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chapter 15

Chapter 15

To get rid of this situation, which Gaver and Alanis fell into, as soon as possible; They immediately prepared and went to Alanis’s father’s workplace and sneaked in. Alanis immediately hacked the security of the building with the device he took out of his bag and locked all entrances and exits. They were now a little more comfortable than their previous entry. Although they did it assuming there was no one inside. The security guard profession was very old, now it was completely protected by technology and security requirements.

Her father’s lab was so big; almost the entire building belonged to her father. Although he had left his private belongings in only one room, he had devices placed throughout a large department. After a long search, they found the device that her father used for a mind erasing and immediately opened the system. They had no chance of doing it wrong. The smallest mistake could close their minds. Still, they both thought they had no other choice. For this reason, they would immediately place the old memories of her father in the system and upload this to their minds.

Alanis should have done this first because if there was a problem in Gaver, Alanis would need his old memories. They decided that the most logical thing could be this way. As soon as he presses the button with his index finger to start the process by attaching the connecting levers that he will establish with the system, explaining all that he needs to do to Gaver during the fainting, suddenly Gaver: Stop! Said.

What happened?

Suddenly I started to think that we don’t need to do this.

What does that mean?

I can’t afford anything to happen to you.

I promise nothing will happen to me.

Besides, this is my decision, you have the right to give up your own memories. If my father had not had records, I wouldn’t have learned that I had built a time machine and brought you here more than two thousand years ago with this machine. Other than that, I cannot spend a lifetime thinking about what my erased memories are.

Is it important? Are we not enough for each other?

We are enough, but after a while, it starts to search our minds. If he doesn’t, we might somehow obsess over it. All or nothing for me. Besides, it has nothing to do with being enough for each other. İt has to do with being self-sufficient. I do not want to live by saying I wish I missed this opportunity in the future. Relax, I will not let anything happen to me or to you. If there was a risk, would I have done this process so comfortably?

The first time you lied to me?

I have to, Gaver, understand me, please. Sorry but…

At that time, Alanis, who pressed the button without finishing his sentence, knew how much the questions would increase with the prolongation of this conversation. She didn’t want to come to that moment. As she mentioned, doing this procedure had nothing to do with the future or herself. She was doing this for Gaver only. The fact that they had found their love made Gaverin remember the real family, childhood, and the others. She held himself responsible for this situation. Whatever happens; Gaver would always be left unfinished, and after a while, it would not be enough for Gaver himself, she knew very well. She’s a genius who manages to build a time machine… It would be abnormal if she had no ability to achieve this success and see results. There were two geniuses now and would attract a lot of attention in this world. They also knew very well that this secret they were hiding would appear in any way whenever it was.

They were also sure that they would never lead an ordinary and normal life. This would result in consequences that they could not see, although they all carried it together as a fear. The work that two young people of genius could do together could be too many to count. The old world was no longer there; In the new world, the human population has declined and been robotized. This was a time when those who had the intelligence to have genius could never hide. People started to see even thinking unnecessary. Robots were taking care of everything for them. One of the main reasons for the rapid decline of the human population was suicide. Even though human life was prolonged, it also lost its meaning. The number of people with a purpose was very few. When there was no need for human labor, they turned into a herd, all expenses covered by the state.

The streets were very quiet, as almost everyone did not want the exhaustion of leaving home. A life where they did not move had begun. Despite this, their health did not deteriorate. There were agent micro-robots that traveled to the area of the disease and repair the problem area by traveling through the blood. People who catered to every product’s need simply alternated between eating and sleeping. Despite this robotized state of human beings, their psychology just never managed to be satisfied. For this reason, as the number of suicide increases day by day, the state sent happiness medicine to each individual with the health teams. Although it only enabled the reduction of the number of suicides for a short time, people who experienced unnecessary happiness started committing purposeless crimes with an unnecessary self-confidence as if they had taken drugs because they did not know what and why they laughed. They started attacking their environment, which they harmed for no reason, laughing, even when the security forces intervened. It was not a solution, it caused the problem.

Even if the state officials immediately attempted to look for another solution by collecting drugs, they found the most accurate result by obliging all citizens to receive psychological treatment once a week. When this was not enough, compulsory broadcasts were brought to all video devices at one hour of the day, and programs with psychological treatment conversations were placed. By rejecting the people’s return to this herd, there were still those who tried to do everything that people care about before this new world. They were doing sports, organizing a party, having fun, trying to produce… Those who could do this were nine percent of the society. Those who wanted to get away from the robotized world preferred rural lives. Although it seems impossible; During this period, there were four communities that continued life centuries ago by rejecting technology. They also cut off all contact with the state in order to refuse technology.

When he posted a few adventurous footages that secretly captured this experience, the number of people who stood at their doors to join such communities was considerable. Moving forward could sometimes mean coming back. Even being able to travel to space did not add enough difference to keep people excited. When people trying to colonize many planets were forced to return the colonies they had sent back after a while, they all went bankrupt and wiped out. Touristic trips were still popular, but that only made a one-off sense. Tourism was on the rise when the news was about an innovation discovered in space, but it was not interesting to go again after seeing it. This was one of the reasons why Alanis’s time manic was so dangerous. If this news were to be heard, all people of this time would try to take over the device to try to escape at least a century ago. Even the suicide rates of those who saw it in the state council were not less. At such a time, there was no way I could not notice Gaver and Alanis. It was so monotonous that everything different immediately became famous and followed.

The LED light was on, indicating that Alanis had completed the first stage. One more step was left. It was a miraculous jewel for them that his father kept the information about Gaver and Alanis as well as the real memories taken from the device in the form of software code. If he had not backed up; he could never get his real memories. Gaver checked the completion time of the first stage. He saw that it was an hour and fifteen minutes. This means; the second phase will take at least that long. Every minute the device neared completion, Gaver was getting more and more scared. Alanis knew he might not wake up. He had said beforehand that there was this risk, but even though he tried to argue otherwise during the procedure, Gaver was too clever to be fooled. When Gaver came to this world, Alanis even installed his own language on himself, but it was different from this device.

It was not just a helmet and a permanent device. This did not care for Alanis, anyway, it was enough for him to be successful by doing the right action once. He had put everything in place for Gaver but did not risk interfering with the memories of the mind. He had tried to save Gaver by uploading information. It had been successful for a short time. After a while, even the information loaded on the mind could not digest the development witnessed by a person from thousands of years ago. Therefore, when the mind did not find how to deal with this situation, it found the solution to turn itself off. When his mind closed, Alanis had such an emotional panic that he could not manage to use his genius when he saw the person he was in love with this way. In this state, he took Gaver to the hospital.

There was only one minute left for Alanis to finish his transaction. The sixty seconds Gaver counted down loudly. He died every second, resurrected every second. In the last ten seconds, his eyes had begun to darken. Thinking he would faint, he held onto the counter next to him.

Yes: two, one, zero… Time was over, Alanis wasn’t awakened. Gaver collapsed and buried his head in his arms. Fortunately, when Alanis called out “Gaver,” he realized that even though Gaver looked up with joy, he did not confirm it. He could not stand up. He could not go to the woman he loved. He tried very hard, but his body was locked. Although he tried to open his mouth to answer, he realized that he had also lost his ability to speak. When Alanis managed to get up, it didn’t take long for Gaver to realize how well he was. When he helped and lifted Gaver out of his place and stretched him over the stretcher on which he had just straightened, Gaver fainted, looking frozen at Alanis’ eyes looking at him.

In fact, even though the body fainted early, Gaver was locked up because his emotions were too strong and he could not accept sleeping until he saw the opened eyes of his beloved woman. Because his brain thought he was unconscious. Although Alanis tried to sober up, he knew why Gaver was fainting. Therefore, he did not exaggerate the fear too much. When she was fully conscious, she saw Gaver’s fainting as an opportunity and immediately connected the device. She did not hesitate to connect with Gaver as she first sacrificed herself for Gaver and there was no problem they feared during this sacrifice. Had it not been for this fainting, she did not know if Gaver would have contradicted the connection.

Therefore, she made the connection immediately. As soon as the device started operating, it was immediately turning off the consciousness of the person itself. Gaver had been curious about this situation and asked Alanis. On the other hand, Alanis said to himself: While our consciousness is open, our brain continues to accumulate the moment. Even though our memories seem to us just like our important experiences; we record everything we see and hear. If you repair a furnace while it is running, you could get hit by an electric shock, you could get burned, you could get damaged in some way. You might think of it that way… Gaver thought yes it made sense.

The Gaver’in procedure would take longer because all of his memories had been changed. For this reason, Alanis knew that the process had to be prolonged. But there was a problem and light was reflecting outside the building. Someone must have come. If they managed to get in, she would interrupt Gaver’s process, and she would become unconscious so that he would never be turned on again. She didn’t know what to do and wanted to check it by approaching the glass. Since the entrance part is indented not equal to the outer wall; She could not see who the incoming person or persons were. Although she normally locked the opening of the entrance, someone other than her father would be able to open this entrance after three hours of effort. he could have done this in a time that Alanis could never be sure of.

It could have been ten minutes in an hour, but that time was not enough for Gaver anyway. He could not afford to let Gaver down again. She decided to go slowly and quietly towards the entrance of the building. She approached slowly and wanted to sneak out of the darkness to see who the people were in front of the glass door. Even if it’s not her father; It might be a matter of time before they called her father. When she approached and checked, she realized that there were three people at the door and one of them was her father. As she began to experience panic, her hands were full. She went immediately, shutting the door in the room where Gaver was, and pulling the closet behind him, and tried to hold it.

The only rationale she did was to give Gaver time, but she knew it wouldn’t be enough. She was trying to figure out what to do by starting to walk at a fast pace back and forth. Oddly enough, it was a common reaction that people tried to think by walking in such a situation. I guess it can be said that it helps to gather our minds. All she could do came to her mind, and that was quite illogical. She thought they were going to stop stalling them long enough to call the police by throwing something down the window and breaking the lock until the cops arrived. Of course, as a result of this situation, she could not ignore the judicial process. In a way that she was not sure what to do, she was trying to confuse the system by frequently hacking the system of building security by taking the device he designed. In doing so, she took the other risk: if it puts the system too hard; the system could crash and the entrances could be opened immediately.

She kept muttering: please stop trying to open up, please, please… Even though these wishes kept repeating, the people at the door had little intention to go. She immediately thought of a solution and was to reach out to her mother and report an emergency about her and get him to go where she would say that her father was. Yes, how could I not think about it, she got angry at himself. She then had to activate one of all the communication tools she had disabled after her previous reaction to her father. Realizing that the most logical thing was the wristband phone, she turned on the device and called her mother. While she was giving this news to her mother, she started to walk back and forth at a fast pace and began to pretend to be breathless.

Mommy, where’s my daddy? He has to come and pick me up. I couldn’t reach him. Can you tell him to call me? I’m in big trouble...

Although her mother insisted on asking what was happening, her mother only said, “Let my father reach it immediately… Mommy do what I say!” She said, she ended the meeting. She tried to make her mother curious as much as he could; so that she can influence her father more and drive him away from the building. Her plan would have worked so that her father was looking for her. She led the father to the farthest part of the city she had previously thought about. She saw through the window that her father and the others were also leaving. She knelt on her knees, pulled her hair back with both hands, and began to think, holding steady hands, which came to the top of her head. This situation was not salvation. She had caused such trouble lately that her father would never forgive her. This has made the point with what she has done recently.

She calculated Gaver’s time; There were over two hours yet. It was taking longer than you expected. Going to Gaver’s side, she took his hand, and, bringing the chair closer to the stretcher, she leaned his head on Gaver’s arm and closed his eyes. She was so tired that in the last few days; her eyes were closing, but her effort to keep from sleeping was unbelievable. When her father reached the place she called, she would call him and if she could not reach him, she would involve the police. She would calculate the time her father had to reach that area, sending him a message just before she arrived to tell him that she was fine and that she was on his way home.

Since she set an alarm, she jumped when the alarm went off, fearing. The sleep she dived was so good that she would have spent her whole life in that sleep… Maybe she would have spent her whole life in that sleep… Before her father started looking for him, as she had gathered her attention and immediately planned, she sent a message to her father and wrote that she was on the way home and that there was no problem anymore. She took control of Gaver’s time again. This time, Gaver would have arrived home at the same time as her father, or a minute or two before her father, if she got out of this without any problems and proceeded as planned. This was the most correct way.

She could not afford to make things more difficult. Although she had reasons, she was too far out of line with her family. Knowing that she was a criminal, she began to question conscientiously. Gaver’s last five minutes were left. Like Gaver, Alanis was just frozen without taking her eye off the countdown timer. At the last minute, he didn’t panic as much as Gaver did. He had already made sure that the machine was working correctly by putting her own life at risk. When the last seconds of the time filled, she waited for Gaver to open his eyes. He smiled when he opened his eyes and saw the smiling eyes he was madly in love with. It wouldn’t be a lie if we said they talked with their eyes. They knew so much what each other would say.

You’re not missing any opportunity, do you?

If I missed it, I would never have the opportunity to be with you.

Marry me then…

Alanis was thrilled with the offer because it wasn’t something she expected. She smiled and blushed and her face turned pink.

I can’t marry anyone but you.

So, let me start the process right away. What do you say?

Let’s see. What will time show? After all, you are someone thousands of years older than me. I don’t know if I can always accept this age difference.

They both started laughing after this answer. As their laughter gradually faded, her eyes met again. They told each other a lot, but no one except them heard. Gaver recovered, and Alanis bluntly spoke of the events. Therefore, she explained that she had to return home. Even walking away for a day as though they thought they wouldn’t part anymore was very painful for them. She arrived home, and her father had not arrived yet as she had predicted. On the other hand, while her mother opened the door and followed her daughter to her room; asking questions, getting angry, yelling…

While Alanis was closing her door, she was going to take a shower and that she was fine, that she would then try to listen to them more… She closed her door with many sentences like that. She heard her father’s loud voice as she entered the shower and was seized by the soothing effect of the hot water. If it had happened before, it would have scared him, but her sense of fear had changed after Gaver. For Gaver, this sense, which was so intense as fear, made it so insignificant that in different situations it was now reckless. It could not be said that she was not satisfied with this situation. When she got out of the shower, she saw her father entering his daughter’s room and sitting on her bed waiting for her. She knew her father well, but her facial expression seemed to want to kill his daughter for the first time.

We can no longer handle what you did, both of us and your mother.

Turning into someone who does not hesitate to behave irrationally, who is irresponsible, and does not care about his family. You can never imagine how I tried to hold back in order not to hit you. Just first, you will tell me in detail what happened in your life. I’ll bring the rest when you’re done.

Can we talk later, I’m too tired?

Are you kidding me, disrespectful, rude? What do you think you are, you will learn to live in this house according to my rules or you wouldn’t even want to think about the consequences?

What happens, daddy? Would you erase my memory?

Her father was frozen with the last sentence he heard. He wanted to hear more before deciding what to say.

What’s that supposed to mean?

I thought you could tell?

Can you speak frankly to me?

I think it was pretty obvious. Can you tell me where this sentence is closed?

What do you mean by erasing my memory?

Alanis did not want to put Gaver in danger by giving up saying this and turned the issue.

I constantly searched for something I saw in my dreams and according to the result, I think you erased my memory.

Will you tell me what your bullshit is now?

I was seeing a scene where I was constantly working on a machine, and interestingly, I’ve seen it in my memories for three days, but that’s it. Either I’m experiencing paranoia that I have a medical diagnosis to rule it out, or you’ve done something to my memory?

Enough is that now? I will send you for a long-term treatment tomorrow, I think this is what you need… Both you and we can rest.

I’m sure there are better treatment methods than you.

You… I can’t stand dealing with you anymore. You don’t leave this room until I say so much. you are under chamber confinement indefinitely.

It’s been two years since you started not having such a permit. You have no authority to punish someone over the age of eighteen. The world may remember you, but that doesn’t mean you can pill me.

Her father didn’t know what to say anymore, so he slammed the door out. He locked the door to the room from behind. After Alanis went to sleep.

Alanis realized this when she woke up. She knew that her father was not at home, although she began to knock on the door with anger. But there was not the slightest noise coming from the moment. Since its window was not close to the sill, it could not descend from a height of four meters. Because her family was also thinking about this situation, she removed everything that could help her get out of the window. They also took the communication tools while she was sleeping. She was sure he put it with him while she was sleeping. Gaver must have been expecting news from herself. If he couldn’t reach it, he could come home and ruin everything. Though he knew he shouldn’t have come, Gaver could afford to do anything when he got anxious. More precisely, it was certain that he would do it. Her parents had thought of everything and even left her food while she was sleeping.

They were sure she would never leave the room. Alanis pulled it off somehow, but she felt too tired to even do that. This fatigue was spiritual, not bodily. Although she is sure that she can leave the house; She did not want to act in a way that would fuel the events even more until her father returned from work. Alanis lay in bed all day. She fell asleep, woke up, dived, woke up until the evening. When her father came, she wouldn’t have thought of coming to her daughter’s room; No one knocked or unlocked her door. Apparently; They were waiting for Alanis to go back to sleep at night so that they could quit the other day’s food.

Alanis wrote a short note in a notebook next to it and dragged it from under the door to the other side. She noticed that her father was quietly climbing the stairs. She asked him to see the note. Her father knew that the reason she came was just trying to hear if there was any noise coming from the room. Otherwise, nothing else could have caused her to come out quietly. She wrote the following in the note: if this door is not opened until 23.00 o’clock; I’ll get out of this room myself and you won’t be able to see me again. Her father knew more or less about her daughter’s stubbornness and what she was capable of. Taking this paper he had read and showing it to his wife, he expected an opinion from him.

Could it be bluffing?

Alanis? I don’t think so, I know it isn’t.

How’s that gonna come out?

He can break the door, I don’t know, this is our daughter; I can add everything to the list.

What are you thinking then?

She has to make a noise while trying to get out of the room. If it is up to me to wait until that point and then decide...

She is a woman now, it is not right for us to punish...

As a very good mother, then you follow me and I will be relieved of the worry that our daughter will open up business for us today, will it?

As a matter of fact, we cannot even follow up, we can only keep up with the results of their do-click.

Why did it end up like this?

Why will her father and daughter be the same as your personality at that age...

This is not true.

I can list hundreds of items to prove it to be true, and that’s when we started dating at the beginning of it. I witnessed a lot of events to get to know you.

You mean the balance of nature? Giving you a boy like you?

Yes, I think so…

But you had a flawless youth, I think your contribution should be...

That’s why she’s spending her life in prison right now, if I wasn’t there she would be in prison. This is my difference, my life.

It could be. Still, I am not going to stop protecting my daughter just because I was in that state. Sometimes I can’t figure out whether we protect our daughter or we protect the world from our daughter.

They laughed on this word. They still had not seen the full potential of Alanis. Alanis was then putting a few of her clothes in his backpack just in case. If her family didn’t open the door, she would not leave and return. The window was the right option, therefore, she opened the window and took her head out, calculating and planning its height. Her mother came and opened the door with an offer to speak as a family. She summoned herself to the dining table. She turned, saying we need to talk, and she came down. Alanis followed him after thinking for a while.

Things have been happening lately that none of us are happy with. When we talked to your mother, we thought maybe we were acting wrong. As three adults, we want to talk about our family tonight. We can help you if you tell me where the problem is. If the problem is with us, please tell us, help us with our problem?

I’m too tired to extend the subject, dad. Listen carefully to what I have to understand and do not immediately start criticizing and objecting. I have a boyfriend for a long time. I didn’t tell you. My boyfriend proposed to me and I accepted it. We will not have a period in which you may be more uncomfortable than me.

What are you talking about? You’re too young. What were you talking about marriage?

My daughter, I think you’re crazy, this can’t be a rational human sentence?

As I said, objection and refusal started immediately.

Do you really believe your marriage can take responsibility?

Yes, Dad, did I accomplish responsibilities that you did not even know. I can do that too.

What are the responsibilities we don’t know?

Never mind…

I can’t let go, can you tell us, as your mother and father, we should know too?

Why do you insist that you even don’t like what you hear?

Even if I don’t like it, I would like to know what my daughter has done...

-Okay, I’ll tell you, but first, you should know this: what you need to know when you lock me in my room and try to imprison me by force; it is necessary to make sure that I will not give you such an opportunity again. So; This conversation tonight is the end of living in the same house with you for the last time. Your objection or use of force to refuse will not help, and I’m leaving this house tonight. I said keep quiet… I did not ask if I could go, I informed you that I was going.

You two who believe it’s relevant now! You’ve seen an iota of what you believe you know about me.

I’m Alanis: He is one of only a handful of people left when humanity came to an end with a virus that surrounded the world two years ago… He is one of the people who try to prevent the extinction of the human species by being included in the scientific group when there is nobody left to do scientific work with the virus. You were dead like everyone else… I am smart enough to restore the memory you erased. Yes, daddy, you didn’t hear it wrong. The person I’m going to marry is Gaver… You know, the time traveler when you change your real memories…

It can’t be...

- Keep listening, daddy… Yes, I gave back the real memories of Gaver’s too. Then you have a machine, I just told you the beginning of the events. While that scientific group was desperate against the virus, I was spending time in my room and dreaming of bringing my family back to life. When a couple of scientists found out what I was dealing with, they ignored and ignored me enough to make fun of me. While you were working on this issue, you got infected and died. My mother died ten days before you, too. I had no one anymore. Even the world had nobody left. All of the cities began to blend in with nature and turned into an absurd horror movie. The people who were separated into the colonies were around two thousand people. While everyone was trying to cure the virus, when I examined the mutation process of the virus, I believed that the virus does not belong to this world and should be destroyed before the mutation develops. By sleeping just enough to not die for six months, I spent all of my days finding the time for the virus to come into the world. Finding the spreading change and first occurrence points that I was able to extract after six months, I found that the virus started with an asteroid that fell where Gaver lived more than two thousand years ago. The scientific group that saw that I made the time machine went to great lengths to believe it. We had found time travel, but we could only transfer inanimate objects. We did not even think about striving for the transfer of living things because we had no condition to calculate the results. The human species was about to disappear, and we would have ended humans by destroying them in the slightest mistake. As a result of the joint decision, we tried to find someone smart enough to help us by sending encrypted messages to that period. For this, we have minimized the possibility of causing problems in time by using black holes. We sent many messages and dropped each message in the form of a meteorite. By breaking these stones, we hid the messages on the stone tablet. After sending a total of seven messages, Gaver helped us by deciphering. In a period when the paper was not invented, we messaged Gaver first with a stone tablet, then with paper and a pen. We set a message point, and we couldn’t afford to change that point. I said either to minimize the problem. Anyway; By giving Gaver the necessary instructions and the location of the meteorite, the carrier of the virus, I ensured that the stone was sterilized and cleared of the virus. At that time, the virus did not become mutated and was at the right stage to prevent it from being killed and spreading. When Gaver succeeded in destroying the virus in that time by doing what I said and doing it right, all the damage caused by the virus in the world disappeared and when he had a virus-free history, everyone returned to their time. My mother was in the kitchen and my brother was on the sofa when I arrived. I couldn’t even tell you. Nothing, how I feel, how I am. We planned the results before the virus was destroyed. We created a blind spot with the science group that time change cannot affect, and I stopped at this point with the time machine. According to our agreement, I had to go to inform the science group and convince them about this, as their memories would change. The blind spot was our garage.

Alanis was wiping her tears while she was telling. Her parents were listening to this story without saying a word. It was not yet clear whether they believed it or not.

Gaver was sentenced to death by his kings and searched everywhere for finding and deciphering our tablets. While I was continuing to text with Gaver, I tried to develop the time machine in a way that would allow him to transfer live to save Gaver, but at that time I came and asked you about the problems that could be experienced in his life transfer by telling you it was a discussion topic between us and our friends. I’m sure you remember. We experimented with Gaver on your advice, and I hope God will forgive us, but we had to kill seven chickens. When he finally made the arrangement by taking your advice, Gaver left a field locust at the teleport point. The grasshopper was in good health. When we couldn’t do a human experiment, I couldn’t take Gaver to travel in time.

While I was waiting for his reply when I texted him by writing these, the king’s soldiers had learned his place and were coming towards him to kill. Gaver, who I thought he would reply to the message, started to wait by settling at the teleport point with his dog, as he was sure that he would die anyway. Thinking that I was going to get a message reply, I did the teleport to attract the object at that point, and I found Gaver and his dog in front of me. I was in love when I was not able to touch him, now I am in love. Yes, father, that’s the beginning of everything, and I don’t need to prove what I told you because you kept the time machine and our real memories… But you couldn’t see what those memories were without loading them into your mind. Therefore, he never actually knew about the facts.

YES, NOW; I AM A LOVE THIEF OWNER OF A TIME MACHINE. I STEAL THE GAVER IN TIME. The room stole my heart. We are determined to spend my whole life together. Do not go against this, because even time could not hold us back. We both saved all people, including you. All people owe us life. First, I want you not to think of interfering with us, then surrender your machine when you hide it. It belongs to us and we want to make sure it is destroyed. You will send me a vehicle tomorrow, my suitcase is ready and I will send you a message about the address of our house. I have always loved you and will continue to do so. But accept that; Now your little daughter has grown to save the world. Goodnight…

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