

Let’s start tomorrow.

Okay, now I have to produce works for the exhibition, I am going and we will communicate tomorrow.

Take my contact information, you can reach me this way.

See you.

See you take care of yourself.

You have...

Alanis and Gaver left and went home a day later. Gaver was not very successful in keeping his attention while trying to complete the work he was going to deliver for the exhibition. He always had the wolf-dog and Alanis in mind. When he managed to finish the picture, he went and bought a coffee and leaned against the edge of the window, and watched the night sky. In this way, he was increasingly obsessed with this situation. Alanis had no shortage of himself, either. He could not put the pieces together in any way.

For a while, they both fell asleep and before sleeping for more than two hours, they both woke up and started the day. Gaver bought the work and delivered it to the art house. The work was a painting that reflected the wild nature of man. It was inspired by the wolf-dog. He thought that human beings also have wild traits like wolfhounds in their nature.

The art-house owner liked the work very much. He immediately called his employee and asked him to take him to the atelier to hold it carefully and prepare for the exhibition. They’ve been getting used to it together for almost a year and admired Gaver’s artistic talent. In the work with the highest price in the auction, Gaver’s was always the one. Gaver did not sign under his own name in any of the works that were sold very expensively.

Nobody knew him. The owner of the art house had promised Gaver about this. No one would ever know who he was. Obviously, this situation worked for him. The work of a secret artist was always in greater demand. It was not surprising that an artist with an anonymous identity was in demand in this sense. Human psychology is like this; the more inaccessible, the more admired. The person who can be reached is less popular.

It was time for Alanis and Gaver to meet. As they agreed, they would meet again in the park where he took the dog to walk.

When the two saw each other, they had a sincere longing and smiling face, like two people who have known each other for a long time. They greeted and passed a bank and sat down. The dog did not leave Gaver’s knee as usual. He was fulfilling longing by tucking his head between his legs.

So where do we start?

You have a chip on your wrist; my father produced that chip. By secretly entering the information stored on your chip with his password, we can extract all the records about him and start the search from there.

So you are the daughter of a famous family?

You can say that.

I can give you all my information. My family died in the accident, and after staying in the orphanage for a while, I started working and went to my own house.

Yes, these are things that anyone can know, but there is a lot of information written on the chips. Most of them do not even know you.

What is it like?

Family accident reports, medical information, such as their records if you have been personally followed, and thousands more...

So when do you intend to enter?

When my father comes home, we will find an excuse to go to his laboratory and enter. Get ready too.

Isn’t that too dangerous?

Yes, it is, but I think we should take this risk.

Sure, I have it.

Now let’s leave, I’m going to go home and copy my father’s fingerprints and retina record.


You’ll see it in the evening. I’m getting up. We meet on 32nd Street when I call you. If there is no problem, I’ll be there at 20.30.


Let the dog stay with you, maybe you will remember something. By the way, you can not bring it, you should stay home with yourself.

Sure, it’s okay, he’s listening to everything I say.

OK, see you. I will find an excuse by telling my father that I left the dog to my friend. I will say that I have to take my dog. When I have to go with the school during the day, I will tell my friend that I have entrusted him and make him not suspect.

OK. See you.

When Alanis went home, when his father asked about the dog, he said that he entrusted him to his friend when he had to go to school and that he would stop by after dinner. His father, too, went into the kitchen to help prepare food for his wife without any doubt.

Alanis said that she would go upstairs and that she would be in his room, and immediately went upstairs. She entered her father’s study and opened her own developed artificial intelligence-based computer and ordered her to scan her father’s fingerprints on his desk, connect to his 3D printer and print it in the form of a glove. She then turned on the device her father used and asked it to copy his father’s recorded retina and convert it to a lens on a 3D printer. She immediately left her father’s room. The 3D printer would be completed in a very short time because technological development enabled this in this period. She was done when her father called her. She went to her room and placed the printed glove in her bag. She launched the lenses.

The lenses took a little longer to complete because the fine workmanship in the lenses was more. After waiting for a while, when the room was finished, she put the lenses in his box and put them in her bag. She went downstairs and went to eat. When her father asked why she did not get off even though he called, she said that it was a coding she had to submit to the school and she did his final check. She attended the family dinner as usual in a normal manner. When the meal was over, she left home, telling her family that she would take his dog from her friend. She immediately informed Gaver when he was crossing the street they had planned. Gaver was already waiting on the same street. She wanted to be cautious so that there would be no delay problems by going early.

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