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chapter 3

Chapter 3

The other day, he went to the mountain to hunt. Whenever he goes hunting; In order not to take life, he deliberately threw the arrow in the wrong place, and his hunting time of a few hours would take the whole day. While wandering so sad, he saw a dying mountain goat. He was both sorry for the goat and was glad that he would not be hunted as the goat was about to die. He studied the goat for a while. Will it live? He thought. As he understood more or less about medicine, when he was convinced that it would definitely die; To put an end to his pain, he dipped the sharp dagger he had made into its heart, praying and leaning into its ear to calm him down.

He had relieved the pain of the goat and gave him peace. Then he sat at his head, trying to calculate his distance from home, wondering whether he could move it or not.

He cleans and relieves his burden on his shoulders to leave his internal organs to wild animals. With the load on his back, he returned to a road he thought was rocky but a shortcut. Although the ground was stony, this road would shorten the distance considerably. The load grew heavier as we continued. In fact, it wasn’t that heavy when he first got it on his back, which means he thought it felt heavier with the same weight, time, and energy expended.

He heard a groaning sound. The groan felt like it belonged to a living creature in pain. He left the goat mercifully on clean rock and turned to the sound. He watched the mother wolf’s wounded baby leave, leaving it in a pit. Although the mother wolf constantly turned and looked back, it continued to slowly move away with sadness. As she went towards the pit she realized that the baby wolf had been hurt by another animal and she had not much time left. At that time, the wolf’s mother was following her, but she did not know this.

He took off the shirt he wore, wrapped the wound of the puppy, put it inside the shirt, and tied it to his shoulder. He saw the mother hiding while carrying the goat. He cut some of the flesh and left it on the rock, while the other was going away, she turned around and looked that the mama wolf carefully carries the flesh towards her nest with her mouth. Smiling, he increased her speed and approached the house. When he did not return for a long time, his grandmother would sit in the mouth of the cave and watch his way. Again, there was the same familiar square.

Big shikar would always make you happier, meaning that long-term fullness is guaranteed. The greatness of the hunt made him happy before his concern for his grandchild was completely erased.

After a little chat and asking about the situation, the meat was cleaned and strung, stretched from tree to tree, they trusted the power of the sun and air to dry. At that time, the way to keep meat was only dried by drying, and no other method was known. Those who lived near the ice cave would hide in the cold and icy depth of the cave and remove it when needed. Although they knew this method of storage, the closest ice cave was two days away from them.

The most logical way is the best known. They would start the drying process, which they know best, and provide foods that they can use without spoiling until the winter.

From the shirt he took off the Baby Wolf, his grandmother cried out with compassion when he saw it, to his grandson who treated the cut and bleeding spot of the wolf; He sent his grandson to the mountain by saying a few plant names.

The collected plant was immediately mixed into a hollow stone, crushed, made an ointment, applied to the wound, and the wound was sutured with a needle. If a wound worm gets on Kurt’s wound, the treatment will be too long and difficult, so the wolf was not strong enough to undergo this process. The other day, when his friend came, he asked his friend to buy a sheep that gave him gold and immediately gave him milk, and for the first time made such an urgent request. After his friend rested the horse for a while, he also got his water drunk and went quickly. It was later in the afternoon that his friend brought the sheep and unwound it from the saddle of the horse tied with a rope. After a little chat, he grabbed the rope that was attached to the neck of the sheep and took it away from behind. When her grandmother was surprised and did not know what to say, she told her grandmother what happened. When the sheep, which was left at the bottom of the wall that it had built by taking it to the back of the cave, did not stop bleating, a variety of herbs were constantly collected and presented to the sheep as food.

They tried to provide the wolf cub with the nutrition needed by milking it, but they did not know how to drink the milk that was milked coarsely to the baby wolf. He immediately carved the inside of a tree a little thicker than his wrist, making it like glass, taking care to make it longer than glass. Then he sharpened the tip of the lower part by looking at the udder of the sheep and pierced it with a skewer, which he heated in the fire. He put the milk on the back of the stopper, which he carved with a measure, and prevented it from spilling, worrying about the hardness of the tip, which he resembles a sheep udder, he made a soft cap with the meat he cut from the goat he hunted and pierced it. The baby wolf immediately began to suck the soft tissue put into its mouth with the unbearable pain of hunger and absorbed all of the milk. Although they both watched the puppy smiling until the milk ran out, someone who was jealous didn’t like it very much. The crow was jealous of the interest in the wolf cub that he was watching by examining, and tried to direct the attention to himself by making sounds and noises that would not be possible.

Unfortunately, too much attention is not given to the spoiled person when anyone is sick. When it realized that it could not find a response, it stopped struggling and watched its enemy for a long time. The puppy, which is fed once again at night, has shown that it is fine by trying to stand upright with its front legs, although it cannot stand up in the morning. The baby wolf was medicated and cuddled every day, with better wounds. After a few days of nursing, it started walking despite his limp back right leg. In fact, even though they said that wild wolves would not be tamed, this pup was startled, hugged, and felt confident at any sound.

When the puppy healed, the wound was closed, and Hewas time to reveal the secret left from his postponed father.

He walked by taking the materials he needed from the cave and preparing the liquid that would soften the area he would break with the mixture his father had taught him. As for the rock, he first poured the liquid into the area and reached into the shade of the adjacent tree to make it more fragile. Licking its face due to its closed eyes, the baby wolf’s saliva suddenly touched his face, frightened, and jumped up. He was surprised to see the puppy. How had it watched to me up here? It couldn’t actually watch, he guessed it was coming with his scent. He was sure that it had escaped unseen to keep from behind him over and over and looked back and checked to see if he was coming. How did he find such a long-distance? He thought a lot, but it all remained as possibilities in the end.

Although the color of his feathers would change, the soft white feathers of this puppy made him very fond. When the male became a puppy, it was named Merin. When he checked the stone and it was understood that it was time for a sledgehammer, he put the wolf behind the tree in order to prevent the baby from splashing the stone and told him to stop and not move in an authoritative voice, and it was silent and obeyed his orders.

When it was curious, it took out its head from the back of the tree and looked after him, pulling it back and hiding. Since the sledgehammer blows frightened its too, it widened its eyes with the sound of that blow when each sledgehammer hit the rock. Twenty minutes later, when the stone began to crack, it was surprised at the rock cavity where it and its mother had taken shelter. It put its owner in the role of God with the mind of animals. When it shattered even the reliable hard rocks they knew, its faith and submission to its owner reached the highest possible level.

This power gave its love and kept the damage it could inflict with his power away from itself and directed only to the enemies. He erased all his fears because of its childhood. It was not afraid at all, while its owner was with him, it did not look at any of them, while it had eyes ready for the order of its owner.

Even his grandmother was not looking back when she called out to the baby wolf, it was just looking into the eyes of the man it saw as its owner. It trapped its eyes in his eyes so that it would be immediately aware if he gave him an instruction. Before waking up in the morning, the wolf cub and the crow would attack each other and learn to fight like a game. Unable to be indifferent to the sound they made, he opened his eyes and watched them for a while. When it saw the owners who suddenly noticed that he was awakening, the puppy was ashamed and unable to return his eyes, which he turned the other way, to his owner, out of embarrassment. The crow was still trying to provoke the cub by pecking and did not care to be watched. Both acted like their own nature.

Although the crow makes the baby wolf very angry, when he admires this patience; Merin come! He lifted his quilt and made room for the wolf to appear. Hearing the sound, Merin immediately ran and entered the lap of its owner. When the crow pretended to go mad, he called him too and made room for the crow, who likes to sleep on his chest by lifting his shirt.

When he called the owner’s first wolf cub, he understood his own value. A few weeks later, while trying to unravel the hidden inscription hidden in the inscribed stone tablet he removed from where he had broken the rock, the baby wolf had reached the strength and health to return to his own world. He put the wolf cub on the saddle bag, which he threw the puppy on his shoulder, and set off, leaving food such as water and bread on the other side.

When it came to the area where its nest is located, it continued to examine the environment where it started to recognize the offspring and could not think that it would leave its owner. Pursuing curiosity towards the scent, it began to wander and bark and howl, not forgetting the owner, whom it constantly turned his back on. At once they surrounded several were wolves and showed that they were snarling and attacking their prey, getting closer every second.

Since there was not enough time to climb the oak tree under which he was sitting, he slowly started to take stones from the ground. At that time, the puppy twisted and challenged all of them by barking, and the magnificent male, the alpha of the herd, immediately introduced itself as it listened to the herd with its large height and a glance.

When the puppy approached, the alpha licked the baby, which he knew from the scent, and tried to keep it away, but the puppy showed the courage not to give its father the right to approach the owner. For a while, although the other members were under eye-catching enough to keep their prey in the circle, the alpha and its puppy were in a conversation with their eyes. At that time, the she-wolf that came running from the right remembered the baby, hugged and licked, and continued to play while lying on its back. Joy was short because they remembered that they were in a more important situation at that time.

When the female wolf approached the young man and showed its gratitude by showing obedience and surrender by tilting its head to the ground, the whole flock went in front of the man in turn and told him that it was in debt until he gave its life.

When he realized that the danger had passed, he got up slowly, fondly caressed and kissed the puppy for the last time, and started walking towards his house. When he looked back and realized that the cub was coming following him, he ordered him to return to the puppy immediately and live with his family. When the puppy returned, the young man started to cry by sitting on a rock when he realized that the wolves were no longer visible, with the view of the mountain from which he passed the other slope. Due to the need and longing for a possible family to exist, he would mourn as if he lost his mother or father when he had to leave his loved ones.

He should delay crying because he shouldn’t have upset his grandmother who was waiting for her. He had decided to wipe his eyes with his arm and stand up; he noticed the wolf pack approaching. When the herd approached, the female wolf that emerged from the rear brought the baby in her mouth and left it in front of the young man. While the young man was surprised and trying to understand, he noticed that the mother with whom he made eye contact gave its child to obey and serve him.

The she-wolf had taken it away from the nest to die at a time when it agreed to give up its baby, but the young had brought it back to the wolf in good health. Now the mother had seen it right to hand it over to someone it was sure would protect its better than itself. When the herd escorted and delivered the cub, the mother looked deeply into the young’s eyes, and tears came out of her eyes. Realizing that they were doing this because of their own beliefs, the young man took the puppy in his arms, caressed each member of the herd, and was able to thank him by kissing. The flock, which was in contact with humans for the first time, felt as if it was drunk with the beauty of tasting that different delight of being loved, and watched from afar until the young reached their home while returning home with the baby they embraced.

The child and young person from whom they learned the place of life now had a relative who would protect them. After a few days, the baby wolf felt something, pricked its ears, and tried to see the danger by moving a little further away from the cave. Since he was too far away to hear the words of his owner to come back, the owner saw the same herd when he came out with his bow. The herd tears apart their prey in their mouths, each of them took a piece, brought a gift to themselves, left them one by one in front of the young person, and retreated. Seeing this situation, the grandmother now firmly believed that her grandson was the messenger of God. When the wolves rested and breathe a little, the young man who brought the bowl of water and presented them to them made their bonds stronger than they were. Knowing that he had to accept the gift, but took one of the pieces and loved the wolves by stroking them, the young man gave the others back to them and thanked them one by one by looking at his eyes. Since it was the first time that the herd had met such a selfless and contentious person, they turned away with admiration.

The puppy is happy and has started to show affection for the owner. Gaver began to strengthen his family by growing them gradually. The first of the warnings that his grandmother always insisted on him is the tiger, not the wolf.

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