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chapter 14

Chapter 14

Alanis saw a chapter that started with her own name. He started reading excitedly.

Today, of my life; I saw your most beautiful daughter: Alanis…

When I saw him; I thought of a story I had read before. Is there love like this? I saw it as an exaggerated book. Now to find that book and read it again; I visited all second-hand bookstores. I finally found it and read it. Yes, I understood better that the book does not exaggerate.

The story of the book was as follows:

In ancient times, when the child of the leader of a community was absent for a long time, he prayed; so that God may give him a boy. His prayer is accepted, and God gives him a boy named Kays. Kays grows and spreads, turning into a young man. Kays, who is very curious and loves to learn, sees a girl among the red roses while passing by a rose garden, she sees Kays in the girl but does not reveal this situation.

Kays, hiding, watches the beautiful girl from the roses, even though she hides, the girl knows that she is there. For days, Kays hides there and watches the girl. The girl goes out to the garden every day just because Kays is there… A woman goes out to the garden as the days come and go, the girl that Kays watches; Calls Leyla.

Now Kays’ language says Leyla, Leyla is silent...

They both fall in love with each other, but without speaking a word. In the ongoing times, they just talk enough to meet. When his father realized that his son was in love; asks, investigates, goes, and wants Leyla to her son First Leyla’s father; He refuses, saying that he is underage, then refuses this suitor because he does not see Kays as equal to his daughter.

The two burn as they burn, but they cannot meet each other. When everyone started to give advice to Kays by telling him to forget Leyla, Kays sees that people do not understand him; As Leyla says, people silence, Kays leaves the house to tell her love to the mountain and stone. He tells about Leyla about the mountains, stones, animals, and plants. Those who see it; when he describes him as a madman with wild animals gathering around him; Kays’ name would be Mecnun. Mecnun means crazy. Everyone starts to recognize him as a Mecnun. Even if his father tries to bring his son home, he does not get any results. Leyla sends her bridesmaid to get news from Mecnî. Whatever she heard; she cries constantly with what she hears. Leyla’s father is the governor of the city. A king who hears the story of her Mecnun; Sends a message to Mecnun; Come, I promise that I will take Leyla for him, even if by force. Mecnun accepts the invitation and goes; his hair with a beard and his homeless look. The king sends a message to the governor, saying: Let Leyla give Mecnun, if not; I swear that I will invade the city with my whole army.

A message comes from the governor: even if you destroy the city and kill me, I will not give my daughter. If it was your daughter; Would you marry a madman wandering in the mountains?

When the king received a negative answer; He orders his army to prepare for force. Mecnun begs and stops the king. He does not want a siege in a city with Leyla. It would be disrespectful to my Leyla, to take over the city where she lived, and the king discourages her decision. Mecnun, who has no hope, returns to the mountains again. He’s gone without hope anyway. Even hearing the name of Leyla ignited her love, so she agreed to go. Mecnun’s father goes and persuades his son to return home. They take care of him, but as his father sees his son, he cannot control his tears.

Her weakened, self-consuming image saddened her. After a period of care at home; his father is always trying to persuade his son to go to the holy land. Finally, the preparations are made by convincing, the journey that will last for days is started and they reach the place they want. Father’s purpose; to make his son to forget Leyla by making him pray in holy places. Everyone fills their days with prayers… When the father of Mecna saw his son praying in a corner; approaching from behind, he tries to control his son. At that time, Mecnun was praying loudly with his hands open.

My God, raise the love of Leyla in such a way that it is in me; I have nothing left but him. Fill my whole self with Leylay, let it not be another speck other than her...

When his father heard these; falls to the ground, loses hope. His only child in life is in the grip of a disease that no longer has medicine. His father, who thinks he has a youthful ambition; he learns in a bitter way that his son is now living in love. How they went; they turn worse than him. Now when Mecnun wants the mountains; his father doesn’t say “don’t go”. Rotary; he tells the mountain to the stone, cries Leyla. Meanwhile, Leyla’s father has already forced her into marrying someone else. People who encounter; One of the people tells Mecnun that Leyla is getting married. Mecnun’s crying voice echoes in the mountains without stopping. While continuing like this; Leyla’s wife dies. Since his father died a short time ago, there was no obstacle for them to be together. Leyla sends a message to Mecnun; Because he wants to see Leyla.

Her bridesmaid goes and finds him, but Mecnun does not hear the bridesmaid. She asks, finds out his place, Leyla, and goes to find Mecnun. Leyla says Mecnun says I came, but Mecnun is too full to have nothing but Leyla. He was so full of Leyla that he could not recognize Leyla. Leyla crawls home and returns. Leyla crawls home and returns. She cries for days, but respects someone who takes on him too much to know him Mecnun is now overflowing from him After taking Leyla’s name into his tongue; no other word speaks the language again. He is so quiet that; Leyla speaks his soul, Leyla stops. Soon; The news of Mecnun’s death is heard. They make his grave on the mountain where he tells about his love. Leyla is unaware that Mecnun died. One hope wants to talk, but she sees Mecnun’s grave where she goes. Realizing that Leyla has not returned, her bridesmaid goes to look for Leyla’s lady, wondering about someone she takes with her. She died in the tomb of the Leyla Mecnun. God freed them from corporal imprisonment. A rose tree brought from Leyla’s garden is planted at the point where the graves are made side by side. Nobody can separate them anymore.

Alanis should be my Leyla...

After reading this article, she involuntarily closed the notebook, put it down, and started walking around the room for a while excitedly. She tried to reduce the palpitations by going from side to side in the room. Alanis did not know how to behave when he entered. He was sure he would unable to hide something. Although she liked what he read, he should not have read it. For a while, she tried to calm himself down by judging this situation. When it didn’t work, she started to suggest himself loudly. When the sound of the door opening came, she sat down and tried not to hurt him.

As soon as Gaver entered, seeing Alanis’s expression on his face, he told her;

You read it?


I’m sure you know what happened.


Don’t Wish…

No, what I did was very wrong.

It wasn’t. I wrote it to you. Your reading was not wrong. Actually, I’m glad you read it.



Why are you happy?

Because you learned my true feelings.

I still want you to forgive me. This situation was literally unlimited.

If you think so; I forgive you on one condition


Write down what you think about me and give it to me. Let me find out your true feelings too.

Sure, I guess. Even if I don’t think I can write as well as you, I try.

You don’t have to bother. Just write down the words that come from within.

OK promise.

So we got along, Leyla...


Then Gaver smiled in silence. Alanis did not expect the answer to this question anyway. He knew very well what it meant to say my Leyla. Alanis chose to change the subject in order to suppress her shyness.

Let’s start looking at my father’s records?

Okay, I’m going to get something. What would you drink?

Good if there is coffee.

I’ll get it right now.

Alanis spent his time thinking about the beautiful sentences he said to him until Gaver arrived. He started smiling to himself. This is the most evident state of the human being in love. Before long, Gaver came and handed Alanis his coffee. He sat next to Alanis, showing his degree of acceptance. He was sitting so conjoined that he could easily smell Alanis’s skin. For this reason, although he was distracted, he recovered himself early. Alanis started checking his father’s records in the system by starting his own device. Most of them consisted of projects with content that had signed confidentiality agreements. He was involved in military projects, scientific studies.

It was obvious that he worked in many fields. Although the robotic age had passed for a long time, it could not replace scientists. Although technology has taken the place of human beings everywhere, it could not go beyond just assuming an auxiliary role in the field of science.

While Alanis and Gaver were examining their secret records one by one, they saw a file with their names. In your opinion, they both turned and looked at each other for a while. Leaving the search for answers in each other’s face after a short while, they looked into the record of the answer. They noticed that the records were quite large and long. As they continued to watch, they realized that Alanis was working with her father. What they saw suddenly created a shock and immediately turned into a discussion.

Have you been lying to me until now?

Nonsense, why would I do such a thing?

Are you asking me that?

I admit I am guilty according to the apparent sight, but I don’t remember anything I could explain the logic to.

Why would I believe you?

There are two reasons: first, knowing that I am the culprit of this situation, it cannot be why I bring proof of my guilt and let you watch it. Second, you love me…

Well, if I loved the wrong person?

Maybe yes, maybe not, but I wonder the answer to that too. If you want, let’s evaluate the subject after learning the continuation of the recording. Do you really hear what they say? Soon you will get up saying I have to go home, and this recording takes eleven hours in length.

Okay, I’ll find a solution.

What are you going to do?

I will call my father and tell him that I will stay with my friend for the project work and learn the continuation of the recording with you tonight. But first I have to call my friend and take precautions against the possibility of my father reaching him.

I will call, wait for a little. ringing…

Hello Angela how are you?

Thank you, I’m fine too. I have a very important job tonight and I will tell my father that I will stay with you and we will work on a project. Although it is unlikely, my father may want to call and confirm. If this happens, you know what to say.

Thanks dear I knew I could trust you. See you. By…

Now I have to call my father.

Hello daddy how are you?

Well, daddy, I know you’re busy, I’ll close it up by saying something. Let you know that tonight I will spend the night with Angela as we need to work on the project. You can call both me and Angela at any time.

Okay daddy, I’ll be careful. Take care of yourself too, good night, BY…

Okay, Gaver. İt happened… We can finish the whole recording until the morning.


Of course, I want to learn as much as you do. Even though you seem to be the injured side, I also seem to be the one who hurt. Do I not seek my rights while you seek your rights? Whatever he thinks, I am also guilty.

So let’s start by ordering food?

As you wish.



I order a mixed pizza, okay?


Food will be late, if you want, let’s start?

Okay. Let’s start, if the food comes, we’ll take a break.

They finished the entire eleven-hour recording with just a meal break. Apart from the visual recording, they also examined the notes attached as documents to the finest detail. That Alanis did all this to save Gaver, how she tried and cried in order not to forget Gaver and to many things she didn’t want; They learned that Gaver said “yes” to save his life. They watched the recording of the false memories created for Gaver with his father and how Alanis pleaded with his father at every stage. The two of them tried to digest the facts in silence for a while without speaking a word. An hour had passed, but they were both thinking about ten minutes to elapsed time. It was not an easily digestible situation. Gaver got up and shouted, knocked over the furniture in the room, and started to break the things. Whatever Alanis did, he couldn’t calm down. At the very end, Alanis was crying, holding her head in the corner, in her arms. Gaver, on the other hand, collapsed because of exhaustion, when he continued and exhausted all his strength until he left nothing to break down at home. When he collapsed, he dropped himself back and lay on his back.

He gasped. After the loud noise of the rumble, all that remained was the sound of Alanis crying. Gaver didn’t even hear Alanis’s cry. Gaver wasn’t himself. It was not that unusual. Whoever was in his place wouldn’t have been expected to react very differently. Coming from a distance of more than two thousand years, you are in a state of unconsciousness, not realizing that you have to get rid of the criminal profile the FBI has been chasing. While your fainting continues, your body escapes from the hospital, loading memories that do not belong to you, allowing you to move away from the person you fall in love with. While you are living a lie, only your name remains for your real life.

They won’t let you remember either your father or your mother, or the slightest truth. When you learn this; You are leading an absurd life that others pretend to be a puppet while you believe that you don’t remember the smallest thing about yourself and that you live your own life. Having experienced this situation, Gaver began to think that he did not even know whether he was alive when he increased his inquiries. He began to question whether I could be dead. That was why Alanis had a crying crisis. She knew she couldn’t persuade him to take his real memories to upload. While Gaver was questioning everything, he could not know if his real memories were real. He was desperate too.

At the same time, Gaver understood, in the most painful way, that if he fainted again, he would not be able to seek help from his father. Alanis began to wonder if he had done this to her father’s child once or if he had done it many times before. Not only Gaver but also Alanis had a lot of victim feelings. And now she was unscrupulous enough to say that he brought Gaver’s dog to Alanis and took it from the shelter after he erased her memories. How would a father do that? She was whispering to herself. Which father can do this psychopathy to his child? What if I am not my father and I am an experimental rat whose memories have been changed in the way I know him as my father? Oh my god, what am I going to do now?

Alanis fainted… She had endured psychological pressure the most. During this period, it did not prolong as she focused on Gaver’s pain. She went into fainting a few minutes after she started analyzing her own life. When they realized that they had fallen into such hell, they were late. Learning curiosity did not make you think about the consequences it would bring. They did not even imagine that after entering this hell they would never be the same again.

One question, another question, that opened the door to other questions, turning everything into unanswered questions. It might have had an answer, but they didn’t think that answer was correct. Since both had learned that even their questions were not their own, they believed that their answers belonged to someone else like questions. They were two unwilling rats in the experimental work. Everything they did was done because they wanted someone else. As for this situation, they chose to believe that everything before that was experimental. They were right; Nothing could be true, even if it were, who could prove how?

They got lost in these endless contradictions. Since even their consciousness could not bear this burden any longer, they chose to shut down. They had to stop because they were just a few questions away from going into permanent mental collapse. They were going crazy, but could not realize that they could not answer questions about who they were and their distance from mental collapse. Nobody could. Even though the machine called man contains the points to be intervened, it also had content that was housed in your emotions. The incalculable consequences of any intervention are nature-aware. Just as you could kill the body with psychology, it was also possible to kill psychology with the body. When one was damaged, the other was also affected. For this reason, it was necessary to behave fairly like the two panes of the scales and it was necessary to keep them in balance.

People live in their youth regardless of how time passes; At the stage of their aging, time takes people away without caring for them. Throughout history, love has been tested with time. This time for the first time; time was tested with love. For the first time in love’s war of time, love had the opportunity to speak its own word. This time, not time, love cheated and time was caught off-hand. Time was quite astonished when he realized that the past experiences, which he thought erased his existence, were not what he thought they were, and that there might be situations that could change. If you look at it from the other side; Apart from this variability, the possibility to travel through the ages was the worst scenario for time.

The love of two people from very distant times became add spice to everything. Without giving the opportunity to think “it’s over here”; The attempt to come together after falling behind the love of two people added a different color to the event. Apparently; He was content with watching, though time hated it. He knew that if he tried to intervene, the intertemporal journeys would increase more. Time had set all the rules from the first date, but now there was a truth that disregarded its own rules. This fact, which is against nature, was no different from a bomb with a pin.

The smallest mistake could have enormous consequences. This was the first time this disrespect for the time was experienced. Would she just stay on this trip? Obviously, the man refused to recognize the rules of time. The human being was a creature that gave up playing the game according to its rules. The question to be asked should be this: when human beings started a rebellion by smashing under their feet the rules that the world has to obey since its existence; would the time still continue to treat people within the same rules? It would seem that there would be no winners from this war, but how large would the losses be? This was such a game that; Soon after you believe you won, real losses would come to light. A man was now celebrating his short-term gain; It took time to see their long-term losses. This is another side of the problem: would time show us these results in the way we are used to?

How many people would think it might be worth it for a love when the results began to appear… The question raised the question again, and the answer was in the time of revolt.

While Alanis and Gaver were struggling with the endless questions that caused them to faint, they did not know that there was endless chaos of questions outside of them. The two of them were standing so unconscious that; If anyone had seen it, it would start to hurt in such a way that it could not remain indifferent. Even with their unconscious appearance, it was obvious how much they suffered. Time was running out, Alanis’s father was constantly calling and trying to reach his daughter. When she could not reach her, she called her daughter’s friend Angela and asked if she could not reach her and where she was. Angela; She had to say that Alanis stayed overnight, but returned home during the day. She was getting scared for him and kept looking for Alanis. But Alanis was not in a position to hear the calls.

It started to get dark. Both were still unconscious. First, Gaver slowly began to open his eyes. The concept of time seemed to disappear. He first tried to understand where he was and the logic of his lying on the ground. Later, when he turned his head to the other side when he realized that Alanis was unconscious, he immediately wanted to get up and go to his side. It took some time for him to straighten up and reach Alanis, as his consciousness was still not fully restored. Alanis did not leave. He tried to think and to overcome his fear, he first checked whether he lived. After you are convinced that he is alive, the next job is; he came to find a solution to awaken him. When he lived, he took such a deep breath; It seemed as if she had one last breath and was trying to absorb all the oxygen in the world.

He could only calm down a little with that deep breath, but even that was enough for the moment. He tried to sober up Alanis by looking for something with a sharp smell in the house. If Alanis’s father hadn’t changed her memory, Gaver would have been able to find a solution from her family profession memories immediately. But now that was impossible. So he kept looking. Before embarking on this effort, he put something under her, raising her feet thirty-forty centimeters to get enough blood to the brain. Although he knew that the solution he was looking for was not correct, he could not summon first aid for Alanis. They had learned what the consequences were when they called for Gaver before. This time, Gaver didn’t want to guess what the results might be. If they went to the hospital, Alanis’s father would have learned and it was not difficult to guess what he could do this time.

While Gaver was still searching right and left, he had knocked down one or two items left after he destroyed all parts of the house. That’s why the whole house looked chaos. When he thought that he heard a foreign sound among the sounds he was making, he stood in that way with the drawer in his hand and wanted to find out if the sound he heard was correct. Yes, he hadn’t heard it wrong, it was Alanis’s voice. She was starting to sober. Gaver ran and collapsed beside her.

Alanis, I’m here, remember, I’m Gaver…


Yes my love. Are you okay?

What happened?

Never mind what’s going on, try to come to life.

Can you help me get up?

Of course, I hold you, stand up slowly with me.

I feel like I’m caught under tons of rocks.

It can be said so. Never mind, you are fine now, the rest is not important.

How unconscious have I been?

I don’t know, I was unconscious too.


Apparently, we pushed ourselves very hard.

Yeah, I’m starting to remember. While you messed up the house, I too...

Shut up, okay. We have time to continue. How are you feeling now?

Not so good. What time is it?

It’s seven o’clock.

Really, please tell me you’re kidding?

Unfortunately, I don’t.

My parents must have gone mad. They must be looking for me everywhere. Can you look at the calls?
-I’m looking. You have been called fifty-three times. Except for three calls, it all belongs to your father.

This is the picture of my death.

What are we gonna do?

Soon I call myself before my father can locate me from the wrist chip.

What if he wants to come?

I’ll find something. I can’t believe it, I thought I’d tell Angela that I fell asleep too, but according to the message Angela left, she told my father that I was leaving her home.

There is only one method left and I hate to do it.


You can see it now.

I’m searching… Dad, how many times have you called?

- When Alanis wrinkled and reacted to reveal his discomfort due to the shouting sounds coming from him, Gaver understood more or less what was being said.

- Dad, can you take a break? I’m not a child. You can either convince yourself that I can be in situations that I cannot answer, or it will be the last argument between us. You know I will let you know if I have the opportunity. No, father, I will not give you an explanation as to why I did not inform you. I could have had a very bad accident. If you were curious; you could first ask how I was doing. Since you are yelling, what matters to you is not my health, but the problems I will create for you.

Ok, dad! I’m closing and I’m not coming tonight. I don’t think I’m asking your permission anyway. Better start seeing me like a real father or next time I won’t go away for one night. I don’t want you to try to take it from below. This is not compensation, it’s just perception management. I hate the effort to control me like a stupid robot anymore. After that, I finish everything. At this stage, I will always start to make my own wishes. You misjudged me to respect you out of my love and not to break your word. Everything will change at this point now. I don’t care about anything you say and it has no value in the matter.

I have come to the last point now. Now listen carefully to what I say: if you ever do something to try to call me and locate me; Know that you will never ever see anyone in your life who would ever call you a girl again. The only reason I walk away tonight is my reaction to your actions. From now on it will be the result of what we both did, not just mine.

When Alanis ended the meeting, she struggled to stand up. While helping, Gaver wanted to know his reaction during the interview.

Gaver, although not the most correct, it was the most logical solution. If I wanted to apologize to my father, the issue would get bigger and bigger reactions would arise. The attack is sometimes the right step. But what I said was not just to save this situation. I was serious about everything. I am no longer a child. If they don’t want to see an adult, I try to look grown up myself.

Do you think your father will return to this calmness, will he not try to locate our place?

She knows that her daughter is not an idiot, as she is aware that I can spoil the receivers of the Chip if I want to. Nevertheless, it is useful to be cautious. Can you bring my bag?

Of course.

Alanis shuffled his bag, took a pen-sized metal device out of it and held it to the chip on her wrist, and pressed a button. He saw a faded digital light on his wrist fade off. She then pulled Gaver’s wrist towards her and did the same to her. It had now disabled the chips.

Your father gave this device?

Of course no. While my father was designing chips and pioneering in labeling every person, I also produced a device that would destroy that label. When my father caught it, the biggest problem the family saw was experienced. Because he thought that if this device was captured by malicious people, they could commit the crime they wanted without getting caught. This was just a family problem. On the other hand, if the authorities found out that I had manufactured this device, I would be charged with life imprisonment.

Didn’t your father take it?

Won’t you? I knew him more than my father knew me. Against the risk of being caught, I had produced two pieces of the same device.

Aren’t you afraid?

Not my father, but I was afraid of legal problems. I developed the device and added a code system. The device is not activated without pressing the button on the password that I have created in Morse code. Against the possibility of artificial intelligence revealing this crime; I designed a virus and placed it on the device. Even if all of the artificial intelligence systems examine the device, the virus will give their systems a piece of study information that the device will never work with, only for the scanned image to be put on paper as art.

How did you do this?

By leading a genius father to concentrate on his daughter’s mistakes, improving myself with my father’s work in the background, and being one step ahead of him. My father always made him think I was disappointed with me. I wonder what he would think if he knew what I was doing. I have produced many things that no one knew about. Nobody knows your existence except me. Now that we’ve learned, I’ve gone so far as to produce the time machine.

What were you thinking of doing tonight?

Tonight we have to go to my father’s memory device with the information we have. After we take our real memories and get rid of this corridor, we think about the rest.

We don’t know if your father will come to work tonight. What if he catches us in that situation?

Don’t worry, thinking about that situation, I designed something so that the danger we encountered before did not occur again.


Its buildings are protected by an artificial intelligence-supported system. After we got inside, I wrote a code that would lock the entire building and prevent entrances and exits. By adding this code to the system, we will prevent someone from trying to get in for at least three hours.

Well, if anyone’s in there?

In that case, we would have imprisoned ourselves in the same place with that person.

This is a problem.

Gaver, you know what we learned. Do you think this is an item on the list of those to be afraid of?

Not maybe, but I’m afraid for you, not for myself. I have nothing to lose. But you have real life in this world and I don’t want you to lose it.

Don’t you still get it: if we had a life other than each other, we wouldn’t try to get together by finding time travel. While time cannot prevent us from sharing a life, can people prevent it?

My father may be a genius, but he led to these consequences by making the wrong mistake that he brought the wolfdog to me. Geniuses are also stupid sometimes. Fools can have genius moments once or twice.

Which one are we going into then?

Ask me this question after everything is over. Judging by what appears for now; we’re just two stupid lovers.

If I’m going to be with you in stupidity, I never want genius anyway.

We were too stupid to be even if we wanted to. I think we can eliminate even the option.

By the way, we blamed my father, but he has uploaded you a false past that is good enough to keep you up to date. Otherwise, you might lose your mind or not be able to live.

Yeah, I know, but I can’t stop seeing myself as a lab rat.

And think that your father did this experiment?

You’re right, your conflicts must be more violent.

No need to think about them. Let’s get ready now, if you want, we may not get this chance again.

Is it normal that I’m scared?

If you weren’t afraid, you’d be an abnormal person. We are an emotional human being who has been robotized. It is not wrong to question whether there is anything real when we learn that we are being commanded. Going to robotic coding for the second time voluntarily shows that we can never be geniuses. But it’s proof that we are not robots either. This time, we decided not with reason but with our emotions to get our true identity.

So let’s decide that: what we should be afraid of; living in these situations without each other. So our only fear is let’s be each other, just enough to make fun of everything else.

I like it. So give me your hand and always be with me, okay?

As long as you want it is always in my hand, in my eyes; it will be where it should be.



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