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chapter 8

Chapter 8

For three days he studied stones and writing. Finally, the whole message was over. The full message was as follows:

Hello… Even though it is hard to believe, we are sending you this message from 2104, the future. As there will be new developments in the future, it will be possible to make time travel. For now, at least we can send objects between different times, but it doesn’t seem possible for living things for now.

During this period, a virus that developed and got stronger brought human life to the level of extinction. It had to live in such a time that humanity had to suffer billions of deaths. Even if scientific studies were conducted to combat the virus, we could not find a method that could kill the virus. Regardless, we focused on where the virus came from, as we were not able to destroy the virus. As a result of thousands of researches, we have determined that the virus came from space with a meteorite. The meteorite carrying the virus will not cause a fatal danger in your period, but the chance to destroy the virus will only be had in your period.

The reason why this message is written in ciphers is our belief that a person who has the intelligence to overcome the difficulty of the cipher can help us. Even the visibility of the message has been hidden for this reason. If you believe you will not be able to succeed, convey this information to the person doing scientific work during your period. Of course, if you have succeeded in reading, then you have sufficient skills and intelligence for this task. We wanted to increase the chances of the message being found by sending a total of seven tablets. Since we thought it started from your region, we have delivered the message to you. Exactly after the harvest season is over, there will be a lunar eclipse, the night of this lunar eclipse, the meteorite carrying the virus will fall to the region where you live.

The virus will disappear if you pour this falling stone through the hole you opened with the method we will give you. If the stone has more than one piece, you will pierce them all in the same way and pour the mixture into the hole.

Be careful not to break the stone. Because the virus will spread faster. With a secret mapping technique behind the stone tablets, you will find a shortcut communication point with us. If you can crack the last password, which is quite difficult, it means that you will be able to save the lives of billions of people.

Obviously, black holes were used to avoid time travel problems. If they could send it normally, there would be huge problems over time. If you wanted to communicate with the year 20104, thousands of years ago, this would be the most logical way, because, with the development of technology, it would have no chance.

If you want to communicate there by going to the past, you should communicate according to the living conditions of that period. When communicating with a thousand years ago, it would be wrong to show a detail from today’s technology. When they see the phone, they can worship it as a god. If you take pictures with the camera, they may believe you are trapping their souls in the machine. They may even call the person a soul thief. It is not difficult to predict that he will probably be executed in a very short time.

Any technological device sent to that period on its own terms could be seen as a god. History progresses with accumulation. It always prepares the ground for the next.

Telegraphs, handset phones, home phones, and cell phones are the basis. Everyone would be shocked if they had a direct cell phone, so you have to be very careful. The slightest negligence can cause breakage in time. Everything turns into an unrecoverable error.

It falls in the form of a meteorite like a normal event and the communication is done in this way because the writings are still engraved on stone tablets. Even though they thought of all kinds of remedies, this was the most logical way they had. Whether the world was destroyed or not was entirely dependent on this.

Moreover, if this method worked, anyone who died of this disease would live. Or they would get the flu for which they had a chance to cure.

It happens to change the time too much and even turn it upside down, but this was necessary so that the human species could continue to live.

There were so many dead people that they would all be resurrected again, but since it was a recent situation, this would be where time was damaged.

When Gaver got up in the morning, he still could not get over the shock of last night. Because when there were billions of people to be rescued, he was angry with himself for taking this responsibility. Even a little bit to his father.

It seemed a little, if not a little, broken because he gave this obligation to him. When he remembered that he hadn’t actually given it, he immediately turned to his own corner. His father had given him a choice. Just take care of your fun, without feeling obliged to be your dad. He knew about his son, but even for the fun of it, he felt obliged to take it to the end and finish that job. The most incredible thing was that they had seen a woman from 2104. She was still distracted in a way she could not get out of her mind. When he was distracted, he focused and dreamed about the woman, but whatever was happening, you have to stay away from that woman all over the world. He was embarrassed for a moment, as well as enough to get under the ground.

The possibility that the woman who touched her heart had touched another heart was enough for her to be doubled with embarrassment. Love was clean and beautiful at that time, dirty glances do not fall on someone else’s wife enough to see.

Can you think of the miracle that occurs when the hearts are clean? We are in a time when everybody wants more than necessary but nobody can get it. It is not on the goods that can be obtained by himself, but on the goods that are still in my hands. He wants to spill more than what he has. First, he makes his own halal property forbidden, however, what good will my little possessions be for you? Do they listen, as if they are trying to buy the goods that they focus on? For many years I have had time to see the effect of money on human nature.

Billions of works have been produced showing that love has also been changed. Artworks had to be exhibited.

I always look at everyone with the same value as if I have taken on everyone’s sins without compensation for a problem. There are a lot of people waiting for me to step outside of this thought. Now I think I will always be up, even if it is a love of duty. Even the years of trying to express himself felt happy as if they were all over now. He was excited and enthusiastic as if he could understand the name in that photo right away, without even having to speak.

He was always held on to what was too hard to reach. I said nobody has the courage to wear the impossible mask. Would it be possible one day to transfer life and see that woman alive? The remedy for every problem was hidden, then, too… Black plague will now have a period, in the smallpox virus… Every problem will be able to produce its own remedy and other states will have to come to our door and seek treatment. Maybe they would have helped them, especially with this black plague. He decided to ask them if he got the chance to ask at the earliest opportunity.

The difficult process that continued after the tablets were resolved would soon be over. We are the ones who helped it finish. What will happen when this disease is over and the new disease begins? After all, the world is waiting for its own order. Progress is no better, is it both for time travel and a trick of time itself?

Speak as if it is no longer a situation that others hide, let me explain...

I think he should decide whether to analyze as much as I heard first. Whoever has the power to make this decision. I know it is not a problem, we think the last stages, but it is really a very important signature.

The world’s living creature was on the verge of extinction, and the remaining few people began to live in colonies. Although it had been exactly two years since this virus, no one was even close to finding a cure. Finally, a handful of researchers who remained, realizing that the virus could not be destroyed, thought the solution was to eradicate it by going back. Although time travel started a short while ago, it was not possible to teleport living beings yet. Inanimate objects could travel through time without damage. For this reason, while human travel is not yet possible, and when it is impossible to go to the future in time travel, they found the only solution to send a message to the past. Since it would be inconvenient to send a technological device to an era when there was no paper, a message would be sent in the form of stone tablets of that period.

In the same period, the virus, which was housed in a meteorite that fell to the earth, mutated for centuries and did this without realizing it, bringing the end of humanity. Alanis, who took part in the science group, was also to destroy the virus that recently killed his father. His father could come back to life if they could take care of this virus at some point in the past. Although they sent quite a lot of messages until today, they had not been able to get a positive result. The fact that the message was written and sent in encrypted form and engraved on hard materials was because they did not want to cause different problems over time. This was because the stone-hard material melted and disappeared after a while.

If the message could not be deciphered, it was to prevent it from causing problems by transferring it to later times. In fact, the wish of the science group was to be received by someone who did scientific studies at the time when the message was sent, but they had not received any results until today. If someone was smart enough to decipher the code, he could easily destroy the non-earthly virus hosted by the meteorite by following the instructions. Some of the most recent messages contained an instruction in the content: If you understand the nature of this message, if you believe that you can help the future of humanity, you can climb the highest mountain in your region, once ruled by the Komagene Kingdom, and leave your message on the lion statue. Since we think we will receive your message from that point and it will not attract attention, it has been decided that this is the most appropriate place.

They had processed the image of a person so that they could be seen with light reflection on several of the messages. The purpose of this is to provide the emotional side of the event by increasing the feeling of empathy.

For this purpose, they decided that it would be the most appropriate to process the image of Alanis. This was also to prevent the person who could crack the code from attributing a divine meaning to the event. Gaver, who collected the tablets under very difficult conditions, completed deciphering the codes and was amazed by the image of Alanis reflected on the cave wall.

Gaver, who had felt nothing but sadness for a long time, began to experience a different emotion. Unfortunately, the person he admired lived thousands of years later. He connected the night to the morning, dreaming in this way. He cut off some of the tablets whose message was processed immediately after sunrise and erased the previous writings. Then he carefully touched his own message on the tablet. It took more than twelve hours to finish because he understood the importance of the event very well and wanted to ask questions without skipping. Okay, after convincing it was, he wrapped it in his saddlebag and threw it on his shoulder. His path was long. It took half a day to get to the path of the mountain mentioned in the message on a horse.

It might take longer to get out after reaching the mountain road. He was also traveling on foot. After a long walk, he came across a village. He wanted to cover his face before entering the village to prevent the king’s men from getting to know him or the villagers from reporting. The village consisted of forty or fifty households. There was a shopkeeper in the village who made sales. He went there and bought something to eat. Peasant shopkeepers studied him for a long time.

Where do you come from, Where do you go young man?

I was called from a distant place, I go there. Is there anyone in this village who can sell their horse to me?

Follow this road, there is a blacksmith on the road. He gives the horse. You cannot find another.

Good work for you.

Good luck, young man.

Gaver, walking along the road, turned to that side when he heard the sounds of hammers. When he left, the man was trying to fix his curvature by hammering the horseshoe. Occasionally he would look up in the air, closing one eye and checking whether he had improved the way he wanted.

May God make your fortune clear, sir.

Have a good arrival, young man, welcome?

They said I need an urgent horse for sale, you can find it for me.

I don’t have it, but there is a strong horse in the neighbor, but it demands a lot of money. The horse always comes up with its suitors because it is the best in this region and does not give to anyone less than sixteen.

You call him.

Sit down, breathe, let me call out a little bit.

He sat down on a tree stump. The blacksmith’s voice was coming. Apparently, the horse was sending the owner’s child to summon his father.

The man came and sat down.

Wait will come now. He was at home.

OK thanks.

Who are you, where are you? Not everyone goes this way.

I come from the city, I have to take news somewhere far away.

The news must be important or no one will waste this effort?

It is so, yes, let’s go with the best.

Look, here’s the neighbor. My neighbor needed a horse to this young man urgently, aspire to yours; talk if you want.

Welcome young man,

Welcome, sir. I need a horse, what do you think you have it?

The horse I have is expensive, you cannot buy it, it is a very noble horse.

What do you want, horse?

I’d like ten gold, it’s worth it.

Bring it all right, so I’ll have your money ready.

If I’m ready now, then. I will come soon.

It was actually quite a lot more than a normal horse, but he had to take it. He could not finish this journey on foot. When the horse came and counted the gold into the man’s hand, the man’s eyes seemed to jump out of place. He took on an excited attitude with happiness. A peasant person could not earn this money in ten years. Therefore, he had the chance of his life. Getting on a horse, Gaver set off. Even though it was expensive, it was as good as the horse said. He was very healthy and strong. Such quality was not easily available even in their own cities.

He rode the horse and led it to the mountain. The horse did not look tired at all. He climbed to the top of the mountain, found the lion statue, and left the message on it.

The locals he met from the area had not neglected to warn him not to go that direction.

According to their beliefs, lightning struck this mountain frequently and killed people.

Waited and waited, no message received. He could not afford to quit because anyone could come and take it.

There was nothing to do, he had to spend the night here, but at night it must have been turning freezing cold. Therefore, he could not sleep here in the morning. He waited until it was dark and the air got cold. Now that he was unbearable, he was about to get on his horse and ride down, when suddenly there was a burst of light that illuminated the whole place. When he turned and looked back, the message was not there.

Since they checked whether there was a message, it means that the local people were afraid of this light explosion as lightning. He circled the statue to make sure the message had been retrieved, making sure the tablet was gone. The tablet was gone, but since the answer was no longer in the form of a meteorite it would come from here, he thought about the time the message came.

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