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chapter 18

Chapter 18

Before long, two consecutive calls came to Gaver. They both requested an appointment to see them. Since they did not know who they were looking for and did not think that the people they met in the wand group could be, they kept questioning the reason in their astonishment. The other day, at eleven o’clock, he first went to the world’s largest technology company, NOHOL. Upon entering, the employees who received orders greeted Gaver with respect and accompanied him to take him to the president’s office. Entering the room with a knock on the door, Gaver recognized the woman he saw before but did not react. Even though the woman wanted to introduce herself, Gaver said I know.

You are right, sometimes I forget that I am too medial.

I did not know you because you are media yesterday, you were the person who followed us by standing behind in the museum and when I came to your company, I learned who you are.

Yes true. I hope you do not misjudge my desire to get to know you?

what profile do you think I would misjudge in your mind?

actually, there is no profile. I just didn’t want you to think that I was malicious before expressing ourselves.

You can be sure that I will evaluate your intention after hearing your proposal.

OK, then.

I’m listening to you…

I intend to get to know you and offer you a job to join us.

Why did this request arise, because I could only translate an inscription?

No, we managed to rank among the top ten richest companies in the world, as we know people who will work miracles. I do not believe that I can see any less of a miracle from you either.

You can be sure that I am far from your business sector. So, for which staff did you offer this offer?

We can ask for your opinion by consulting, for example.

Although I appreciate you, I do not believe that we can serve the same world. I am not in favor of serving the money that material power will bring along. I am not who you think I am. I want to think that I love my life more than a slave to money. We both know that I can’t do this here.

You will have the luxury that you will not be captured as you think. You can only come when necessary. If you intend to agree, I am sure that we can work in the order you want.

Can you give an example of a task that could serve as a consultant to me?

Do not consider this situation wrong, Mr. Gaver… Think of giving you examples of our work as a document and just asking you to tell us if you have any suggestions or suggestions. Also, make sure that we don’t necessarily want you to feel obliged to say something.

The justification for a president like you showing such tolerance to someone cannot be as you explained. Can we move on to talk about the facts? There may be only one reason why such a wealthy and successful businesswoman gives such privileges: it is obvious that you are planning something by trying to keep me loyal to you. If we can manage to be transparent instead of deceiving each other, be sure it will be positive.

I made the mistake of underestimating you, right? We are planning to open a unit that will decipher the biological code of humans in the future. I think that when this unit is opened, you may be very useful in breaking the biological code of humans.

Why did you need such a study?

Sorry, everything after that is confidential information. If we agree, you can learn more, however.

Pretty interesting?

Why is that?

You make a job offer that I do not know, and you want me to accept it with confidence. Without my knowledge, there is only the option of relying on you to evaluate back. If I trust and believe in you, will I believe that I will learn the importance of my work and that this will have good consequences for me?

Yes, it can be said that...

Can’t you see you’re missing a detail?

Which detail?

Although you want me to accept it with confidence, you do not give information by trusting me. Doesn’t this seem like a very important contradiction, do you think?

You can be sure that you will be satisfied.

But I’m not sure so I have to apologize and refuse. I would like to get up with your permission.

I’ll give you my card. Think about it for a while. If your decision changes or you want to meet, you can contact me.

Thank you see you.

Thank you too, Mr. Gaver, we do not want to lose you. Please do not forget to evaluate?

Sure… Oh, there was one last thing I wanted to say.

Of course, come on, Gaver?

Apparently, you care a lot about this unit.

Of course.

This was not a question and there was no expectation for an answer. It is obvious that you care about this field, but do not ignore this fact: judging by your absurd notion that you will start with mine as you try to decipher human biology; you made the biggest mistake. A beginning is made from the lowest rung, not the top rung. It is necessary to congratulate your dreams that I will be your experiment mouse. You can be rich, but you are the most obvious example that money does not increase humanity. So when you start at the bottom, I can’t think of a better lab rat than you. Do not come across me again, and look, I advised you as you wish, and you did not have to pay for it.

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