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chapter 16

Chapter 16

Gaver started painting at home. He was trying to relieve stress by painting. He had not been able to reach Alanis and he was very curious. Alanis was afraid that he might get hurt because of him. As he thought about these, he sprinkled the oil paint in his hand with the crowd of thought he fell into, and both clothes and part of the room were very dirty with red paint. Later this situation was not enough to calm him down. He decided to go to Alanis’s house, trying to clean the bo-spring, which was smeared on his hands with a dirty cloth he had taken. He went to get out of the house and put on a new T-shirt. At that time the doorbell rang. Who could it be midnight? thought him. When he opened the door, he saw Alanis in front of him. They both hugged each other without waiting. Neither thought how long they had stood this way. Both had calmed down now. After they calmed down, they retracted their wrapped bodies. His eyes converged.

I’m very worried about you. I was coming to your house now.

We talked about everything with my family. I told you too, and everything that happened...

So how did they react?

Frankly, when I was talking and leaving the house, they fixed it like a robot, they didn’t react.

Is that a good thing?

We will see.

You said I left the house?

Yes, I said at the same time that I accepted the marriage proposal. I tried to warn them not to do anything that would hinder us in the best way.

I told my father to bring the time machine tomorrow. I added what we want to destroy. I think they will choose not to do anything that will interfere with us anymore.

How can you be sure?

I’m not sure, it’s just a feeling. If he sends the time machine tomorrow; then we’ll know that they’ve decided to back off.

Come on, you must be tired in late. I’ll take your luggage.

OK. Do you have something to drink?

Look in the closet, something was going to happen there.


They thought quietly, holding their glasses in their hands, cuddling each other on the sofa. They both chose not to speak. They realized that those who opened their eyes also slept that way. They got up and tried to be ready for whatever might happen during the day. Her father called Alanis. Alanis answered hesitantly. His voice was trembling. She didn’t quite know what to say. When her father spoke, Alanis was relieved that he would not have to take the hassle of continuing this conversation. When Gaver heard the voices of the two of them speaking, he left the room to move to another place so that Alanis could speak comfortably. He was filling coffee in the kitchen. While he was filling the second glass, Alanis entered. Seeing Gaver’s eyes, waiting for an answer, she spoke.

It was my father who called.

I hope there is nothing bad?

He loaded the time machine on the transport and called me to give the address he asked me to send.

Isn’t that a nice thing?

I guess…

What is the problem?

My dad seemed to be talking to a stranger. I was very impressed by this.

I promise everything will be alright. They will also understand this situation.

While Alanis and Gaver were embracing each other in a consolation embrace, Alanis received a message. Alanis was very surprised when he opened the message.

What, what did you see?

My mother invites us both to dinner.

So they decided to give us a chance. Why weren’t you happy, that was something we wanted?

I just don’t know what to think.

Alanis and Gaver went and got the wedding day. A week later they found the day. Therefore, when we say marriage preparation, family visits, preparation for a new life; they could only see each other in the evening for a week.

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