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Chapter 13


Alanis took him from there and immediately went to the laboratory. They had only one chance to enter. If there was the slightest problem in the retina or fingerprint, technological protection would step in and turn it into an impenetrable fortress, as well as take pictures and send it directly to the police. When they arrived at the door, he first put on the lenses and then carefully put on the glove. When she managed to scan his fingerprint at the door, a hologram blue light came out to scan her eyes to scan the retina. When she scanned her eyes, their hearts began to beat as if they were stopping. Fortunately, they managed to bypass the security without problems. When they entered, they realized that they had to manage the same security level in her father’s room.

When she got over her without a problem, they entered her father’s room. She began to wonder when she realized that there was a secret file after he managed to scan Gaver’s chip in her father’s room and collect all the information about him and send it to his system. When she struggled and failed to crack his password, she began to wonder what her father might have put as the password.

Are we not done, what are we waiting for?

If my father has hidden a file, it cannot be an ordinary file. It could be one of the answers we’re looking for.

Do you know his password?

No, but I’m trying to find out what could happen.

Aren’t you father’s only child?


Enter information about yourself. Fathers instinctively believe that the more they use their children’s knowledge, the more they show the necessary value.

What could it be? It’s not my date of birth. I tried the important dates in my life, it wasn’t already.

Think about it, there must be something you missed.

I can not recall it. When my father found out that my mother was pregnant with me, he always says it was the happiest day of his life. Let me also try its history.

It opened really.

I don’t believe it means that this is history. Let’s copy the file to my device and exit.

At that moment, they noticed a light reflected on the window. Her father was landing in his vehicle. She immediately entered the command to copy the file and delete its traces and left the system without leaving digital traces. They both immediately left the room and went upstairs. They were trying to watch her father enter through the floor space.

Why would my dad be here at this hour?

Could he have suspected us?

I don’t know, but I don’t think so.

Quiet it sounds.

His father went into his own room. They immediately turned quietly to the outside door to get out. As he was leaving the outer door, when the door closed quickly, his father left his room, hearing the sound. When he came to the outer door, he saw two people running away while he was checking outside. He could not find a logical answer.

He looked for a trace that they might have left a trace, but could not find it. He called his lab mates one by one and asked if they were coming tonight. He got a negative answer from all of them. He wanted to get in his vehicle and check it by going in the direction they were running to check it from the air, but they had already gone far away.

Gaver and Alanis were hiding at that time.

Although he certainly doesn’t know me, he must have known you.

I’ll find out when I get home Let’s hope he didn’t understand or I can’t even guess what will happen to me.

She took the dog from Gaver’s house at a suitable time and went home. Although the dog did not want to go, Gaver had to leave embarrassed and involuntarily when he ordered her to go. When Alanis got home, her father hadn’t arrived yet. When her father came, Alanis and her mother were chatting. When her father’s expression was thoughtful, her mother asked what had happened.

I think someone has entered the lab.


I couldn’t see it. They ran away in the dark.

Who could it be?

I don’t know, but they may have entered the projects to steal them. They were very good at this job, they didn’t leave a trace behind.

Dad, why did you go there at this hour?

I had a meeting tomorrow, my daughter, I went and got my files.

Are you sure they’re in?

When the sound of the outside door came on, I saw two people walking away.

Daddy, young people are having fun. They forced the door, and when it did not open, they ran away.

It could be.

The other day, Alanis and Gaver met to check the information they had captured. Alanis was excited, but Gaver had a rather different feeling. Fear accompanied his feelings. Because she did not know what to expect, she was anxious.

Finally, when the information surfaced, they both found this situation quite impossible. Without telling her father Alanis, she took her memories of the time machine from her. Alanis looked at Gaver, rather confused. Gaver didn’t know what to think. Although she thought it was impossible, she realized that something was wrong.

Could this be possible with what we’ve seen?

Unfortunately yes.

How can we be sure?

By regaining our memories.

How will this happen?

We have to enter my father’s office again. This time, we can upload our memories from my father’s device to our minds.

Is life all I know is a lie?

I do not know.

But it’s so real.

Special efforts were made to make it that way.

So how can you be sure that our true memories are still stored?

My dad never leaves his job to chance. If he did such a thing, he wouldn’t be able to ignore the possibilities, and he would keep the real memories in record against every suggestion.

But we haven’t seen anything like this on the record?

My father is a very famous scientist working on behalf of the state. The whole world knows him. He is known as the greatest genius of the time. He has never recorded his career and family simply at risk. If this is true, then he is not keeping the record at work anyway. The records are definitely at home, but where?

We have to do something as soon as possible or I might lose my consciousness. This situation is very difficult for me.

I can understand you. Whatever this is, it definitely has to do with me. My father would have never taken such a risk if it wasn’t for me. And the thought that I know you cannot be in vain. I definitely have your dog. We have a not so simple connection with each other.

It should definitely be, but let’s act as soon as possible. I feel it will be too late.

Yes, I think like you too. Tonight I will start researching my father’s room. If I come across a possible situation, I will inform you immediately. My father will be at the award ceremony with my mother until midnight. Since my brother is in the camp, I will be alone at home. Come along, let’s call together. We come to the conclusion earlier.

If we get caught?

You won’t stay long enough to be caught. My father cannot come early because he will receive a prize. He will be presented with an award at the end of the night.

Then it would be better to call together, as you said. What time should I be there?

Wait at seven o’clock near our home. I will let you know when my dad’s are out, you will come immediately.

Sure. Okay. I’m leaving now, let’s not attract attention. If we are not cautious, we may suspect your father. It would be very difficult to deceive such a man. You go home immediately, too. When you get home, behave normally and your father won’t be suspicious.

For some reason, I have a feeling that we will be very harmful from this situation.

Same with me, but we are not at a point where we can stop anymore.

Alanis, we wonder if we were in love with each other?

I don’t know why you asked?

I feel an incredible connection to you every day.

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. There is a feeling against you that you are quite important.

Could this have affected your father?

I do not think so. It takes more than love to realize this situation.

I still can not believe it. I may have come to this time from more than two thousand years ago. This sounds ridiculous, but it is true that something is also wrong.

It is no use for us to think about them now. When we make everything clear, we see what to believe. I’m getting up. Take care of yourself.

Take care of yourself. See you.

Gaver and Alanis separated. While Alanis was leaving, Gaver stopped by shouting after him. There was a distance of about twenty meters between them. Alanis turned to Gaver, who called out to him, wondering what to say.

Be careful…

Alanis responded with a smile and turned again in the direction she was walking and continued. Her smile continued as he walked. Even though they had forgotten each other so much, they started to fall in love again. Her heart fluttered as he thought of Alanis to Gaver. Even the centuries-long time difference had not prevented them from coming together. There was no doubt that they would gravitate towards each other when they did at the same time.

Her parents left. Gaver came to their house with the news of Alanis. Alanis, who opened the door, smiled and welcomed in. They were excited. They immediately went to his father’s room. The door was locked. Somehow they didn’t know what to do. This time, there was neither a retina reader nor a fingerprint reader. The lock of the door was a fully DNA defined lock. They had to put something containing his father’s DNA in the opening section of the device. Although she thought of putting his own DNA first; Apart from her father, he also had a mixture of her mother. Her father would have definitely noticed if they had tried to force the door open. That’s why Alanis had an idea…

If we can find my father’s DNA, I can use it. Let’s look for a hair strand on my father’s pillow.

Okay, let’s go now.

God damn it, my mother has changed her covers today.

Where else can we find it?

Since what we found elsewhere may be my mother, the alarm sounds, my father understands that we entered.

Don’t you have a hairbrush?

He has a hairbrush, but the cleaning robot cleans these things every day. You can never find a strand of hair.

What are we going to do then?

Let’s look at the garage, I hope they went with my mother’s car. Usually, the two of them go to their destination with my mother’s vehicle.

Where do you go to the garage?

Come with me…

They went into the garage and quickly ran to where the vehicle was. As she had guessed, they had gone in her mother’s vehicle. Her father’s vehicle was at home.

Well, is the vehicle key at home?

No key needed. It has a sound-defined system. Since both I and my mother’s voices are defined, we can turn it on with the command.

Hermes, open the door!

The door opened and Alanis immediately took a look at the driver’s seat. She put a few strands of hair in her hand in a small plastic bag and locked the vehicle, saying a nine-digit code to the vehicle before leaving, ordering the records of the last defined entry to be deleted. The vehicle permanently erased the records of the door it opened with a voice-defined command and set it to the last time before this. She was very clever, Alanis. She never left a trace behind her. She was the child of a genius father. At the most, she had to be so clever in order not to get caught by her father.

She rushed to the side of the room and placed her father’s hair on the device. Her father was entering with her finger, but this time they were praying that this plan would work. When the device identified correctly and confirmed the entry, they entered. Alanis turned to Gaver and asked him to remind them to clear the trace of the door lock upon exit. Gaver nodded.

What are we looking for now?

It can be a safe or a hidden compartment.

Couldn’t he have hidden it in books?

I don’t think he will put what he cares so much about.

Even if we find the safe, how do you plan to unlock it?

I don’t know until I see it.

They searched for a long time. Alanis asked Gaver to restore everywhere he looked. She told him not to leave a book wrong. Since her father had a photographic memory; she expressed that she would notice the smallest change. Gaver agreed and continued searching.

Gaver spotted a difference at his desk. One more leg of the table was pale. This means that the friction must have been more. She approached and checked the leg of the table with her hand. The legs of the table were round. There were three protruding patterns on the upper parts. When Gaver turned that part with his hand, a voice called “click”. Alanis heard the voice and turned.

What did you find?

There is a secret compartment on the table. It has a three-digit password. When you turn parts such as this ring, there is a sound.

Let me take a look.

Yes you did.

How do we find the right combination?

You can only know that. Otherwise, many possibilities will arise; It would be impossible to find the right one at the right time.

It must be something that includes my dad, me, and mom. Because when this table came, my brother had not yet been born.

How so?

Like the first number of birth dates for the three of us...

Try it out?

I tried but it didn’t work.

So enter the months you were born. What month is your father?


Your mother?




Come in, let’s...

When Alanis entered the first number, they heard the voice that they knew they had taken the right step. Although there is a sound like a click as you turn; it sounded like an opening in the right combination. Later, when she entered her mother’s month of birth, the same opening sound was heard. When the last four, which is their birth month, entered; Before he had time to realize that he was correct on his last step, a section in the middle of the table came up. It was a section of thirty centimeters in diameter. When the safe was opened, a storage device appeared inside. Alanis closed the safe by copying all the data inside the device to his device’s system and putting the device in the safe. After going around the room for the last time and making sure that everything was as before, they left and left themselves on the seat after deleting the last entrance in the door system. They took a deep breath at that moment. Gaver immediately jumped up and sat up.

What happened?

I’ll go, your family can come anytime.

There is still time for them to come.

We can’t be sure.

Actually, we could. Let me call for an excuse and find out. You wait.


Ringing phone ...

Hello mom.

Hello my daughter.

Mommy, when will you come; do I have homework that I want to consult my father?

The ceremony has just begun, my daughter, we cannot return until it is your father’s turn. Although it may be time for your father, it would be disrespectful to leave without waiting for the ceremony to end, so we’re here for an estimated three more hours. You go to sleep. if it’s not urgent, you will work tomorrow.

Okay, no mommy, it’s not urgent. I just asked because I wanted to finish as soon as possible. There is nothing to do. Let it be tomorrow now. Take care of yourselves.

Take care of yourself, girl. Good night and sweet dreams…

Thanks, by…


When the meeting ended, Alanis was surprised to watch Gaver Alanis run things in such cool blood.

They couldn’t come for at least three more hours.

It would be a lie if I say I’m not happy. The psychological pressure was exhausting.

You rest, I’ll get something to drink.

What would you drink?

Whatever you drink, bring me the same.

How about something cold?

It would be good…

I’m coming right now then.

Gaver closed his eyes for a while and rested in this way, resting his head on the chair. When Alanis called out, he opened his eyes and took the glass reaching him. He drank most of the drink in the glass in one go.

Ohhhh… That sounds good.

Glad you like it.

Have anything from you been disliked before?

It took Alanis a while to gather his words by mumbling against this unexpected sentence.

Thank you for your beautiful words. You don’t need to say this because you think it helps you.

No, I wanted to say because I had the honor to know you. Your actions only increased my admiration for you.

I’m ashamed in such situations. Ever since I saw you, I can’t get you out of my mind, Gaver.

I did not look like myself again after the moment I saw you.

How so?

I don’t have the current, I only have guests now. You are the owner of the house… I did not find a trace of my heart after you.

I’m not used to hearing such things.

I hope you won’t be used to anyone else.

Is the weather hot suddenly?

Even if your burning eyes made me that way, I don’t know why.

I’m sure you say that kind of thing to every girl.

I’d rather not answer that.

Why, because it is right?

If I give the answer, I wouldn’t have given you the opportunity to find out. I think you can sit at the centerpiece of my life and learn by yourself.

What if I’m not satisfied with what I learned?

You can be sure that no one else is sitting in the office that I have ordered you. I may have many features that you will not be satisfied with, but you are so special that I will not let you down with someone else.

I hope so?

Does that mean “yes”?

You didn’t ask questions, what should I say yes to?

Will you be mine?

Well… Yeah, I guess.

Are you trying to say that you are not sure by saying I guess?

No, I can’t help but fear when everything goes too fast.

If the information we are looking for is correct; there is a time difference of more than two thousand years between us. I think we are far from a speed to fear.

Alanis laughed and said he was right. Gaver asked for permission and got up. A kiss stopped on Alanis’s lips as he left the door. Alanis almost fainted from trembling. Gaver pulled his lips back, put them on his forehead with a kiss, and walked away. Alanis closed the door and leaned behind the door. She got down on her knees in excitement, increasing her smile. She spent a while like this, then pulled himself up enough to stand up, and she stood up. She could not sleep until her body was tired. She didn’t even know what time it was when her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

The other day, Alanis met with Gaver and went to Gaver’s house. Gaver said he should take it in and leave the last picture he drew to the art house. He left for a short time, telling Alanis that she could be comfortable as if at home. Alanis walked around the house for a while. It was not luxurious, but it was a very peaceful house. When she opened a notebook at the desk, she closed it before reading the contents, thinking it was daily. Later, overcoming her curiosity, she opened it again and checked to see if it was a diary. It was not a diary, but there were handwritten articles. She started reading one chapter and wrote:

My life looked different than ever before. It wasn’t as meaningless as it was before. It did not seem frivolous but had to go home and study individual change. I found a mirror to immediately see the change in myself. Since I was focusing on my pain, I did not realize the time I was wasting. I looked at the facial lines that this elapsed time gave me, crying for a long time. If you do not have someone who teaches you life correctly when you live, you cannot compensate this gap by dying. Now if I could breathe, then I had to give every breath a meaning. Wasted breath has the same meaning as being in the grave. It was not the old world anymore, and it was not the old me in the mirror. When I learned to look at the world meaningfully and make sense of it, I did not risk being late for myself. Seeing the two strands of white taking over my hair was one of the reasons that heightened my sadness. Although a few color distinctions are not easily noticed, it will be inevitable for the color you do not want to take control, and the white who sees that he is in power in every reflection will show itself without hesitation. In the New World, you have to start living with the new you. It won’t be easy, making up for that much time. Who spoke to my place, who loved it, who cried… Is this world a being that filled my void?

I lived in a cell without thinking about the pace of life. Also, I did not put a window in my cell in order not to keep track of the past days. My self did not accept the time so subconscious that I made scratches on the walls of my cell in a sleepwalking fashion. Although I did not see the sun, my sleep was a solstice, my eyes were closed for the other day, and my waking up was destined for another day.

Then I asked for halalness from me in my sleep for every space I went through. When I wanted halalness, I dreamed that I saw the moon in my windowless cell. I unknowingly lined up discourses of freedom on the walls. Sometimes I had to rebel against justice, but when I realized that I was in control of my own conviction, I got up close and lost myself in a corner crying. When I came to myself, a few songs that I had learned as a child, without questioning the reasons, were caught in my tongue.

I sometimes leaned against the cold stone wall and played happy lives in my warm home. Turning over and over again, I moved life from where I left it, reflecting it on my walls. It was not me but the world I lost to always be in the leading role. I found a well in which I was isolated in the life that I insistently wanted to return to life. The well I found was the twin of the well where Prophet Yusuf was thrown. Maybe it is true that everything in the world has a couple.

The reflection of everything shows the other half of your gaze There is a truth that looking is not just about eyes, seeing the reflection of plants and stones, or every being that comes to the bust...

When I looked into the water, he was looking at the tree next to me… Since we both seemed, I was not the one who could see. In this world, I alone was not important. They should be given the right to speak to everything that has not spoken in the world but has an existence… They should be respected, which I will ask for those who do not show their own kind.

Do you see, I’m hiding myself again?

I find places to hide even in sentences. I want to take shelter behind other beings and have the rights that I could not win. I want everything that has a reflection to have a share of my rights. When you are looking for freedom but cannot find it, captivity is beautiful. If there is someone or something in the world who is captive,

Then no land is not free… It is not important that countries have borders. Those who are naturally lucky should not draw limits to themselves. In the world of possibilities that you have escaped from other conditions, I am telling those who have fun… Let them think about the meaning of life until they learn. Do not take the limit to your heart, the life you think is limitless. Let it not teach you distances, be respectful, learn from mercy, on the dusty ground of a cave. Scholar, let the only organ you know is the Heart, the host of goodness.

If your experiences start to make sense, feather pen and ink are waiting in the niches of the cave. You start from the falling wing of the free bird you want, the way you want, where you can find a place in a story, write from the verse. You should read what you have written by someone else and walk in other lives. You have to think a little, someone else rather than yourself. From now on, whatever emotion you give to others must appear. Obviously, whatever you missed, the remedy is hidden in the difference you have brought to other lives. You will find the smiling hormone, the desire to secrete more, which everyone is chasing in other ways.

Other lives will make you forget the pain of those they have lost and enter where you left off. No matter how many miracles you witness the birth of, you will carry more funerals on your shoulders. You must shed real tears on the last goodbye of the lives you have never seen in any scene. Now your new one will not tolerate false nonsense lies. Whatever the intolerance is, the result of your new life… This is because you lived a death in which you had to change what you had to change. It was because everything you went through wrong combined with wrong happiness.

Welcome to the world… You read your adhan in your ear, I adjust the size of your shroud and catch up with the sans. Something unnecessary shrouded already. Even though the earth was thrown over two meters, who said that it is not covering enough or not hiding it.

But there must be a tree next to it. Even if shadows are not required, if unfaithful people deceive themselves with daily distractions and start not coming, at least the birds should be close to you.

You are not a stranger to birds anyway. Your flying spirit is like birds, and the tree that takes root in the depths of the earth is like you.

What a strange world, isn’t it?

As if your existence has not meant anything, they are saddened first, then they cry out, crying that they will not see that being. Everyone gets used to him too, then they raise the grave to visit his bones.

But those who do these things gradually reduce their visit to one or two, as if forgotten their days.

Tears dry with your earth. Tears flowing from those eyes now cling to different pains and burn to other troubles.

Since everyone cries for themselves, they find it appropriate then comfort themselves.

Moreover, he plays hide and seek as an excuse for not wanting me to cry. In discussions, while he was alive, he makes an excuse for the person he says he does not know, for his dry eyes, as if he knew him in the grave.

It doesn’t matter, even if he gets to know him, but doesn’t he who waits on the ground cry for himself? He cries, especially when he cries in the grave, the soil immediately hides the water in his bosom.

Did you think that the one who left wouldn’t upset because their shouting would not be seen?

Life did not fit the plan. No one ascribes death to himself, but when he dies, he sees that nothing can be done. If you are not there, you keep calculations as everything will disappear, but the math will only turn out to be wrong in the grave. When you are away, everything will be all right and everyone will be happy without you. Who came and went, but the world did not give anyone a feeling of emptiness. Neither the flavors of the fruits, the coolness of the water, nor the mist of the rain on the glass did not change. What happened with you is the same after you.

Even with the arrival of spring, a flower did not bloom just because you were not there. It wasn’t too much in your presence.

Do not seek its value in other eyes and struggle to return to the world in the grave. You failed to live for yourself, don’t cry for yourself.

You could not be happy on the ground, with the chance to recognize your feelings under it, FAREWELL...

Alanis sat down and thought about what she had read for a while. Then she opened another chapter and continued reading...

Imagine you lived in a cell for an unfamiliar period of time. You do not see anyone, you do not know about the sunrise as you do not know the night. You dig the walls, the metal, or the iron door with the smallest thing you can get. Your imprisonment is always a mistake for you. You, like all the prisoners, inside you think you have been unfairly arrested. Cells have never met anyone who thinks they deserve to be here to this day. You too join their caravan. While you wanted the smallest light to leak from the places you scratched first when you couldn’t achieve this; you are trying to escape by suicide. The walls come on top of it, the ceiling meets the floor every night and crushes you between you. In this process of captivity, you hurt more when you see all the places you dig, you bid farewell to more freedom.

Spirit is just like that in the human body. He always thinks he’s a prisoner and tries to get out. Sometimes the wounds you just like you cut through your cell. Your soul commits suicide in the body but fails to die. Problems arise these days, which they call psychological disorders. In this way, science puts drugs on the market to make the soul accustomed to being captive in the process of captivity, without causing any further harm to the body.

As the soul torments the body this much, it ages and wears out the body. When the body cell is worn out and damaged in this way, of course, the soul is disturbed in this unhealthy cell. Some get sick earlier from this process and separate their soul from the body, some leave a little late. In any case, the soul eventually leaves the body behind and goes into the unknown. Then religions come into play. Some say that he will return again with reincarnation, some paves the way to heaven and hell, some takes the wealth you have while you live and plays Godhood by trying to sell you a place in heaven with him. When there is no return after the soul leaves the body, nobody knows exactly what is going on in the future. Everyone believes some things; some believe in god, some in gods, some in idols, some in unbelievers. The direction of belief always changes, but they all believe in one way or another.

Who prays, makes fun of those who pray… Who hurt others… There are many people who cry, people who make these people cry. Everything is contradictory, every opposition hurts the weaker. The most interesting thing is; some of them live properly because they believe in God, some of them fight in the name of God, slaughter and burn and wash without saying straight. There are many people who think that they will reach a god by not killing, and those who think that they will rise to the position of God by killing. God says all people are equal; people shed blood, arguing that it is more special than the other, and attribute it to God.

There are many beliefs who are secluded and do not communicate with people, and those who try to put people on their own path, thinking that they are the representatives of the right way.

In this case, the devil is laughing from somewhere. After all, not all those who play gods realize that they are devils. You see someone who kills someone for a little money, and whoever makes war for a little more. You’ve got yourself drowned in ambition and burned yourself, burning a country out of ambition.

Souls-like this prison, such aggressive here. Those who think that they will die in their soul when they die try to prolong the incarceration. They do not want to give up the land war that has been going on since the first humans. They live without knowing that their bodies are earth.

This departure will eventually lead to the same place. The people of the land will be on the ground. She continued to read because she was impressed by everything he read.

It has been snowing in this city for a while. Rain rains behind him and melts the snow. However, it made me uneasy that the rain killed him when he had not yet accepted himself. I wanted to feel cold in this city where I came from years later, as I felt cold years ago. You can feel cold until the wood is tested with fire but still does not want to see snow fight with rain. Whereas winter belonged to snow and rain should have fallen in spring. A snow before the untimely invasion was not a happy me. It was not possible to live in old memories as before when you were not cold. I was half asleep like the life of Snow.

Years ago, morning awakenings were the first movements to start an exciting day. Crying was as meaningful as laughing, laughter was real enough to cause abdominal pain. It turns out that adulthood leaves people halfway through. Even the bread seems to have no salt. Everything is missing for me. As much as the meaninglessness of life without salt. Turning your way to completion, it turns out you realize that you are going to diminish. You understand that life has its wrong sides, but life doesn’t understand you. Neither the snow can make me cold nor the drenching of the rain… Nothing has changed since me, but after me, I have changed quite a lot. Being happy with crumbs, I did not leave myself a dimension that could be happy. My exhausted self is not satisfied with anything that can be consumed. The permanent one has no remembrance of 40 years.

I had never been in this world anyway, he has no intention of doing so. When I was a child, I didn’t have to worry about patches so that life would have the perfect rewards for me… I have neither patches nor the perfect expectation of surprises anymore. This city, which did not mind waiting for me, had rains that did not expect to make a snowman. Everything is as before, but everything is different. As I was going, the knot that was caught in my throat became a fist in my chest. I was exposed to the cold cuts of the city where I came from, but he hopes for help from the rain so as not to take the snow blame. No matter how much he denies it; I also have the pain of the wounds. He’s probably taking revenge on me for going, but what he doesn’t know is; I didn’t like going as much as I didn’t like staying.

When I got up after I was dragged, I saw him walk away. At that time I was looking for a height to shake my dust-soaked soul. I could not find it there but myself not here. I would love the land I was dragged into if that land had accepted me. I stopped as long as I could stay in a city and then left. Even though I was born there, I did not have a coffee served there, so that I can be a memory for forty years. If I continued to stay, I would either burn this city or this city would set me on fire. We both were friends with the match girl to set us up in flames. I didn’t want to be murdered as much as I didn’t want to be a murderer, so I just went. As much as he did not want me to go and stay. There is a possibility that it will not come out of this contradiction as much as surviving.

The walls that laughed when I went were not laughing at me when I turned. When I was struggling with the city, it did not give me a face at home. What wars had I fought, but now how should I accept the perception of myself as an enemy?

There is the fact that those who do less than me in other cities are given the title of hero. I have to die now, this benefit only this city. He doesn’t love me when he lives, but I guess he will love me when he dies. Maybe she’ll plant a flower on my grave. I know you don’t know how many times I’ve died inside of me. In my grave, in my body. The soul is not buried anyway, it is in a different place according to each belief. There will be no problem if he does not make him laugh from the place he does not kill. But he knows how to kill where he doesn’t make him laugh. There is a criminal somewhere in this world, but nobody knows. While the punishment of the innocent is executed, where is this world hiding the real criminal?

She went to another page and saw a short inscription and started to read that inscription.

There are 3 lines in life, 3 deposits in the heart, 3 calluses in the brain. The three lines that survive are birth, life, and death. What lies in the heart are three deposits: love, pain, and desire. The three calluses in the brain are; true, false, and result.

First, you travel through the lines of life, breathe, then you learn to wander in the heart of your heart and learn to feel, and finally: as you touch the corns of the brain, you understand who you are. No matter who you are, but when it hits one of the three, don’t go wrong enough to know inside out you’re on the wrong side. Even if you threw it, change your path as soon as possible. You know, too, that no poem is haphazard, just as the notes of no song are random. When all of them catch their harmony, they caress the soul. Otherwise; scratches the senses.

Three lines of life; It is not under your control, your heart’s three investments; very few are under your command, three corns of the brain; it is entirely at your disposal. The number of those under his control is enough to choose who he is. Excuses, accusations… Whatever you call it; any kind of cover is just as much as you fool yourself.

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