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chapter 5

Chapter 5

As time passed, her grandmother became so sick that she could not get out of bed. Gaver, who took care of him and struggled to get better, knew it was the end for him, but he could not accept it. Her grandmother said to her in a muted voice:

- My time is up. I go to your mom and dad. I’m going to a good place, don’t mourn me. If your dad has kept you a secret message, it’s definitely something important. Until you figure it out, keep trying. If you look through your father’s eyes, you will understand. If he wrote what he wrote in encrypted form, it is because others should not read it. He would never have taken this road if he didn’t believe you would figure it out. Trust yourself as much as he trusts you.

Everybody knows you saw you as a messenger of God. No matter what is right or wrong. So you are a special person. If you were ordinary, nobody would call you a miracle. Not only humans but even animals obey you. Even though courage is unprecedented, your fear of losing someone is quite the opposite.

Don’t tire yourself out… You’ll be healed. I will prepare you drugs.

My dear son, you can’t find a weed from this world to cure my illness. I am going to live my time to go on with God. If I stay longer, I will suffer.

Why do you believe that God will give you goodies? You’re talking, as you’re sure.

I’m sure of course! I have made him live beautifully in my heart, he will not welcome me in a way that I see with ugly and bad deeds. While I always welcome him with a nice welcome to my heart, while I am a helpless servant, does God, with his strength and grandeur, make me bad?

Our hearts are the garbage of this world. It is full of pleasures, ambitions, desires, insatiability… Such useless and worthless garbage. In that junk heart, I imagined God as a magnificent flower blooming in the garbage. God will certainly make me a particle of flowers on the way to heaven paved with beauty. The meaning of the road and tiredness awakened; It expresses something with the beautiful language and beautiful look you meet when you arrive. What makes a road meaningful is as meaningful as the other person’s hospitality. I go to such a landlord that he never turned anyone down. Don’t worry about me. Take care of yourself and do not deviate from your father’s path.

The grandmother inhaled a deep breath and exhaled quietly and slowly. There was no other breath. He cried, shouted, pleaded, but he knew what he had to accept.

He went to a place close to the cave and dug a beautiful deep hole. He went and brought his grandmother, wrapping it with the fabrics she put in the chest, embracing it, and put it in the pit. She looked at her grandmother lying in the pit, diving for a while. The wolf pack gathered and came. Even the tiger came closer and lay down respectfully. He realized how big his family was. Slowly and with prayers, soil threw into the grave. He threw more than he had dug so that the location of the tomb would be obvious. He raised it like a hump and put stones around it. He cut the most beautiful stone he could cut and sewed it to his head. Writing “I am entrusted to God” on it, he finished the day and went to his house after sitting for hours, getting up with aching bones.

Being afraid of sleeping for the first time, he was going to spend a night alone, focusing on his father’s message and trying to decipher. He managed to crack the code. His father was giving him information about fires falling from the sky.

My heaven tree! That’s how his father called him. He felt his self-esteem right down to his deep lungs.

If you’re reading this article, it means I’m not with you anymore. I keep this information for you, thinking that you will not understand that you are a child. Abnormally, in the sky-fire, the rocks began to fall. When I asked the scholars, I heard that they witnessed it for the first time. When I realized that there was a message from within the rocks at a time, I hid whatever I could get. So that you could figure it out, I kept telling you by turning it with a tale that no one knows about. Since the person who opens this place may be someone other than you, their place is hidden in the fairy tale and the password is also hidden in it. I would tell you a story while picking mushrooms with you. Think about that story, you will reach your goal. It will be difficult and tiring, but this difficulty was necessary because no one but you should know. God help you!

He was remembering the material his father told while picking mushrooms:

The two brothers went to pick mushrooms. He took out the big mushrooms and put them in the sack that the little brother threw on his back.

They both shared work and completed their work faster.

One day, the brothers, who were picking mushrooms like this, went into the forest and started collecting oak mushrooms. When they advanced into the forest, they could not find their way back, absent-mindedly.

Having tried many wrong ways, the brothers finally managed to go out into the open space and felt this tiredness for the first time. The older one of the brothers who took a breath for a while said “Anyway, we have come to ourselves a little bit, stretch the sack, have the mushrooms we have collected worth our fatigue? When he opened the sack and looked, he saw that there was only one cork under the pierced sack. He started yelling at his brother saying how could you not notice the mushrooms falling from the hole. Naturally, his brother forgot the mushroom because of the fear of their disappearance. In fact, his brother did not care about mushrooms at that time. Blaming the younger brother for the tiredness and anger of the bad day, the elder brother hit the bull in his hand on his brother’s head. Since the anchor, whose tip is iron, is a tool for hoeing in agricultural work, it is used to deeply remove the root part of the fungus that remains in the soil

When he saw the anchor stuck in his brother’s head, his regret started when he actually lifted it, and he rushed left and right, panicking about what to do. The other brother, who killed his brother in a moment of anger, sits down and begs God, stops...

God, what am I going to do now, how am I going to make up for it, is there a return? As it stops asking for both directions and a request for help.

He prays so sincerely and sincerely; he cannot be ignored by the prayer of God. When he saw the birds bury their dead spouses in the ground, he buries his brother first. He knows that he cannot go home, he cannot even imagine that he will answer his father.

He begs, cries, groans… He constantly asks God to turn himself into a bird, call out to his brother and call his brother as a punishment when he becomes a bird, and sing as a confession of his life each time he searches. His prayer is accepted and God turns it into a hoopoe bird. The brooke bird tries to show the head of his brother, which he lifted up and lowered the anchor, with its feathers rising from his head.

By lamenting in a language that is no longer spoken,

- Ask me, the problem is…

-Who killed your brother? He…

Yes! I, I killed...

-Ask me who washed his body with blood? He,

I, yes I washed it with blood.

-Ask me, ask who buried it? He…

Yes, I was the one who buried it in the ground.

That’s why they say there are beliefs that consider his blood cursed. They say that the blood of hutum does not bring good to anyone and they avoid hunting. Some black spells are made with his blood and his blood has a different feature, they say...

He knew where to go now, and there was an oak grove nearby where the Brooke birds lived. He should have gone there. The only problem was that it was considered too close to the city. When viewed from there, the houses of the city were far enough to be seen.

The passing of the caravan route was considered a separate problem. There was a stream in the middle of the trees, and there were two almond trees on either side of a rock that was an old rock tomb.

The rock tomb was robbed, standing only in the form of carved empty rock. How old nobody knew, nobody could put up an opinion. He and his father had been there several times, and one day when it rained, they took shelter and lit a fire to keep warm. He had to wait for his friend and decide according to him when he would go.

He waited a few days, staring long at the road. When he saw someone approaching with his horse running around, he jumped out of his seat for a moment. He recognized his friend, and he himself rushed towards him, but at horse speed, this meeting was again at a distance from which he had not gone too far.

They hugged and asked how they were. When he found out about his dead grandmother, he was very upset and wished for his condolences.

When the consolation and longing were over, he became serious and asked him about the city and what he had heard.

Since the king was very clever, he did not put a man after him for the first time and expected the messenger to make a mistake by being comfortable. The assassin had watched the two from afar, following the young man who had set out for his friend. The king, who ordered his murder without the people’s knowledge, gradually implemented his plan. He learned that the people had plundered their homes. There was no way he could not be upset; His father had built those walls with his hands. Those who thought that they would be healed and rich by taking a piece to their house even stole the earthen bricks of the house.

The whole city is waiting for the opportunity to rebel against the king. They think the king killed you and believe that the king should pay for it. The visitor to our house is not diminishing, and my father shouts at me and tells me that I am guilty. Because everyone knows our sincerity with you, and the reason for my relaxed behavior is because I know about you. While the visitors who are not missing from the house ask for news from you, the king has spread agents among the people and there are eyes constantly following our house. While my father and mother were afraid of being hanged, the king arrested those who spoke wrong about him in the street and who stirred the public. No more news is received from the people who have been arrested. It is not long before the people start an uprising.

Thinking that he saw a movement, Gaver looked carefully in that direction, and his friend turned to him;

- Did you see something?

- It seemed as if someone was hidden behind the hill, he lifted his head and bowed again...

- There seemed to be a language they agreed on with the crow. He called the crow and whispered in his ear to say something and flew in that direction.

They continued their normal conversations as the crow turned and inspected the whole place.

When the crow came and landed on his shoulder, his owner, without needing to speak, understood what he was seeing out of his anxiety.

- Obviously, someone followed you. You are not safe anymore. Didn’t you be careful while coming?

- Actually, this time, I didn’t care much because there was no follower anyway.

- So what are we gonna do?

- I don’t know, but it never happened at the right time.

- I should definitely go to the brooke region...

- If my fathers do not hear from me, they will scream at me thinking that I have been killed. The people revolt and hundreds of people die in this resistance.

I should definitely let them know.

Okay, I’ll write a letter and you will go to the king and tell him that you got a message from me by telling me where I am. When the assassin tells you the same things, the king won’t trust you and punish you. Tell the exact truth, but even the same rock we sit on.

You should tell him that it should not be different from those who bring news to him. You were probably watched even when you first arrived, that’s why; Start by telling you about our hug, and you say that I have called for a few things I asked of you. If he asks you how I got to you and how I got there when I notify you, tell me that the morning after the full moon, you come to the hill of death, tell me what I said and I gave you four golds in return. Take those gold coins, which we told not to be a lie. I told you to come on this date and gave you gold.

They’ll kill you, you know.

They’ll try to kill anyway, at least you and your family won’t be hurt. Let him think of you as on his side. He believes that when he tells the truth, it doesn’t work for me.

- Tell me where I am, I’m going to go from here tonight anyway. Tie the sheep back to the horse’s back and give a gift to your mother. I don’t need milk anymore. At the very least, you will see a benefit.

They loaded the sheep in a way that it would not fall off its legs.

- Get out now, don’t be late. The news has already reached the king. Come before you make a decision about you.

They hugged tightly as if they would never meet again.

How am I going to reach you?

I’ll get to you, don’t worry.

God help you, if something very unusual happens, I will leave you word under the stone in the root of the almond next to the rock tomb. Take care, stay well...

Deh! He drove his horse in the direction of the city. It quickly disappeared in a short time.

Just in case, he flew the crow, to watch the environment. The crow flew for a long time, something he hadn’t seen when he arrived. His ability to speak to the crow was not like an extraordinary situation in fairy tales, just; the same family members understood the difference in each other’s attitudes, and their language was in the form of a state. But he had noticed before that the crow understood his tone of voice. Even if he spoke in a whisper, he felt in his voice what he had to do. You can’t ask too many requests from a crow anyway. Animals instinctively feel danger. It was notified by a fluttering and loud chirp when negative situations or a bad situation it felt occurred. İt had learned a few commands from his owner as well. It understood simple commands such as flying and coming. When it heard that it had to fly in a whisper, it rose into the air. Although it flew for a long time, it was calm when it arrived. He had already guessed, but he wanted to be sure. Most assassinations are carried out secretly and at night in full moonlight.

The biggest reason is that the darkness of the night covers ugliness, even if it is for the purpose of not leaving an eyewitness. They do not want to place the evil done in their own memories with a clear image. The followers of the dark side seek refuge in darkness the most. When God concealed his presence, we committed hidden crimes, thinking eyes that see as our own eyes. Maybe we thought God wouldn’t see it when nobody saw it. We hid the blood, dirt, and stains on our hands in the nearest running water. Everything we hid was things we suppressed, and what we experienced from openness was just a task to seem ordinary.

Nobody should get into some dirt. A sin like taking a life suffocates you because you cannot feel like old things. You die with that life you take, and you try to spend time playing tricks on your mind, even though you know this most painfully. If someone who is so dark enough to do such a curse on himself desires to take life, he should take his own life so that he has no chance to hurt anyone else.

If someone who fails to become servant tries to become a god, the result is a swamp.

As he knows very well that he should not stay until midnight; He was aware that he had to pack up and go. His departure from the house he had left forcibly saddened him. The cave that had been turned into this house was now his home, but he was forced into exile again. Although he did not make mistakes, he could not understand the pressure people were putting on him. He was both thinking with a sad expression and recovering. He hated anything extra that could have happened.

It didn’t matter if it was the most expensive item. He only took what he needed for the basic necessity. He was about to emigrate from the cave when he looked in the direction he thought he heard the sound. Yes, they were the soldiers of the king whom he knew would come, but this time it means that they could not be patient enough to wait for the night. Surely the king must have wanted to kill himself so much that he had sent his subordinates before sunset.

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