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chapter 7

Chapter 7

In fact, in those days, Gaver was very close to the city. He came to the area with the cryptic message his father left for him and wanted to find the next clue or surprise. He believed that the right step could only be the point where he had come since he had thought of every possible implication of the tale his father had told him while picking mushrooms.

Even though his father had mentioned the area, he did not say where to start or what to find. Since the region has only one rock structure, it would be the place where the password was left, so the research would start from that rock. Since it is a very old rock tomb, it would be pointless to look elsewhere for the message of a stonemason father.

Although the inside of the rock tomb was carved only for the hiding of a corpse, it was much shorter than the height of a human. Presumably, the shape of the corpse left bent. This was the historical damage of a destroyed robbery. This is how the grave robbers left the pages of world history blank.

First, he went into the tomb and carefully studied every inch. This time there might not have been a trace he could easily find, like a hand sign. He didn’t know what he was looking for. He thought of his father. At a time when it was raining, the two of them had entered that rock, protected from the rain.

He started thinking about his memory with every detail he could remember. He closed his eyes so that he would not be distracted.

While they were picking mushrooms, they got caught in the rain and took refuge in this rock. Inside the rock, his father showed him the place where the deceased was put and the small niches dug in the wall, explaining the purpose of the opening.

To his father; Why is this grave empty then? He had asked.

He explained that it was empty because the thieves destroyed the valuable items that were left with the dead to steal and destroy them.

- But how do they know if there is a grave in a rock?

- Most of the rock tombs have an offering pit. The relatives of the deceased cut the blood of the animal that he slaughtered for vow in the following periods so that it fills the pit.

They add a thin and small channel through which the blood in the pit, the size of that water bowl, flows to the dead. This channel is carved from the offering pit towards the part where the tomb is covered. They understood that it was a grave from the pitch of the offering, and the direction it was closed, usually from the side of that channel. When the rain stops, we fine-tune the offering pit carved on the rock. The decision to examine the offering pit had been forgotten. As they slept with boring anticipation, they returned home from the way they came after the rain stopped.

He decided to look into the presentation pit. Next to the sinkhole, a moss-green place in the shape of a shield caught his attention. This was normal in the areas that were closed. Where the rock was combined with the Khorasan mortar, moss would grow. It was obviously not enough to be understood, but the skilled person would notice when he looked a little. Whatever his father had been hiding was here. He did not work on the rock so that he could be seen in the daytime. He waited for the darkness to break open that place. During this period, he entered the empty rock tomb and hid. Before long, his eyes fell asleep. It was night when he woke up. Fearing that he would not be able to finish it until the morning, he immediately went out. He began work. First, he poured the mixture he learned from his father.

He waited for a while. In this way, it reduced the strength of the rock structure enough to break. It started to break, but the sound was echoing too much. He had to afford to attract attention, he had no other choice. He moved his hand and decided at one point. He started hitting that point. After a while, he managed to make a hole. It was easier now. He would continue by widening the hole. It started hitting places close to the broken area. In this way the hole grew apart, breaking apart. When he hit the last shot, the day turned into a light moon. He pulled out a tablet wrapped in a skin with his hand inside. He immediately put it in his saddlebag and gathered up and walked away. He walked until the sun came straight to the top. He had to get away from the city as he was getting away. He should have had the opportunity to examine the tablet and think. He collapsed in a nice place. This was the point where easy people would not come or pass.

He was quite tired. He lay down in the shadow for a few minutes. Then he got up and took the tablet out of his pouch. When he opened the leather, he saw that he was writing a text on the leather. It was a gazelle skin. The leather was tanned so that it would not spoil. His father wrote a rather long message in madder.

- My dear son… Forgive me for not telling you about my illness. I hid it from you every day so that you don’t have death anxiety. My illness is progressing. I have no wealth to leave you. I wish I could leave you enough property to have a comfortable life. Unfortunately, like everyone else, I thought death was too far away from me. When I couldn’t leave you anything, I left a son worth a fortune to the world. They will finally realize your worth. I’ve been looking for stones that fall from the sky for a long time. I noticed there were messages hidden in those stones. It seemed to be sent from another world.

- The only thing I was sure of was that they contained very important information. It cannot be for a simple reason that they endured so much effort and insisted on sending them. The tablet in which the skin is wrapped is one of them. I kept four more like this. It is all hidden in the fairy tales I told you. Even though I tried very hard to read it, I could not figure it out. You will notice that each tablet is different in color. There must be a reason for this. Whoever solves this secret will gain absolute power. Remember that the writings of the tablets are encrypted as I taught you. I found a way to read. This method stands where the other stone is hidden. Whatever I can solve, I will tell you in separate stages. You have to keep the stones safe. Now, remember the shouting creek story. Don’t forget your dad… I’ll always be watching you.

He cried for a long time. He missed his father so much, and he felt so lonely. He could not put together the next story because of crying. After a while, he gathered himself up and began to piece together the story.

His father took him to a stream flowing through it. He said that ancient people called this creek a shouting creek.

Why are you shouting?

- A sage who lived very rightly and was far from human weaknesses lived. This wise lived in a cave, only to show the right way to those who came and asked questions. Despite being far from humans, people would always find out and ask what they wanted to know wherever they went. He just came to this stream and got water from here. He wouldn’t go out in any other way. Nobody even knew how he got his food. He does not accept people’s treats and declines modestly. People who were persecuted by a cruel ruler would come, complain and beg for help. So many people came to him in despair that he was very upset about this situation and started to pray. One day he gave the visitors the good news that a year later, at the beginning of autumn, someone will come and save themselves from this persecution.

Of course, this news reached the ears of the whole public in a very short time. Doesn’t everybody hear the cruel ruler? Of course, he heard it too. Thinking he was cursed by the wise, the cruel ruler killed the wise who descended to take water. He thought that if the wise died, the curse would disappear. There was no such thing as a curse. A year later, that area was surrounded by another community. The people surrendered without resistance with the good news given by the sage. The cruel ruler, whose power has been taken away, has fled. The shepherds who came to this stream a few days later found the late ruler dead. The way he died was not that, but the corpse was terribly like a monster. Since that day, people who heard the sounds coming from this stream every night increased. Everyone thinks that the spirit of the wise is still there, and after the sun goes down, they are scared away. They believed that they would be cursed and just like the previous tyrant ruler. They do not go to the creek even during the day, so as not to disturb the spirit of the wise.

That was the fairy tale. So the creek was the next step. The stream was not far from him, but he’s tired state did not feel the strength to go. He lay down for a while and rested. While he was asleep, he awoke to feel uncomfortable. When he opened his eyes, the shadow had diverted as the daylight changed its angle. He was disturbed by the sun hitting directly on his face. He even noticed that when he woke up, sweat had accumulated in his eye sockets. He wanted to escape from such a sultry damp-heat by going into the shade immediately. After a while, the coolness of the breeze and the shadow gave him comfort.

He felt very tired and that was because his struggle was going on very hard. He also had to learn that he had no luxury to give up. Being killed did not give him fear. Lately dying has been feeling like salvation. In his normal life order, he could reveal the secrets on the tablet and finish it in a short time with the curiosity of learning. Now that the people put him in a position he does not want, the messages his father left behind after his death, the deciphering of the messages contained in the messages, the king trying to kill himself, the increase of emotional wars with every hidden message he learned, being alone after the death of his grandmother, not even having a person to enter into dialogue enough to get into trouble. He was going through an unproductive period.

He stood up to the suffocating chaos of his thoughts. He started walking towards the stream. The distance to the stream was not long, but feeling lonely was long exhaustion. The wolf-dog would come in these distracting situations and put his head on his lap. The wolf-dog often watched the change in the emotion of its owner, paying attention to his face. As Gaver saw this supportive devotion of the wolf, he forgot his loneliness a little. As he walked, therefore, the wolf often stopped and turned to his master, watching his facial expression. He did not forget his duty to protect his owner against the dangers by going twenty or thirty meters ahead. They went on like this. He sometimes thought about the names of the herbs on the road route and what its usefulness was when it was used as healing. He didn’t want to forget what he had learned. It was almost impossible for him to forget, but he was not sure of the permanence of anything in his life that he had to experience losing so many times.

He looked for a moment at the white soil of the slope that descended into the stream as he approached the stream. He bent over, took a handful of earth, and continued on his way. As he descended into the stream he tried to feel the flow of the earth pouring slowly between his fingers like an hourglass. He realized that he wanted it not to end as the land in his palm dwindled. He could bend over and grab another handful of the same soil, but it would not be the same as the first handful that fell. When the soil in his palm stopped flowing, he opened his hand and looked inside. Only large grains of soil was left in his hands. He asked himself a question loudly: was it the spilled soil that won, or the little grains of gravel I had left?

Then, with a slight sneer of acceptance, he said: It surely depends on where the land feels to belong.

By the way, he went down to the stream. He didn’t know what he was looking for actually. He walked along the stream, it wasn’t too long anyway. He tried to think of him as his father. Where could he hide it? He got angry with his father for just a second. Then he felt guilt. The compelling reason he had to make it difficult was because of his father’s thought of protecting himself. He knew this, but he wanted to take offense to his father for just one second, as he was feeling run down. He was embarrassed, even if only for a second, that this feeling had visited his heart. He apologized inside. Repeatedly…

He had come to the source of the flowing water in the stream. He listened to the voice reflecting from the point where the water was pouring. He drank water here with his father. He suddenly remembered a piece of his memory. There was an oak tree just ahead, and they sat and rested for a while in its shade. His father had carved something into the oak tree with his dagger. He approached the tree and felt its trunk. His father had carved a ring sign. O ring shape; Although it did not look the same as the tree growing, the tree still bore the scar. His father, who was sure no one would come here, left a more noticeable sign. Looking towards the top of the tree, he noticed that it was empty inside. It was a bucket-like structure. And a chain-link was nailed at the top. Over the years, part of the chain and almost the entire nail had fused with the trunk of the tree. He brought a stone and climbed on it. He wanted to check if the chain had a continuation.

From the top, he put his hand in to see the rest of the chain. Yes, as he thought, the chain was actually hung into the tree. As he tried to pull it up, he realized it was quite heavy. It was obvious that the wrapped object, which he had pulled out by pulling it up with difficulty, was bound to the chain. There were other covers that were wrapped in leather and also wrapped around it. The last few pieces were scattered when the hand was rubbed, as they all became tattered due to wear over time. The leather was pretty strong though. He gently opened the skin. It became to break up in the skin whose structural integrity was broken. It was also damaged while pulling up from the tree’s cavity. He was terrified that the message his father had written into it was erased. It was readable even if it was difficult. Although some words were too distorted to read, he could guess the word from the course of the sentence.

My son… my everything.

Not everyone can leave a mark in life. You are one of those who will leave a mark. I have known this since he was born. You can tell me you are dreaming, but in my whole life I have worked stone, while I was digging what people wanted, I actually worked with people at the same time. Maybe it is a feeling that God gives, my belief that you will be one of the great. You came to the world where you were born, overcoming difficult conditions. For a simple life, God would not have prepared this order. He started to prepare you before you were born, to the position you will reach. The furthest of the arrow comes out of the hardest and strongest shot of the bow. You will be a man of achievements that seem impossible. Even as a child, you justified me in my thinking by your intelligence, your talent, your understanding, which is way ahead of your age. I don’t know if you remember When the grandfather was a doctor, there was an incident that the patient could not understand that the drug was not working.

By analyzing the patient only by observing your grandfather, you realized that the herbs used in the mixture were prepared incorrectly and saved someone from death. That person; he was the heir to the king. We were all looking at it in a conditioned way because we see it as heirs. We couldn’t see that we were flawed to be perfect. You only saw it as a human. You may have noticed that the usual mixture was prepared incorrectly. Moreover, you were only four years old. When the king then wanted to take you under his guardianship, you made up your mind by explaining that he wanted to be with your family. As the king noticed the miracle you had, he wanted you to be brought up in the palace and assigned to important duties. You will still write your fate yourself when you grow up, even at that age, who does not leave your fate in the hands of anyone. Don’t think me vanished, I’ll be with you at any moment. The next place is hidden in the story of the stone woman.

Although the article ended here, it was gaining strength now. It was not because of the great hopes that his father had placed on him, but because he said he would always be with him. The same sentence was in the previous message, but for some reason this time he believed it wholeheartedly. This time the tablet was green. He pressed the stone tablet to my chest and whispered, closing his eyes; God, whatever you planned, raise me about me as soon as possible. Before my faith is lost, whatever my destiny is, meet us. Otherwise, I may lose faith in myself, even if not in you. I want an ordinary simple life from you. A quiet life.

My destiny is more complicated than my father thought. Turns out, when the crown prince I saved his life, he would try to kill me when he became king. The one I help him live is struggling so that I don’t live. I am very lonely for this contradiction.

Why did you find it appropriate to test me with my belief in myself when you were testing every person with faith in you? All beings live with faith. Some to god, some to be god, other to human, another to something else… Even animals live with faith. An owl believes he will see a mouse at nightfall, while the lion lives believing that he will succeed in his hunt by relying on his strength. If I lost faith in myself to fulfill their loved ones, I also lost my strength as I was alone. I don’t know what I am supposed to be, but I know how long I have died. Actually, I am too reluctant to know what to want. What should I do now?

Spending time in the creek was not too dangerous. People wouldn’t come near, they wouldn’t pass near. Of course, not everyone believed in what was told about the stream, but if the possibility of being true was worth it, you cannot remain indifferent to the side you refused. He couldn’t live here, but he didn’t need to be in a hurry. Where could he go anyway?

He suddenly realized that he was hurt by his father. He lived thinking that he belonged to a position he did not believe in. Everything could have been simpler and more common. This was the reason why he could not enter the society to which he belonged. He was exiled, not them again, although he did not own the position they elevated in their own world. The fault of the whole society had buried its own righteousness.

He learned that his father also looked after him like them. Moreover, he learned this at a time when he felt so worthless.

He was waiting for him to perform miracles, both his father and society as a whole.

Even the grandmother’s gaze had changed along with the rumors. It was obvious that when they did not utter, their voice was velvety even when they established dialogue. If he had the ability to correct by magic, would he want this exile or his dumb sufferings? Every father keeps big dreams for his children, but it was also a legacy that his father kept for Gaver. He could not have believed in the beliefs ascribed to him anyway. A wizard with no power could be at most, but then he would be lynched by those who said they had no power and were dishonest.

In an era when belief in God was not taking shape, though the times would not be different, it was not uncommon for them to try to impose a divine power. Idols wanted to see the divine supremacy in which they were embodied in one of their own kind, no matter how various god figures the sun, moon, and sky are. Let us say that someone of their own kind can forgive their sins by empathizing with themselves, someone who is even the worst of evil believes that he is good, or maybe he wants to believe it. He could not resist a concrete miracle that would tell everyone who believed he was good that he was good. Those who represent the god ego with material power can be distinguished. Those who regard the people as low with their power, do not want them other than themselves. This is a threat that makes you think about the possibility. Everyone is the same person, but there are those who think that they are God and the owners of the worthless feeling who end their life in their own hell.

We cannot know any other part of the world, but we can say that there is no God’s messenger in this city. In this city, there was a king who played the role of a god and a young man who had to flee because there was no messenger from the heavens. He might have gained enough strength to make the whole society a slave to him, but he pushed this definition away with the back of his hand.

No one wanted him to love him with such a look, but it was clear that his father was approaching with similar affection. They were people of periods when child psychology was not recognized, and even if it was recognized, it was not cared for. They criticized and condemned anyone who saw his father’s love and tolerance for him and could not understand. Since they did not adopt this situation, he always glared with sarcastic contempt. It can be called the whole city or even the country; The behavior of his most talented master in this way was an experience that could not be interpreted separately. All the children who witnessed this situation were just jealous of a child who had the opportunity to experience the love of a father they could not see.

The scale of his jealousy left him without friends after a while. It was just being excluded. This jealousy turned into a feeling of grudge, feeding on enmity and leaving only one of his peers as a friend. Any peer who could not find fault was only slandering, claiming that he was bad. Even they couldn’t find out why they hated Gaver, who had the chance to get the love they needed in the psychological development process.

They didn’t like him just that much. It was simply the need for emotion that was too suppressed to be accepted for what was its cause. Even if the whole city thought he was crazy, his father would not change his approach to his son. He had made a miraculous boy himself. Where could he find better mastery or art?

There was no limit for his son. Only his son could do anything for him. Hearing the role he played in the treatment of the crown prince, Gaver’s father began to fall ill when the king wanted to be brought up in the palace, and this disease ended in death over the years. Gaver himself refused the king’s request, and his father was not even asked. The thought of this possibility was enough to go to the door of the death journey. All these years, some nights he woke up shouting from this nightmare, seeing that they had taken his son from him. He was so focused on not losing his son that he did not realize that he was losing himself in the process. There was a patient in the healer’s house whose treatment was undergoing. He died thousands of times until the day he died, with his eyes touching his son. He often thought of him growing up and getting married. He could not see it himself. This pain was too mute to be expressed in language. When he grew up, every time an unshakable belief that would not be ordinary touched his mind, he died over and over again, remembering that he could not see it.

He hid what he wanted to say to different places for a while after death to have an adventure together. This time he did not think that his son might not feel the sense of adventure. Adventure does not accept itself without a dame. Someone does not want. The other doesn’t like it. He says there must be two or more to find meaning. Everything in life is habitual. You get as much as your money, you will be respected as much as you show respect, you give what you have taken for a new breath. This way of shopping is everywhere and in everything. Your achievements are up to your struggles. Everything you learn in one challenge increases your chances of getting the reward of the other challenge. Emotion-based expectations are also reciprocated in the way you can show them. The whole thing is a marketing method. The soundness of your decision determines that decision continues.

He might have gathered a little of his strength, but it was still not enough. Something was needed. A magic had to touch. The magic of nature should have touched him. Or it could have been just one sentence he could hear from a person. It’s not an ordinary sentence, of course, but it doesn’t have to be magnificent either. It would be enough if he touched somewhere inside. Even a word we overhear as we pass the road can affect us. It had to be ordinary, so ordinary that it had to seem extraordinary to itself to keep wandering around in his mind. He was about to give up. If he gave up, no sentence from him would work. The right time should be intervened in the health field. Catching up at the right time can save you from death, but when it’s late, you see there is no pulse; neither in body nor in the soul.

Sometimes with body control, you take your pulse from your wrist, the soul does not have a pulse, but you take its pulse with emotion. In this case, Gaver might still be alive physically, but his soul tended to give up. Something must have happened that directed his soul from that side in the direction it should have been. His soul was on the wrong track. There was very little left for him to see death on that road. Therefore, he should have heard a warning.

That sound; “Get up, run as long as you can, if you keep sitting, you will die.” He was aware that maybe he should not sit alone, his soul was exhausted, little by little, and he could not ask for anything. Living was not as important as dying. It was as long as the leaf gave itself to the wind. The old messages of his father might sound good under normal circumstances, but the messages of a ghost father made him feel more emotional at a time when he took the management from his logic to emotion. Moreover, his age was too small for these emotional battles. Maybe he didn’t get enough love to love him. Yes, he was a very loving child by a father, but that father unknowingly loved the pit he would create after him. He was too visible to erase the traces his father left in his life. His father had turned his son into a shed that was devastated by a storm.

It was placed without thinking of the spirit that the storm had ruined again and again with old messages every time. More precisely, he was placed in good faith and an effort was made to show the value he gave to his son years later. You know what they say: “Life is what you go through while you plan.” Life maintains its laws, you live by those laws, but these are not what you planned. Gaver’s father had planned and imagined the outcome he wanted to see, but he was unaware of the variables that could happen after him. Our experiences determine our future reactions. Having lost his father, Gaver felt that he had lost his father over and over again with every message, the moment he was at the most emotional weakness. If you are alone, memories from the past are most sought after. Traces of the past are hidden when they hide. Hidden memories turn to children running around in people’s homes alone. It settles in the rooms. I have seen many of the doors that I have knocked on, and the smell of the past comes from some of the doors. I know the living in the season of loneliness; The person is in a moist, velvety feel texture.

He tries to respond to this familiar kindness of them with a chat, even if the lonely people are on the dock for the duration of the conversation, I also tie my ropes to the dock.

Gaver got up and started walking. A person who does not know where to go will not take much with him, because he cannot calculate the burden he will carry. If the destination is determined precisely, you collect your load according to the conditions of the rate, but when you do not have the chance to decide where to go, you will even consider the burden you will put on your back unnecessary. He was walking, but stopping and resting seemed no longer needed. The tired, heavy invasion of his thoughts had at that time the blindness of perception of the outside world lowered his mind.

The wolf-dog was running in front of him. He noticed that his owner was going somewhere meaningless. This place was climbing into the abyss. Turning, he barked and lifted his front legs to his owner’s chest. Gaver stopped. The concept of time felt lost. He allowed himself to understand where and when. The sun was setting and he needed a place to stay. He had to decide for where he would stay. Finally, after days passed, he decided to return to the cave where he lived with his grandmother. It wasn’t dangerous anymore, the assassin had said it was abandoned. He thought that anyone who knew would go away. Knowing that he could not take the risk, he did not think that they would ever come to that cave again. Besides, it was not a problem for them to come. Surrendering and being killed seemed the best and easiest way to him. He could not find the strength to kill himself, but if someone else did, he would not resist. That’s why he turned to the cavern. Even the night did not stop, there was towards the morning. When he entered the cave, he immediately lay down. Tired, upset, desperate, testator of compulsory duties, his father’s wishes...

The brain sleeps faster in such situations. This time, it had not been a minute for him to fall asleep immediately. Thinking sometimes torments a person. Tired of thinking, a person runs away to sleep a lot. If there is no solution, it will make you forget the problem for a while. In the most energetic period of his youth, he was more exhausted by emotional struggles than bodily struggles. If the soul was exhausted, it was running out of soul.

He started dreaming. His father was sitting with a round stone in his hand. He went over to him. He said I thought you were dead and hugged him tightly. There was sadness in his father’s eyes. When his eyes looked, he understood that his father would go.

You will go, right?

-When I go, will you stay as I left it?

I want to go with you.

You know you can’t come

I can come now. I have no obligation. Is my mother with you too?

They’re all with me. They wanted to come to you, but first I wanted to talk.

Whatever you are going to talk to, let’s go to them immediately.

His father took a few steps away and tossed the stone in his hand. After we dumped it, he listened to hear a sound from where it would fall.

- What happened, daddy?

- I’m trying to hear the voice.

- You see, why are you trying to hear the sound.

- I do not know…

- What’s going on dad?

- Why isn’t my son happening?

- What?

- Everything?

- I guess I don’t want it.

His father hugged him tightly. He turned without a word and started to go.

Although he was not far away from his father, he shouted, but when I reproached him, his voice got louder.

- Dad, are you leaving me?

- Not me, you’re letting go, son.

He was silent, but he awoke with fear from his sleep. He ran to his grandmother’s grave. He threw himself into the grave. Their cries became very intense. “I missed you very much, too,” he said.

When he said, “I wish you stayed with me at least,” his face was completely covered in the soil of the grave. He cried for a long time. She noticed that she was relieved when she calmed down. She got up and went into the cave to make a plan. The disappointment in his father’s eyes seemed more real than a dream.

“Dad, I promise you I will not give up on myself,” he said aloud. His father’s spirit called out as if he could hear it from somewhere. He assembled the tablets and started working. As he worked, he took notes with coal on the inner walls of the cave. Hours later, he realized that the inside of the cave was completely filled with writings. He sat down and asked a loud question to the void: is it possible, is that possible?

He was actually destroying himself with this question he asked without waiting for an answer. To believe or not. Because when you decipher a table-tin, it turns out that someone from the future sends a message.

Although he thought it was not possible, he could not explain the emergence of stones from the sky. He saw with his eyes the tablet that was in the hand of the king. The claim that the person who had enough power to send a message from the sky was from the future also seemed impossible. When he piled the tablets on top of each other, he was stunned by the light of the apprentice reflected on the cave wall. The road was going somewhere, but this map did not have a familiar point. I wonder if he should have tried it with other tablets. He removed the skin that his father had said the next stage from his pouch. Remember the story of the stone woman, her father said.

In fact, it was a place that could be considered close to the almond tree. When they crossed with his father, his father had shown the stone woman. The whole city knew this story. It was a rock on the slope of a stream that looked like a human figure and stood as if there was something in its lap.

According to the story; a woman with a baby in her arms in ancient times wants to take her animals to her village, which is on the other side of the stream. With rain and slippery soil, animals will die with their own baby. Since the herd of animals did not leave their heads so that they would not scatter and disappear, they were caught in heavy rain. There is nowhere to take refuge, even if you look around it. There is neither a rock nor a tree, and whatever can support it will not appear in this rain. He is now afraid not of animals but his own death.

When lightning falls a little further, the fear of life begins. Even if she wraps her baby in her breast and bends over, the water also wets the baby because she is soaked. The wet swaddle of the baby starts to make the baby cry. He prays to God when he has no other choice. He deals, but he negotiates. God be a bridge. Just as I and the animals will cross the bridge comfortably, end this rain. If you do these, I will immediately sacrifice the fattest sheep in the herd when I cross.

Until the rain stops in seconds and sees the bridge standing in front of him, it is not a prayer that will be accepted for him.

He is astonished when he sees it, but his happiness increases when he regroups himself and guides the herd to the bridge. When the herd crossed, she herself must keep her promise to the god, but when she saw a flea from the animals jumping on her baby’s swaddle, she immediately caught it and squeezed it to death with her nails. He held out the dead flea between his two fingers upward laughing and said, “Here, my animal I sacrificed to you,” and exceeded the limit of respect. After just a few seconds, the woman turned to stone. There is almost no one who does not know this tale. Therefore, in the tale his father told, he reached out and waited for the morning to go to the ground. When the wolf came and snuggled beside him, he patted the wolf-dog and spoke. Even the wolf felt reunited with its master. This was the owner he knew, and he constantly caressed it.

Before sunrise, when the darkness diminished, he set off. As the day dawned, the white crow came and landed on his arm when he turned around with the sound of the crow. He loved his crow for a while saying “say” we will continue, three of us from now on “. As we continue walking, there is a fact that the three of us are separated from those of our own kind. It could not be a coincidence that he went to the cave and found a baby crow and a baby wolf. We are all injured children and we are supposed to be family. They did not accept all three of us. I don’t understand why being different bothers everyone. Even the crow was thrown out of the nest due to its white feathers, even when the feathers were not yet removed. The wounded wolf was left to die. Her mother, who probably had to see her die, said she couldn’t bear the pain. Though when he recovered, he was left to me. Because one of us is white, the other is injured, and I don’t even have a family to exclude. Destiny made plans weird enough to compare the three of us.

Moreover, I do not think that even fate can explain my recent experiences. He was very hungry but did not want to look for something to eat. It had been a long time that he hadn’t had a full meal. The wolf and the crow could instinctively feed. At that time he gave up trying to feed the wolf he saw with a rabbit in his mouth. If he could find the tablet, he remembered that there was a river nearby. He could catch fish from the river, but he had to do his father’s wish first.

When the stone came to the woman, he could not find a sign. He tried very hard but was saddened as if he was losing. When he turned to the wolf-dog he realized that the dog was focusing on one point. Did you see something? When he stroked his head, he bent down to his side, but the wolf focused on somewhere without being distracted, as if it had no owner. As he was surprised by this situation of the wolf, something suddenly occurred to his mind, and immediately got up and went to the stone woman. He wondered what was where the woman was looking. The woman had a height lined with stones on a rock. At that time, he was devoted to god by raising the stones collected from the environment like a tower. Although the stone woman was actually in human shape, her face was definitely not a stone with a prominent baby.

He actually went to the point he thought he was just looking at from the standpoint. This was something his father could do because all the inhabitants of the surrounding areas could have kept them in, believing that destroying these human-sized towers would mean blasphemy. He threw the raised stones down one by one. Its width was like the width where two people joined their arms. The trunk of a very old and thick tree might be a more accurate analogy. It took about half an hour to scatter the stones. But he was right again, leaving a space in the middle of the bottom stones and hiding it there. Who knows, it took months for his father to make all the signs. He did not want to read his father’s message there.

He wanted to do it by paying attention and due value, and he put it on fire. They crossed the river and drank water. He was frightened by the sound of falling into the water as he bent over and drank water. He didn’t understand what had happened when it happened suddenly. When the wolf came out of the water with the fish in its mouth, he understood what had happened. His heart was starting to pound more than usual. He crouched where he was. The wolf brought the fish, released it in front of its owner, and attention was paid to his eyes for approval. This might have been the thing he’s been enjoying the most lately. He was so weak and exhausted that he had not been able to eat a hearty meal for a long time, and it was too fast. His emotions made him forget his body. He took the fabric out of his saddlebag, wrapped the fish, and put it in the saddlebag.

The wolf tried to see again, moving slowly from the water’s edge to bring more than he had learned that the stuff that had been put in the bag was necessary. The wolf had caught seven fish in less than the time to search for the Gaverin tablet. The saddlebag was full. It was the tastiest of trout. Moreover, they were quite large. Beer realized that he wanted to go to the cave first and cook it He did not like the disturbance of hunger, but when the soul is repaired a little, the bodily needs begin to raise their voices.

He bent down and said to the wolf with the crow: what do you think, should we race? Neither of them understood normally, but when they saw their owner who started running, the crow from the air and the wolf jumped from the land in the same direction. It’s unfair, Gaver, who stops and gasps tired as they both pass Gaver, but as long as one of you is a hunter and the other is winged, I can’t win this race. “He tried to say with his breath, which he was trying to take deeply. After a while, they turned around and both showed insolent glances. Gaver stood upright and said, “Don’t be spoiled, you were just lucky,” and continued walking. Knowing his limits but all was well in his stance.

When they progressed a little more, he said “I carry fish, if it is easy, you run with this load”. He was joking with his family. The crow shouted over his shoulder several times. “Well okay congratulations don’t shout in my ear,” he said. Of course, the crow was making an instinctive voice, but when Gaver turned it into the conversation, it reduced the discomfort of loneliness. Finally, they had come to the cave. He had gathered some herbs during the journey, knowing all kinds of plants. There was no obstacle to cooking the fish while he had cleaned the fish and continued his wolf hunt by the river. He brought in a stone he had carved for his grandmother earlier. It was like a mortar.

It was pretty big. He had ventilated his ceiling by opening a hole in the cave and turned it into a hearth for his grandmother. He put the stone pot on the stove. He lit a fire and placed the fish with the plants he had gathered. He added the other materials he wanted and covered a flat stone like a lid. The smell released by the steam increased his impatience. When it was cooked, he ate as much as he hadn’t eaten for a long time. Of course, the wolf also attended the feast. After this feast, it was time to work.

He opened his pouch where he put his father’s message and began to read the message written on the skin wrapped in a new tablet.

My handsome son...

This is my last message to you. I will always be watching you but this messaging end here too. Therefore, I have a lot to tell you. Although I do not know how many messages received with meteors, I bought the last message I could reach in the market. They did not know that it was falling from the sky, only the stonemasons found it while looking for a solid stone structure. When it broke, this stone came out of it. Since they did not have gold or silver, they could not sell them dearly. Except for this tablet, I removed all of them myself. People all over the country, who thought I was the best master of the profession, called me when the meteorite fell and believed that they could get the most accurate information from me.

Those who saw the tablets were already approaching us in order to get the most accurate value of the stone tablets, as they thought it would only be useful for scribes. That’s why I got a total of four. They have a secret written as I taught you. It is encrypted in such a way that it cannot be revealed in any light other than the light for which it was written. Since you won’t be able to detect the light, put it in water and shine the light into the water. Even though I found that the article appeared in this way, it was written in a language I do not know. I think this is encrypted in many languages other than a single language.

Since I don’t have time to solve this part, I leave it to you. I was competent enough to reveal all the secrets of the stone, but even if I had time for the script code, I would not be able to figure it out. I only figured out how to read the text, and the rest will be enlightened by your talent. Do not think this is simple, son, something that is insistently sent a message from the sky cannot be simple. I guess all the stones have to do with each other. I don’t know what it is, but the fact that they are of different colors and that there are lines other than the text made us think that they were parts of a whole. I went on a two-month journey with a trade caravan I had participated in before. We met another caravan in the accommodation area and spent the night chatting. It was a trading caravan in which a pirate man joined for the first time. According to this pirate, they found a stone in the rock falling from the sky. He explained that a tablet that had been kept in hand for years melted after ten years and lost its shape.

Be careful about this, all the stone tablets I have kept for you can also change. I am not sure if it is absolutely correct, but the message may have been made to protect confidentiality as I think about it.

I know that with this information I have given you, you will think like a will. It is only up to you whether to work with this password or not. I just quit because I believe it matters. Erase it, you want to, continue if you want. You are someone who can know the best. Your father has always been proud of you and will always continue to hear…

Gaver cried for a while. As his father said, he studied all the stone tablets in turn, dropping them into water. What his father said; It was true that it was not the same language, because he had already found that the writing was written in encryption using five languages. He even drew a tablet into his own language. He put the two tablets on top of each other and shed the light of the kindling behind him. He saw a picture of a woman reflected on the wall of stones. Obviously, the person who sent the message had processed how she looked so that the people she sent would believe it. When the irregular shapes on both stones were brought together, they turned into a young woman’s painting. He stared for a long time, unable to take his eyes off the woman reflected on the cave wall. She was amazed by her beauty. He was also admired for art, as he could not be in such a skill in his time.

How can a master have enough divine talent to process this picture? He was thinking. I wish I could be their apprentice, he wished from his heart. In fact, the biggest wish that passed through his heart was to see the woman reflected on the wall of the cave alive. It would only be the secret of your heart, it would never say. He was fascinated by a woman whose name he did not know and could not be completely sure it was real. His tongue wouldn’t know about it because it was wrong.

The wolf-dog howled in surprise when he saw the picture. With what kind of art could painting be worked so wonderfully miraculously? That is to say, the owner of this message was one of a developed civilization-intention far ahead of us. This is something far ahead of time.

What was written on the stone in the hands of the king? Perhaps he was the most important. He had found that they all had the same writing on one side, but different shapes were made on the other. So it was the message itself that mattered, but apart from the places it translated, there were places that looked confused. If he translated those parts as well, the entire message would be revealed.

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