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chapter 17

Chapter 17

Gaver and Alanis went on a tour of the museum. She thought Gaver would enjoy seeing the historical artifacts. She didn’t say what the surprise was until she walked in.

When they entered, Gaver was moving from one historical monument to another, without speaking. He stopped in front of a stone inscription placed in the very center of the museum. He was looking steadfastly. After a while, Alanis managed to attract his attention by shocking Gaver, which he could not bring to himself by calling out, at that time, an official tour was taking place and a group of officials was guided by the museum director.

The inscription you see is a work from thousands of years ago. What makes this work valuable: it is because it is written in an unknown cipher language. Scientists could not decipher this language, including advanced computers. Although many people try to solve the written text, no one can translate even a single letter of this language for now.

At that time, Gaver began to read the text on the inscription aloud. While the group was watching Gaver in shock, Alanis was not much different from them.

There are two types of heroes: 1. who use the sword only for protection; 2. who lived the shame of being adept enough to use the sword well without taking a sword in his hand and regarded it as a shame in the name of humanity.

There are two kinds of evil: 1. who think that war is necessary for peace; 2. Considering both peace and war as an opportunity...

There are two kinds of good:

Committed to helping people; 2. telling people the truth, believing that there is no need to devote to people.

Fear of two kinds of liars: 1. who liar only for his own wife; 2. The second is from the liar who seems to have lied to help the other but also uses the person who trusts him with a lie.

Fear of two kinds of death: 1. to die in torment for what they wronged after living a bad life; 2. dying blind enough to realize that you live a right life in your last breath...

Fear of two kinds of lives: 1. is the awareness of a life wasted from living a huge life you have wasted, 2. is still sitting in place...

Trust two kinds of friends:

Speaks the word we more than the word I; 2. who does not hide his self in his speech “we” ...

Fear two sins: 1. the sin that makes wrongful habit; 2. From the sin of hypocrisy, which changes its identity according to the medium.

Trust two kinds of justice:

Where justice prevails, where the king and the slave are equally tried; 2. The place where those who need to make a legal application for their security have peace of mind after applying.

Avoid two kinds of injustice: 1: from where a slave lives, including the state, who cannot feel safe wherever he goes; 2. just not to be killed; in the place of those who fear and remain silent and continue their slavery.

Take lessons from two kinds of scholars: 1. From those who do not consider him as money while looking at his student; 2. From my scholar who can say that no matter what he learns, I still do not know.

Fall in love with two people: 1. As you look at him; that when he looks at you, you may feel overly precious; 2. Someone who tells you that he loves you and does not try to criticize you and falls in love with your personality.

Do not forget to question yourself in two situations: 1. While you are in the road you are taking; 2. When you are in the life of the personality you are.

Know to be silent in two places: 1. While gossiping about someone else; 2. When he is in an environment where the dumbness of the literary can be contaminated with a few words.

Do not stop showing two mercy: 1. When you encounter other creatures who are treated like they don’t speak the same language as you; 2. When confronted with a person who has been accustomed to feel worthless.

Two kinds of literary disposition: 1. Literary that you will not do this even though you know that it will put the ignorant attacking you with their rhetoric into the ground; 2. The decency where you can show the same humility when you are sure that it is out of the eyes of people.

Never forget two things: 1. Use your mind as much as your emotions, knowing how bad people can be; 2. Stop using prejudice, knowing how good people can be.

Never forget two mistakes: 1. That you were able to learn from those mistakes instead of being stuck with your mistakes because being human can be making mistakes; 2. The mistakes of the thoughts that involuntarily probe in your thoughts that cannot contaminate you unless action is taken.

Never underestimate two behaviors: 1. Not judging by the appearance of what they are looking at; 2. You make it a habit to respect non-human beings.

Postponing learning two things: 1. Learning to love yourself; 2. To learn the importance of learning.

Remember your confidence in two places: confidence that you can overcome the emotional damage that could be inflicted on you when you have to do something; The first name that comes to mind is safe to have your own name...

Don’t ignore the swamp where two people fell: 1. The swamp where the person who believes that he will increase his own value with the richness; 2. The quagmire of the person who evaluates himself according to people’s discourse.

Remember two images: how I look at you with pride when I look at you; 2. The laughter we started to be silly as I tried to say that being your father is worth more than any other value in the world...

Remember me enough to remember that I love you; Don’t forget to forget me enough to upset you.

Reduced by surprise, the curator of the museum smiled with a sneer as if he took it as a joke.

Young man, will you keep this situation going? Or will you remember to return to real life?

Gaver was unaware of his presence enough to hear the man’s contemptuous rhetoric. His distraction continued. A member of the touristic group, who appeared to be an important diplomat in his clothing, approached Gaver and asked if this situation was real.

Why did you think it wasn’t real?

Because you read a text like your native language that could not be solved even by scientists and improved computers.

This is not a language, sir. An encryption method in which someone writes down his advice. Because it is private, it is encrypted. In the old days, someone used to write a letter to him in this way to show his special care.

Still, as you will appreciate, what we have witnessed has a feature that will demolish even the concept of extraordinary. For this reason, it should be perfectly normal for everyone to have a question mark on their mind.

Do you think I really care if you believe me or not?

Is not it?

I wish you all a pleasant trip. Come, Alanis, we’re going...

Alanis had just quietly watched what he had witnessed. As they took a few steps, the elegantly dressed man called out from behind them and asked another question.

Gaver had to answer this loud question posed to him from behind. He thought it would be unfair if he didn’t answer. Turning back, Gaver saw that the pen attached to the handkerchief pocket of the diplomat-looking man’s jacket, regardless of all the glances directed at him, was a special design of the pen, took the man’s hand and wrote a short thing in his palm and came back from the museum. When it came out, everyone was eager to know what was written in the palm of the man’s hand. As the man turned the inside of his written hand towards the group and showed it to everyone; “You apparently forgot to find the person who will be able to decrypt it,” he said, turning to the museum director.

While the museum director tried to explain that this situation did not reflect the truth, the diplomat silenced himself and said: everyone can lie, but I think it is true of someone who can afford to be investigated by giving a concrete name, knowing that the name of the author of this inscription will be searched. Apart from that, as long as you do not have evidence to refute the information given by the young person, that party is right.

The man immediately called his assistant and ordered him to lean over his ear to trace this young man and investigate who he was. He reached out and added to arrange an appointment. A woman in the group; In her fifties, standing out with her dressed-up image of the power of his money, she said to the man: if you think I will lose this young man to you; I suggest you think again. Sir, can we have an urgent meeting with you?

Of course, here you go. Dear guests, enjoy your trip, we will join you as soon as possible. With your permission…

Many knew this woman, but Gaver and Alanis were not in a position to think who the people were at the time. The woman immediately gave an order to the manager, requesting the identity of Gaver and the footage from the entrance records of the museum to be given to her. He bowed his head respectfully in front of the museum director, calling one of the employees whose information was just a short distance away and gave the necessary instructions to join the group’s tour.

Gaver, who came out of the museum, had been so hard on himself that he started to cry loudly at the exit. It took Alanis quite a while to calm him down. When she finally saw that she had calmed down, she turned to Gaver and asked:

Will you tell me what happened? How did you read that article?

Because that inscription was written to me by my father. It was just one of many things he was sure to find me after he died because he knew he was going to die.

I can’t believe how is this possible? Now we encounter another surprise every time I think we can live ordinary lives. This is a magnificent situation actually. Even if you don’t think you will see it again, your father can reach you from anywhere. Great… Well, what were you writing on the man’s hand?

When I asked who wrote the article, I wrote my father’s name in his hand: GURGİ GAVER!

In a word, miracle… Do you think we can be normal?

To be normal, I guess we shouldn’t have found each other abnormally. An extraordinary beginning cannot have ordinary consequences, right?

You’re right, but I’m praying not to be ordinary. What I want is to be extraordinary anyway. I’d rather die than fall into that miserable state of mediocrity.

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