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chapter 4

Chapter 4

They could not feel anything else, the tiger, which, in exaggeration, was referred to as a terrible beast by those who saw it living in the area, albeit in small numbers, aroused in everyone who heard it. Even the king could not put such fear into their hearts. For this reason, unarmed and many people would not travel from the mountains unless necessary, they knew that many people had more chance to live. One day, he spreaded to the city with sudden news and told what those who witnessed the power of the tiger, who attacked the animals in the trade caravan, increased the fear that grew every time and turned into a region where people who fled and returned to the city, fearing when they were even out of the houses.

Seeing more tigers than trading was causing them trouble. When the tiger attacked the trade caravan, those who left their goods there and rushed their horse towards the city were more influential. Every visitor would involuntarily add new things to what he saw, under the influence of his imagination, and add what the people told to the legends they heard for the first time. He himself was heroized as the survivor of the tiger, they would praise the person who survived the monster that killed no living creature without giving him a chance.

His grandmother would warn his grandson as she heard these, and when he got away he would look his way, crying. She could not prevent her fears and knew that she had no one else and that the number of days of her whole life would decrease and increase with her grandchild. The suggestion that he sometimes mumbled to himself in a consoling manner was this: you lived what you would live, why are you afraid anymore? You have neither your old strength nor your beauty left. Your black hair shining in the sun has lost its color like a white full moon.

If God grants your grandchild a good life, you will not have anything to do with this world. I would like to see him have a strong and rich fortune and then die. What can I see that I haven’t seen before? I leaned on the end of my road and the end of my time, the road you forcibly stretched out into the abyss, the time you forcibly stretched your head shakes in the city square. God, when you see fit, take my soul with you, I am ready, you make my grandchild ready for being without me...

He was constantly repeating this lately, muttering them unconsciously even when he was contemplating. One day on a mountain slope where he was going to gather grass, he noticed a tiger approaching him. There was nowhere to run, on the tree to come out. At that moment, the herd immediately came and lined up in front of the young man and began to make their most frightening growl. Since the herd had multiplied, their number had reached eleven as the offspring had grown and joined the flock. Even though the tiger was strong, he could not afford to fight a herd and slowly turned back and away without breaking his hoard slowly. Gaver realized that he is constantly guarded and monitored. He felt more confident. She knew she would be afraid, so she didn’t tell her grandmother. This was not his last encounter, but he didn’t know it yet. When he picked up mushrooms emerging from the ground with spring rains in an oak field, he heard a sound like a very heavy object hitting the ground, like the stronger one of the galloping horses in the ground. When he returned, it regretted that the tiger came to himself, running from a distance of two hundred meters. He started running before he got up on the tree, he knew it had claws from what he had seen before, and thinking that he could climb the tree, he started running into the rocky area. He never feels a feeling that he will be afraid for Ken-di, but he is afraid for his grandmother and thinks that while running, his friend will come and find him and take care of him. Even though the rock is high, when he realizes that the tiger has a structure that can climb over it like himself, he turns to the lower part and takes shelter in between the two large rocks. The tiger was already close enough to smash it in a matter of seconds. When he intervened, the tiger moved forward to catch its prey, though it was difficult. When Gaver manages to get out on the other side, the tiger is stuck enough to not move. When he moves away, he sees that the young tiger looking back has not come out and sits down for a while. When he still does not go out, he decides to go and look. Such courage is not a situation that can be easily witnessed in those periods. When he approached with caution but with a firm decision, the tiger roars and startled when he looks inside the rock through the gap, with both the pain he feels and the sense of defense given by his desperation. Yes, situations like he guessed. He wants to help but cannot find an end in which he is not shattered. He returns to the cave. He always left the wolf behind to take care of his grandmother.

When he tries to return for the tiger by gathering the materials, his grandmother asks him where he is going. Unable to lie, he just took supplies, saying he would go to help an animal stuck in the rock. The crow follows him, landing on the trees far and wide. As he approaches the rock, he sees the tiger as the crow flies quietly from above. The crow, which flew back to the cave, tries to tell the wolf that the wolf has already understood that he is in a difficult situation. The wolf begins to howl to inform the pack, and when news of its voice is heard, it continues on his way, sniffing with other howls from afar.

While it thinks that it will not be able to reach in time, the crow flies in front of him, shouting, guiding it. When they approach, they fly silently without a sound, showing the correct way to the exact point. When the herd approaches, they all run and approach Gaver, and the worries and instincts of the wolves immediately alarm. They all knew the danger of the smell they heard, and they were all preparing to die, looking left and right, with a danger that they did not yet know which direction it would come from. When they approached the young man, they barked at the tiger that they saw among the rocks, causing them to act with the instinct of protection. The alpha, who was trying to push away the surprised Gaver by tugging with his teeth, was silent by the voice of the young person who started talking and they started to listen.

He stroked the whole flock and said “okay, it’s okay.” He tried to convince him that he was fine with sentences like I’m fine. Although all the methods that came to his mind seem absurd, the only method that would work was to squeeze a thick branch of the oak tree transversely between the rock with iron chisels more each time, to open the rock to the other side. He squeezed the branch into the best possible spot. The rock was steep but a little thin. It might be possible to widen the gap, but it was very difficult that way. When the hours passed and the sunset was short, the wolves were still waiting without leaving their side, and they were always on the lookout for battle. Each time he hit the branch down with a sledgehammer, right and left, but he could not tell if there was any difference. When the day hides itself behind the mountains; it was still not dark, but not counted in the light.

When the branch was leaning well down, he measured and approached the tiger, checking whether his hand would be squeezed between the tiger and the rock. He could only be saved by coming backwards. The tiger was too stubborn to go back.

It had to come out before it was dark. Even though he had sent his wolf to have his grandmother, he was curious and his worries remained unabated. He went to the front and cast stones to the front so that it would not be squeezed again, and he went to the back and started to pull by the hind legs. The flock, following it with curiosity and fear, was ready to attack at any sudden movement and never looked the other way.

The tiger, who came back with his back foot pulled back again, felt the congestion diminish, and began to backward himself, but by that time Gaver fell on his back with the soil sliding from under his feet, losing contact with his feet. When he tried to stand up, the tiger came out, and they stopped with an eye-to-eye look, ignoring the howling of the wolves and their intimidation. The tiger looked as if it had just risen a little from the ground. He was frozen when he realized that he had seen such a magnificent being for the first time. The Tiger had not felt fear for the first time in a being weaker than him and could not see the fear in his eyes.

The wolf pack howled triumph as the tiger came closer and began to lick its face. Tiger licked the young man for a while, showing his gratitude by closing his eyelids slightly, and ran away. The wolves continued to lick where the tiger had left off.

When he was sure that he was okay by accompanying him to the cave, they returned to their own region. Their new location was chosen close to the cave and was due to a conscious decision.

Sometimes he sees the tiger from afar and realizes that the tiger is looking at him and then turning away. The tiger has no dog instinct and could not stand like a canine was playing with its owner or standing in front of him. He was alone king with proudly kneaded dough, who trusts no one but him and refrained from bringing the ball you threw like dogs.

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