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chapter 6

Chapter 6

An executioner soldier wouldn’t have traveled like that, though. As he approached, their very heated discussions began to be heard more. It was reverberating like an army going to jihad, listening carefully, they argued among themselves and said that they did not want to kill him, while others argued that they also did not want to kill the divine messenger, but that they should obey the king’s order. The person who says you know that we will all be executed; We have families, and isn’t it God’s command to take care of them? said. The rope put on our throat will be put on the throats of all our families, the other said. He continued that they will come after us in a very short time out of hunger.

His sadness grew even more. Life didn’t make much sense anymore. Let them kill me, he thought that if a big city calmed down and peace would be possible. His backpacks fell off his shoulder where they were. He had prepared an accepted end for himself. He did not know how far he was going to resist. He had to stand for ki-min anyway, he was an orphan. There were a bird and a wolf that remained from his family. They were strong and intelligent enough to continue their own lives. A few tears were shed. So my life would end like this. Not every human being ascribes himself to ordinary deaths.

Not out of conscious arrogance, but even the mundane of death doesn’t seem to suit us well. In fact, death may be because we do not fit ourselves. If there was time to say goodbye to my grandmother then I wish I was going to die. The soldiers descending from the opposite hill will arrive here soon. If I could fulfill my father’s will to me, it would be enough for me. My death wouldn’t affect me more than I could care about anymore. I wonder how does it feel to die? Does it hurt a lot or is it beautiful, short, and easy like the scent of a flower? My grandmother sent her soul in peace and beauty. Am I loved by God like her? Will my mother, father, and grandmother meet me at the door? Or are they elsewhere?

In fact, they would only find him in an hour if he hid, but he felt that he was not strong enough to fight. As they drew closer, the sharp swords of the horsemen began to show their presence with a gleam.

So what to do should make things easier for both parties. When you start to go towards the soldiers through the trees, you return to your family by stroking your wolf. Saying that there is no family left here, he gave a command by pointing the direction to go. The wolf did not have much willingness to carry out the command he understood. Especially when it understood the situation, it could not say goodbye to the person it dedicated itself to. it should have devoted its soul to his owner voluntarily now; it was begging his master with a groan to die together. “Wait here,” the owner ordered in a voice. The wolf felt from his inner world a chain that was too strong to defy the order of its owner was being put into his soul. Disobedience to his command might have been by shattering the exploratory-bottom chain of all of its own hidden power, feeling the pain of a wolf to die.

How many times it tried to take a step to go after its owner, it was struck as if it was caught with a whip. The number of soldiers approaching and the smell of malice; by brightening its eyes it gave birth to sparkle in the wolf. It stood up so determined and strong; when it stepped forward, its pain was visible in only one eye with a momentary constriction. Early he discovered its hidden powers, since breaking its chain was for his aid, not betrayal of his owner. Although it could understand when a normal wolf was alpha, it tested itself for another purpose. For its kind, there could not be any other wolf at this age at this power level.

With the first step he howled like that; with a developing and changing tone of voice. The horses stopped with a start. The soldiers examined the surroundings and then mobilized their horses again. Two hundred yards were now left for them to encounter. On the horse’s back, this time corresponded to a minute or so. He walks among the last trees to go out into the open field and decides to sit under the shade of the last oak tree and collapses. He was going to die; the power in his knees did not work independently enough to carry people with the same strength on every road. The sensation affects the legs according to the rate of affection, though rarely; sometimes he had the variability that he could give up his post altogether. Where the importance of purpose is combined with great self-confident resistance; You run around as you fly, but you don’t know your tiredness, your legs carry you trembling as you go to the first date you accepted for your love, which did not notice you for a long time. The truth is that; Whatever impact the road you set out on has on your soul, it continues with the direction it takes.

You are as strong as you feel strong, shaky if you are excited, the death result is a definite evasive mission forever.

Death is an ending that a young person cannot easily welcome. This death has no meaning, and there is no one to sacrifice.

If he knew that he would die so soon, would he have lived such a righteous life? He thought. He bent his lips and replied to himself. There is no promise of a life span in exchange for living right. It is not just because it will benefit you from all the righteous experiences; you do it with empathy and respect. I haven’t lived to be honest for anyone else; They were the lines of the life I wanted to be for myself. If I return to the world a thousand more times I would like to live with the same truths.

Now let’s obey the truth of God… By spelling this sentence out loud, he had begun to stand up, holding on to the last shred of power left and his fingers intervening in the old and deep-lined cavity of the oak tree. He tried to stay like a newborn foal but struggled with his trembling and weak legs.

When he got up completely, he made himself come to life by suggesting himself and saying that if this is the last thing to happen no matter what he does, it must end immediately. Actually, he did not feel fear, whatever he felt as fear; he felt that life was wasted, that his father had not attained the success and position he was sure of and that wasted time that he felt pointless and worthless. He did not even know the level of his courage himself.

When the soldiers noticed him, they approached in silence, confused as to why he did not run away, and looking for the answer in other eyes. They greeted them and said openly that the king had given orders for him. In fact, their speech so softly as if soliciting is because they think of him as the messenger of God.

Gentlemen! Let me make your job easier first. If my end will not change, I am saying so that there is no moment when you feel bad; I am not a messenger of God. Whoever told this lie is a lie. I was thrown into this lie because I said that there is an inscription on a stone that I have examined only on the orders of the king.

Well, did the stone you were examining came from the sky, in a fire?

I did not see it, I only heard where it came from, but my eyes I cannot see do not obey what they hear. I’m not a witness to the falling stone. I obeyed the king’s order and studied the stone as much as my profession.

Another one of them spoke:

I am one of the soldiers who took out that stone, I saw it with my eyes and wrapped it with my hand. I witnessed you coming from the sky.

It could come from the sky, masters. Since God could read any of his apostles, he did not choose. You must have heard that; God chooses the prophets he chooses from those who are generally not educated and shows what he can do when he wants an ordinary person from the people in miracles.

Even if you say it right, we know your praise from your infancy. You may have risen to this glory without training. Those who saw you were always watching with eyes that would kill you.

But I know that I am not doing bad things, at least I remember that I did not do it knowingly and willingly. Why should those who pass by me look at me like that?

You remind people of their sinfulness and show their dirty minds and hearts. Your whiteness makes your black look blacker when they are with you. Black has no other black stance to stand out. But put a black on the side of white, let’s see how imperfections appear in the eyes.

So why aren’t they getting better?

It hasn’t been black already that could fix it At most, it will be a dirty rusty white. It is not possible to change the nature of a person. Can you act other than your nature?

I guess I can’t change… At least I will die peacefully now.


The person who can make this distinction and distinguish between white and black with such skill is too aware of everything to be black. I am glad that the one who killed me was not by the evil tarry black one.

The eyes of the horse scientist got moist. He relieved the other person, but he had put himself in a very difficult position. The silence lasted for a while, but about fifteen seconds.

He got down on his knees. Bowed his neck, Gaver waited forward. When he does not get off the horse, nobody lifts his head;

- Carefully fulfill the orders given to you. Don’t be afraid that I will never be hurt about you. Disobedience to the order is your death. I am ready and my killer is king, not you. You are like a hangman’s ax. The executioner gives orders, the ax goes down to the neck… Nobody calls the ax executioner, they call the one who puts down the order executioner. You are the ax, not the executioner, my executioner is the king. Be comfortable.

Entering the dialogue; pointing with his eyes to the soldier next to him, he said to do what is necessary.

When the hand of the man dismounting clings to the sword and pulls it out of its sheath; as if he himself was dead and resurrected.

The sword was so heavy that it could not lift it to its height. They did not have the strength to lift the sword. The throat-throat warning sound behind him shocked him at the thought of the military trying to recover. While trying to regain strength, the horses began to rush and behave in an uncontrolled and irrational manner.

Soon everyone understood the reason. The pack of wolves emerging from among the trees approached them and began to growl. Surprised by the wolves’ behavior, the group waited long enough to control the horses, and they all embraced their swords.

Horses distance between Gaver and the men; They were about five meters wide as they started and retreated. The wolves came and surrounded the Gaverin and took him under guard in the middle. Gaver got up;

Do not be afraid masters love me, that’s why they want to protect me.

Wolves don’t tame, everyone knows that. He doesn’t adopt anyone like a dog. How did you do that?

Before Gaver could speak, the roar of the tiger was heard through the trees this time. It is not known whether it is possible for horses to remain calm enough to be controlled when they see it. Horses felt the need for an instinctive escape, as well as soldiers who roared and panicked, but horses also felt that their obedience was caught between obeying the commander’s command and the philosophy of an instinctive escape saves lives. When the tiger emerged, he was pulling the horses back through the trees, conscious of his size and the determined strength of his walk. While the soldiers were unsure whether to run or not, they did not understand and wanted to know why a youth like Gaver stood without fear. The eyes of the horses were so wide and wide that you thought they were going to die there for fear. His mercy felt obliged to lift Gaver and stop the tiger so that the horses were no longer afraid.

The tiger had caught up with Gaver, a few meters away. It came to the Gaver’s legs and belly; it circled it twice, rubbing it in movements like the cuddles of the house. Gaver stroked himself and insisted that they go back, but none of them came back. When the tiger was cute, the wolf behind tried to hide the jealousy that Gaver had raised.

The tiger stood, taking a stance as if he was about to get in front of him and attack as a cover. They all knew that if there was the slightest risk of attack, it would shatter. At that time the crow came and landed on his head. In the foreground, there are wild wolves around the tiger and a white crow on the head. There was too much inter-species interdependence to be a normal situation. It was an abnormal situation, but the witnessing of such an experience by a society that could not imagine it left them no other possibility than godly power.

The soldier calls out to the others and calls Gaver; Did you say I am not an ambassador? I think this time the god forgot to inform the messenger by moving his eyes sideways to the sky and pretending to be pointing. Apart from that, everybody knows and hasn’t heard of him.

Check the animals, let’s go back to the city...

Don’t worry, they won’t touch you unless I tell you.

The king will not like this situation but I don’t feel like losing for the first time Victory is different today like everything else.

They turned the same way as they came, and they were running their horses with ease. When they reached the hill, they stopped and glanced curiously.

The path winding through the Gaver trees went off the road, although the trees obstructed the clear view, it was clear when it came across the trees. Gaver was walking home with his family. His house would stay only until he got the things he had collected, but he would take it out immediately.

His family was also migrating by walking with him. The vizier, who opened the door to the great hall, entered, and noticed that the glass of wine that the king shouted and threw was coming under his feet.

The only consolation of the vizier; The person he shouted was not himself.

He approached with respect, but even his reverent bow was not seen, as it was the opposite direction of the side where the king turned and shouted and cursed. He came closer and you came before you could kill? I’ll kill you all instead.

Queen! yell. “Yes,” said my king, a voice behind him. He turned and;

Did you hear these guys?

I just arrived, my king, I haven’t heard.

Tell me, let’s all hear it again, he ordered.

When he spoke with a sarcastic smile, he did not escape the attention of the queen.

Someone who corrected his fearful voice got to the point.

When we went, he approached us instead of running away. Soon after, a herd of wolves came first and circled around him. Then a tiger came and stroked and stroked himself like a cat, getting ahead of him and taking cover ready to attack. Then a white crow came and perched on his head. We swear they all protected themselves like a mother trying to protect her baby.

Did you hear the vizier was in the crow, white?

I heard, my king.

Vizier be ready at sunrise tomorrow! I wonder what fairy tale you will return to me with as many soldiers as you want. He took them out, saying throw them in the dungeon until you got back.

The other day, the vizier rode his horses ahead of thirty-six men behind him to the point where they had determined. No one was happy to do this task, moreover, they were in a pessimistic unease that they could not understand as if they were going to death.

Even though Gaver had set out the day before, he returned to the cave, saying that at least when it got dark, he would go and look for a place to stay. He would decide the other day, but today he was feeling exhausted and did not want to think. He fell asleep too early. He thought that the king would have had at least enough time to plan to send a man and no one would come the next day.

The other day, before the sun reached the top, he heard the voices again. This time they left to come from three different directions and took precautions for the escape situation. The tigers and wolves, who did not go away until they were sure that the negative situation that had occurred yesterday would not happen again, had spread into the cave, but they sent an observer over the cave so that he could control the dangers. As a matter of fact, with the danger alarm that the watching wolf saw before the sound, they all jumped out. Unable to see or hear anything, Gaver checked the surroundings and went over to the wolf on the rock. Looking in the direction he was facing, he could pick an approaching shadow. With his keen eyes, the wolf saw everything he noticed as black as a mosquito. When he realized that the soldiers who came closer and closer were soldiers departing not one but three different directions, he came down from the rock with the wolf.

They were all waiting for their orders, but he would not make a decision that would hurt anyone. We’ll do what we did yesterday! He made the sign saying we are leaving with his hand.

They were going to go on the same flat open area again, but this time Gaver, who did not want to have dialogue, waited for the soldiers to approach with them.

Only he stood exposed for a few yards when the men got close enough to see him easily. It was actually because he wanted to gather in the other direction. As the men approached, they wondered what he was trusting. In fact, he stood with the same courage before the herd or the tiger arrived. This time he had a real family to live with, and obviously, they needed him as much as he needed them.

He was beginning to feel belonging, but this belonging felt real for the first time. It was like he felt when he was with his father.

When the men came close enough to call out, he himself began to walk. She signaled to those behind her that they should sit down with her hand.

- I did not know that I had so much value for the king, this time he sent his vizier, and he sarcastically wanted to emphasize his exaggerations.

- Which country are you at war with after me? I hope there is nobody left to keep the palace, vizier?

- You relax, confidence and comfort are about courage, not the number of things you gather around.

For this reason, I am here with my loved ones, not with my soldiers.

They looked around and even though they checked to see if there was anybody, they took on a fear that they thought would come instantly like lightning at any moment.

Can anyone else see the people you love?

- They only appear when they want their own lives. Something is not destroyed because it does not necessarily appear. Sometimes it hurts the most, although it may not be seen. If one sees, I see it in two, and everybody sees after knowing where and what they are looking at. Just wanting to be seen is enough to see. Someone, that you love has entered your life too?

- It has been as much as everyone else, but what are you trying to say?

- Isn’t love invisible? Is it not only you that you see your invisible love when you tell someone with whom you share your problem that you don’t want me? Does anyone else see this love? Have you been asked questions like?

The vizier mumbled and got angry, not knowing what to say. He shouted, saying that he did not come to take lessons.

The king has an order and said surrender without difficulty.

I am not the one with the difficulties, didn’t the other soldiers tell you?

Nobody believed the tales they told, I am here for my orders, not to listen to stories.

He ordered the two soldiers with their heads and told them to capture him. As soon as the soldiers dismounted, the roaring sound came close, and they all clung to their horses’ guardians in surprise so that they would not escape.

If you are afraid of noise, your women should have come, not you. Saying in a furious tone, he directed his order to the other four soldiers.

The moment the soldiers dared to approach, the crow came and landed on his shoulder, and the Gaver’s soldiers began to come from behind the trees. Some of the horses lost control and began to rush and run. Twenty-eight people remained. When the horses’ instinct of uncontrolled escape increased enough to throw the queen off her back, the queen’s horse instinctively escaped. The vizier pulled the nearest soldier off the horse and ride onto the horse, disregarding the ground.

So is it true? Whatever happens, the order will find its place. Before there are too many men behind each stone that could come out and kill you. Obey the king’s order, drive away from the animals first, then come with us? Said.

The king’s order is for you to kill me. I knew that it was not included in my order to come with you and drive the animals away. Is not it right? He had started to speak sarcastically.

If you want, they can just meet you, vizier sir, what would you say to that?

He just bent over and approached the tiger’s ear. The horses turned back and started galloping.

What he told the King in fear and astonishment immediately spread throughout the city. Now the king had completely lost his glory, his fame, and the people’s faith and respect for him. There was such a situation that even the places belonging to the palace were plundered many times. The soldiers could not resist. When this became the case, the king asked Gaverin to have his friend brought in secretly and take the news to make a deal. According to the treaty, he would not be touched, but he would say that the person who was the messenger was not himself, but that the king was the messenger.

I, embarrassed to lie, wrote that I would like me to make this wrong in front of a crowd where I would lie to the whole city, but I would agree to be executed rather than telling one person, let alone the whole city.

Give me the stone I have examined, and never bring anyone closer to me of your command, let me tell the truth by saying that I am not the public ambassador. If you will be a just ruler to the people, you will declare within the country that there will be no unjust execution or violence, also will ensure that the animals live comfortably in the city, and all street living animals will be cared for by your kingdom. If you accept an agreement like this, your power in management will reach the old level. If you do not want to come to terms, I will come to the city streets with all my animals and walk, increasing the people’s loyalty to me, and forcibly depose you from your throne.

The king with tied hands would have to accept it. It was crazy to hear such a defeat by an immature young man. He ordered the vizier before reaching an agreement: find me the best assassin in the whole country and bring him.

They were mercenaries who could wander in the shadows and disappear like smoke. They brought someone with a few scuff marks on his face. The king looked over and over. The vizier had told him the subject beforehand, and the king only;

- Can you do it? Said.

- It never happened that I could not do it, my king.

He said he would close the open lid of the wine jug on the table set at the very back of the great hall, with a dagger hidden in his arm, without turning it back. Even the king didn’t realize he was there.

Without turning around, he threw the dagger from his side to his back and hit the open lid of the jug, which was floating in the air, and it hit the wall. Of course, the cover was bleeding. The king was impressed and his confidence grew. If you can achieve this, I swear that I will give you a lifetime of gold and land. “Kill him and become among the richest and wealthiest in the country,” he said.

This time the king would be very disappointed. The assassin, who went to the rumored area, said that the Gaverin he went to kill was not there and left the area. It was already a late act of a decision taken. This time, the king spent his days afraid whether Gaver came to the city or would come.

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