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chapter 19

chapter 19

The wedding day came and went. The day before the wedding day, they destroyed the time machine. They had now decided to leave everything behind. Alanis’s father had prepared a surprise for the children for the wedding ceremony. Using his connections, the wedding would be held in the museum in front of the inscription written by Gaver’s father. This situation affected Gaver very much. There were many different feelings in everybody. Gaver had painted a giant portrait of Alanis as a wedding gift to his wife. This portrait had a size of seven square meters. Alanis was delighted. Before the wedding ceremony began, the couple to marry was in the preparation room. Alanis and Gaver were looking at each other and smiling, waiting for the time to begin the ceremony.

I also have a wedding gift for you. Would you close your eyes?

I don’t think I can handle another surprise, so you’d better say it straight.

No, close your eyes.

Gaver closed his eyes in his seat. He tried to hear what was happening. He just heard Alanis rising from his seat. Alanis was doing something quietly, but that was not something that could be understood by hearing.

Okay, you can open your eyes...

When Gaver slowly opened his eyes, he encountered the full-looking hologram of his own father. He was frozen in shock, not knowing what to do. Tears flowed silently and did not even blink his eyes. Later when I get used to the situation more or less; Alanis’s father came and put his hand on Gaver’s shoulder and said:

Gaver, thinking that I was actually trying to protect my daughter; I realized that I did a lot of wrong things to you before. It cannot be compensated for what I have done, but at least in order to understand how great my request is to make myself amended; I created the hologram of the father and mother from the gene sample. I thought this could be the best wedding gift I could ever give. In the name of regret of the period when I erased them from your memory; I wanted to apologize with their images. That way, your family will always be with you if you had to leave early. While a happy marriage is going on with my daughter; your mother and father will be with you. I apologize again and wish you happy days in your whole life.

I don’t know how to thank you? There is no reason for you to apologize. You are a father and you were trying to protect your daughter. You took my family from me for a short time, but I took your daughter from you for the whole life. So I’m more guilty. So let’s make a deal: forget about these crimes that we both committed and look ahead from now on?

I would love that. I know I could never take your father’s place, but I would love for you to see me as a father too?

I would be very happy that you see me as your son, too?



Come on, I will greet the guests, let me leave you alone, get ready, and come.

Thank you, daddy. You’ve made me very happy…

My dear daughter, we postponed happiness too much; can we always strive to be happy from now on?

Yes, daddy...

Alanis’ father came out kissing her daughter. Alanis and Gaver hugged and talked for a while. Both of them went down to the ceremonial hall to have their own wedding ceremonies, albeit delayed.

When the wedding ceremony began, while the two of them took their oaths, they put one of their hands on Gaver’s father’s inscription and the other hands-on each other’s hands. The rings were carried by Gaver’s wolf-dog. That wolf-dog was Gaver’s only fateful friend. Moreover, he now had a Siberian Husky wife.

When approval comes to the groom so that you can kiss the bride; Gaver said to Alanis while kissing:

- You are a miracle!

No, you; You are a miracle, I; I am the person who performed the miracle. Let’s say you are a few thousand years old; Let’s see who is a miracle, what do you say?

They laughed and hugged. Everyone was very happy. The two of them were going to accomplish a lot of other special things, but they didn’t even know it yet. But for now, everything to be told has been up to here...

This story wouldn’t end here, but this book ended here.

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