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chapter 2

Chapter 2

The young man was so overwhelmed that he left the city for a while, collecting all his belongings in a sack. He only told a close friend of his place of stay and asked him to come to him from time to time and tell him what he had heard.

The place where he went was half a day’s distance from the city, in a cave in the rock his father carved for the tablet. It didn’t hold onto memories, but the points in the memories gave us a sense of security.

The only person left with him from his family; When she left with her grandmother, she covered her face beyond recognition. Although her grandmother thought about what to eat and drink, she began to regard her grandson as the messenger of the god, as she was influenced by the public speeches. When they reached the cave, he made his mastery speak, cut stones, and made the cave’s mouth safe by knitting. At dawn, the young man, who knew how to use arrows, was hunting and trying to collect the edible grass.

He had no time to be lazy, for he also had to work in preparation for the winter. Dry trees were brought in and broken, dried and stored the meat obtained from the hunts, and prepared for the winter by drying fruits and vegetables.

All her grandmother’s worries disappeared when she saw her grandson coming in with her hands full.

He was observing well, and if he saw someone, he was immediately hidden. The cave was not a place to be searched for. Since it had a secret entrance due to its nature, no one knew but his father and himself. When his father, who died a long time ago, left, none other than himself had seen this place.

As he agreed with his friend, when he came, the hummingbird sounded, he went to his friend immediately.

He was curious about the news and wanted to know if the public had calmed down. They were meeting far from the cave. His friend first tried to relieve his fatigue by drinking the water he brought with him, then said, “I have a lot of news for you.”

After your disappearance, the people spread a lot of rumors. The king will not be pleased with this situation, he is looking for you everywhere. His house was broken into. When everything in his house disappears with you, the King thinks he fled, getting what I understand on the tablet.

When even the king could not find you, the whole city has attributed more miracles to you. They keep saying that he was taken to heaven by God. Now when they pray, your name is associated with God.

It didn’t help you escape, you know.

The young thinker caught the attention of his friend.

- What do you intend to do?

- For now, I’ll just keep hiding like this. My request for you is do not tell anyone. I had written a message to the king before, as I expected to experience this situation. Deliver this message to the vizier and tell me that I have given you this message by standing in front of you on the trade route.

The friends, who hugged each other after the normal conversation, said goodbye and put the tablet in his saddlebag, got on his donkey and went away. He told the vizier as it was and was sent to the young man who gave the tablet with ten gold coins and was presented to the king.

Since the king did not know how to read, a person who could read was called and read, and a message was given as follows:

To his precious ruler, his worthless servant of his people; GAVER!

Since the people have recently brought me to a divine level where I am not, I have to leave the city.

I have seen that under the auspices of my king, who is worthy of true praise, when someone is treated this way, with a shyness that I think is disrespectful and rudeness to your person, it is the best way to get away from the city.

Although the legends spread through the rumors have provided unworthy reverence to a simple person like me, I think that only the reverent can be a king.

My fear is the embarrassment that my king thinks me has escaped, although I have seen it right until the people calm down.

My dear king, God is witness that I cannot fit the vulgarity of running away. Since I cannot tolerate a disrespect to which I am glorified where you are, I found it right not to appear for a certain period of time.

If you doubt that I betrayed you, know that I would rather die than betray you.

The family I belong to is a family that is always known as honest and seen as a solution agent in disputes.

My father’s testament to me: it is better to die than to go astray.

- If my king wishes, I will come before him and put my own rope around my neck. If you have a decree; Write on the back of this tablet and give it to the same person, I will find it and follow your command.

- When the king listened, he thought long and hard about what was written.

- Then he asked the person who brought the tablet to be found and brought before him. He looked at the trembling young man and asked how and where he saw it.

- On the way of trade, while waiting for my relative who will come with the convoy, he came up to me and gave me. He must have known me from afar, and we know each other from childhood. He has nobody but an old grandmother. Since he never did anything wrong, I wanted to make his request.

- King, do not be afraid! said. Get my message to him and no one else knows. If it happens, I’ll take your head. Do you understand me?

- I understand, my king, I would be delighted to obey your command. You can be sure that I will do nothing but what you say.

He took the tablet in his hand and took deep breaths from the palace. He was constantly looking back, trying to see if he was being followed. He couldn’t be sure, because every man he saw could be the man of the king.

He made a plan when he got home. Contrary to the way he had to go in the morning, he would go to the trade route and, when he was sure that he was not followed, he would reach his friend by going from the mountains.

He should have taken his father’s horse, and his father was sure he would not give him the horse he hadn’t separated. He went to his father and said that the king has an order, give me your horse, I will bring it back in the evening. His father did not believe, he thought why the great king would need his son. But when the king gave the prize gold he gave him to his father, he asked his father to sell his horse to him. He took the gold from his pouch and gave it to his father. With the two gold he gave, four horses could be bought. His father, too, recovered from the joy that his eyes widened, and sold his horse to his son.

The horse was pitch black, the male was one of the best horses around. It could run non-stop, and it couldn’t be a faster transport animal to its destination.

When he got on his horse, he first reached the trade route in the opposite direction and then reached the desired place by being careful.

When he made the same sound, his friend was terrified. He wasn’t waiting for his friend right away. He watched for a while, making sure that he was not being followed in silence, and he himself appeared and went to his side.

They tied his horse and sat on a rock. He listened without a sound to his friend, who was telling one by one what had happened. Then, seeing that he was handing the tablet to him, he took it and read the back. It was an order that ordered him not to appear until he told him and to earn a living with the gold that was entrusted.

When his friend handed him the pouch full of a hundred gold, he took it unwillingly. He explained everything in detail to his friend. He even told him that he gave ten gold coins for bringing news. When they finished speaking, he wanted to pack up and hit the road. “The king is waiting for news from me,” he said.

Do you have a wish from me? He added. Yes! This job did not make sense to me, be careful, never tell anyone about your sincerity with me. He said, take those gold, take what I want the next time he comes back.

For his grandmother, woolen beds and clothes were what he wanted most. He sent off his friend by adding them to the food so that his body should be stronger.

Although his grandmother did not say anything so that he would not worry, his grandmother could tell by his facial expression whether his grandson was sad or not. He asked over and over but did not get an answer. Unable to bear his insistence, he explained that the king sent him gold, but he was not comfortable.

She said, “Don’t be sad, God has a hand in everything.” The king, if God wills, perishes instantly and mixes with the wind like dust. You have always been kindhearted, God will not stop helping you. You don’t narrow your heart. As God expects faith from us, he observes how much we surrender with that belief. Believing is not enough, one must trust...

His grandson calmed down too… Grandma, can you tell me about my father’s childhood? Said. The conversation continued for a long time. They fell asleep in their beds.

She dreamed and felt a dream so real for the first time.

They were cutting stones with his father. Every time his father cut a stone, he would tell him the same tale and work with a laugh. This time, his father was angry while he and his father were cutting stones with his father on the rocks where the cave was. He was calling, but he was not looking back at himself.

He started to cry about his father’s attitude towards him. His father turned to him when he heard the cry, angry, frowned and disappointed.

Why did you forget the tale I told you?

Remember every detail and don’t forget!

You promised you will never forget. He said get up, get up!

His grandmother was already awake when she shouted, and rushed out of her place and was sorting the fruits her grandson had collected.

When he shouted, his grandmother was also scared and immediately calmed down and brought water to his grandson.

When he said, “My father, my father was asking me to account by shouting”, there was a wetness with sweat.

When she explained everything to her grandmother, her grandmother asked her whether she was acting contrary to her father’s teachings.

-No, when they said I never disobeyed what they said, they both thought of the wisdom of this dream.

It means that everything is hidden in the tale, they said, and the more they try to remember the tale, the more it becomes incomplete. As he remembered, he wrote into the inside of a tree cavity. Since the grandmother had never heard of the story, she could not help. He went out and started wandering. When he got to the point where he and his father cut stones, he remembered the remaining part. Something triggered her memory, she.

Once upon a time, creatures living on other worlds would travel every millennium in search of someone with seven traits. Even if there are those who have some of the seven traits, a person who has all seven was born once in a thousand years.

When he found this person, a Phoenix would come to take him to their world. Nobody would believe that Anka had real virtues without his approval. Anka is reborn from its own ashes once in a thousand years, but since she had gained her full wisdom in her last days before she was born, she had made this quest at the last time.

• What kind of a lively father Phoenix is?

• Phoenix is a miraculous bird with yellow feathers, golden color, the color of your eyes. Only the master of the Phoenix could know his secrets. The master of the Phoenix could not be anyone but the person who could have seven attributes.

He followed the person he was looking for until a certain age and brought him to him when he was ready. Even though he followed invisibly, he would immediately help when needed.

Phoenix said that the seven planets had seven rulers and that there could be a person to guide these seven rulers. Before revealing himself, he sent seven miracles and waited for his master to understand seven miracles.

He would leave every miracle in encrypted form and observe his capacity to understand.

- What are these seven traits, daddy?

- 1. Being very intelligent,

- 2. Honesty never be lost.

- 3. Being extremely compassionate not only to his own kind but to all nature.

-4. Their abilities and skills are ahead of time.

- 5. To be a brave person who never loses his courage, even if he dies at the end.

-6. Having a belief that cannot be broken.

- 7. Last and most important: being a person kneaded with good, who would not even think of evil.

Each of these features is a representation of a planet. These seven planets contain inhabitants with a characteristic. The planet, which has the seventh feature, is the place where Phoenix lives and argues that others do not matter if they are not good. They’re all connected, and if someone gets hurt, they’ll all see the worst possible outcome. Even six do not make a person worthwhile. Birth occurs once in a thousand years, with seven in one person. Phoenix, who travels all seven planets, also visits the earth once in a thousand years. Even though it is ruled with too complex features to be in the seven planets, it checks to see if it is in humans.

In the universe, a cycle takes place every thousand years, in which the most powerful and correct qualities are endowed.

The reason why this person is important to Phoenix is that planets going through a difficult situation can delay their salvation, but they cannot achieve a solution. Phoenix lord is the only remedy for this solution.

Although Phoenix has continued to search for thousands of years without giving up, people born with seven characteristics have lost or lost certain characteristics in the course of their life.

Those who ignore their virtues even once would make a black hole in their souls, and only Phoenix could see this stain.

• With just one mistake?

• It’s not like you think, son. Error is something that is done without asking. Everyone can make mistakes without their help, without realizing it. The important thing is that there is no deliberate mistake. A person who willingly acts against his nature will get this stain. The more right it is to take the wrong way, the more wrong it is to take the right way. Someone who lies for his own benefit loses his lordship, even if he does.

Anyone who lost his feature would cause Phoenix to die. Phoenix does not wait to return to his own world to die, there he immediately burns to ashes, burning and screaming in pain. Even if he did this secretly, people living in that area would have experienced different adversities for a hundred years. Floods, earthquakes, fires, landslides, diseases, plagues… They would have hundreds of curses that I can not name.

Even if the living did not understand, it meant a warning for the recovery of lives that were negative enough to change a virtuous person.

• Well, if death comes, how can a deceased fix himself?

• Death is not the only loss. The truth of death is always on our doorstep. We live without knowing when we will die and when. Can we choose to live right because there is death?

• What difference does it make if the uncorrupted person dies either now or in forty years. Perhaps he is in the recovery phase when he shed tears in regret, which will die even an hour later.

• You may not have a chance to compensate, but the torment of remorse does not have an effect that is taken lightly.

Phoenix was now trying to find friends for itself rather than a master. His master would not die when Phoenix dies, but if his master dies, Phoenix itself would die.

If you pay attention to self-sacrifice, Phoenix, an immortal creature, is perhaps looking for someone to kill him. She bestows a miracle she does not have to share by sharing her immortality with someone. Maybe Phoenix is watching us now, or maybe he has watched and gone before.

Considering these, the tale was complete, but he could not understand what his father meant. He remembered that his father had told him a secret while he was breaking the rock. Running and trying to find it, he fell tired and collapsed at the bottom of a rock, crying. They came when they were very young, and his father covered rock with a mortar and pressed his son’s hand as a sign. When a sparrow turned to his crow, he watched as the sparrow turned over his head and landed on the rock right next to it. He immediately remembered the rock. Yes! It must have been this rock for sure. But no handprint was visible. Though he looked at every spot, cleaning the mossy parts, he could not find it. He remembered what his father had taught, and he rushed to the cave and brought water. The water he filled with earrings was scarce, but he ran, ignoring his grandmother calling out after him, and found the same rock. He poured the water over the rock. He looked at the water-soaked parts. A place caught his attention. The little finger was visible. He immediately rushed to the nearest water source. He didn’t care that he was out of breath. There was a place with blackberry thistle on the slope of the stream. Since the blackberry tree grew green in watery places, when they moved to the cave, they dug under that tree and extracted spring water.

Again, he reached the same rock by filling water from that part and running.

Pouring the water into the right place, his six-year-old handprint appeared. He started to cry with joy. He was only seventeen years old, but he felt like that handprint would bring his father back.

He had to break the rock and look inside, but he had only a few chisels with them as he came. He needed bigger tools to do this job. It should have been a knocker the most. Khorasan mortar would be even harder than the rock’s own structure. The area would be plastered by combining the crushed pieces of rock with certain mixtures. After a while, the plastered area would harden so that it could not be easily broken.

The most logical thing was to wait for his friend now. He did not know when he was coming, or this situation was painful to him the most. He was patient, but he was curious about his father’s secret message to him.

When he returned to the cave, his grandmother was sitting at the hectic doorway waiting. He stood up, what happened, where did you run, something happened to him?

• No, don’t worry yourself, I found the rock that I was dealing with my father, I tried it because it was related to my dream. But I could not break it. When I was coming, I didn’t bring the tools because they were heavy.

Taking a deep breath, her calming grandmother sat down.

-One day you will kill me out of fear. Although, when your father talks about you; no matter what he does, don’t be surprised, I can’t stop myself.

-Did my father say that for me, when did he say it?

-He said just before he died. He said that you were created differently and that you can have different behaviors. Your father himself was different, never mind. Come eat something. You say that he’s gone. What good does it do for me to live more than it should be?

-Do not say so, please. Imagine what I would do without you. How would I do if I was alone?

They both kept silent for a long time. They ate something, but it was passing through their throats, the effort to swallow was too much for the purpose of the meal.

Although the cave stretched forward, it closed that part of the cave as well. How far can one go forward with just one simple illumination anyway. It was closed so beautifully that those who saw it would have thought that the cave was just that big. He couldn’t build a house anyway; It would both attract attention and, until then, the area would be too full of danger that they could not meet the need for shelter in the open. When he made a decision, he would think according to his grandmother, not himself.

His grandmother knew all kinds of herbs and medicines. Her husband was the doctor of the palace. He learned everything because of his wife. He would go to the mountains together to help gather herbs when he was prepared.

He was trying to teach everything to his grandson, and he wanted his grandson to know whatever he knew. Even though his grandson had learned almost everything, the part they could not learn continued to learn by traveling on the mountain and collecting plant insects, with the opportunity of being away from people.

His father taught him not to harm nature except for his need, and he did not go beyond what his father said. Even if it was for medicine, if he had three leaves from a plant he needed, he would never pluck the fourth. He hunted to not die, never taking too much life. In fact, although he refused what he needed as a child, he did not eat meat and cried for the killing of animals, his father was able to convince him after a long time by telling him that it is the law of nature and the necessity of nutrition.

If he behaved as he thought, he said that the animal is alive in its plants as much as the right to life and that they have the same right, and asked how they would live if they did not eat any of them.

His father understood his son’s language and spoke without offending his son. It was an impossible chance to have such a parent in their time.

When he hunted, he hunted only as much as he had to, never cutting anymore. Animals like rabbits or mountain chickens that he had to kill would sit on their heads, cry for a while and apologize, then get up and return to their home. He was only hunting for his grandmother, and he only took a piece or two when his grandmother insisted on eating.

He was standing in the cave mouth and carving stones with the only small chisel in his hand. He heard the sound he was waiting for and wanted to be sure if he would hear it quietly again. Yes, it was the sound he was waiting for. He immediately checked it with caution and ran to him.

After the pleasant conversation, he gave him plenty of gold and asked him to bring stone-crushing materials. He took the materials he brought and took them to the cave. Her grandmother was happy as if she had wings when she saw such needs that not everyone can achieve despite the life of being used to absence. He checked them all, praying and laughing. She set aside what she would use and lined the others to the chest that her grandson had taken. He did it all with enthusiasm, with regularity, and happiness.

The grandson who followed his grandmother was happy that he was happy.

Wealth, money, fame could not make him feel happy. If they gave the palace to his command, he would still choose the cave.

He liked talking to nature more than talking to people. Nature could not betray anyone, but people harbored malice.

He found a crow cub under an oak tree. Her feathers were just starting to grow, but it was obviously thrown out of the nest.

He knew that birds sometimes behaved like this. He carved a wooden cage for the bird and made a nest in it. When he was sure it was warm, he started feeding the bird. She fed five times a day every day.

As the bird grew, white feathers grew instead of black feathers. Obviously, it was thrown out because it was different.

As the days passed, the crow grew and learned to fly. When he started flying, he steadily walked away. When he got too far away to be seen with the naked eye, he was upset involuntarily. Every child who loses his relatives experiences a feeling of abandonment, and again feels abandoned.

He had just turned his back when the crow landed on his shoulder. He started laughing, ignoring the lack of reason for his joy. Kissed bird. He should have been close to those of his own kind, but he had been happy for no reason. He himself was no longer close to their breed.

The bird, which he thought would never return, tasted freedom and made his choice. Even if he decided to go, he knew that he would not be accepted.

If it was accepted, he wouldn’t be here anyway. He was fed by flying during the day, but he was returning to the cave before evening. Sometimes when he returned, he brought shiny stones as a gift. He was a member of the family now. Both had started their own family. It was not necessarily the same species to be a family, separate species had found each other to be family.

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