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chapter 9

Chapter 9

Alanis was waiting desperately in front of the time machine and just doing the procedure, confident that he wouldn’t come.

When he suddenly saw the tablet, he pressed the emergency button and gathered everyone there. When the others arrived he was still in shock. Not everyone thought of taking the tablet and reading the message, even though they saw it. It was even more impossible for them to come than miraculous. Finally, Alanis took the tablet to have it read to artificial intelligence and translate it. Everyone gathered around the computer, but it was no longer a normal computer in use. He made an improvement in the appearance of real people and showing what is desired with his eyes with a hologram. Everyone seemed to swallow their tongue when he reflected the translation of the message in their own language.


I translated your message. It’s hard to understand your concern, but I share it. Since my father had stored and stored your tablets for years, I received them after he died. Unfortunately, I couldn’t translate all of them because I witnessed a few melting. Since not all of the tablets were in our hands, I was only able to flip the tablets. One of the others was in the king of the period, I do not know who the others had. If you give me a detailed description of whatever I have to do, I will do whatever I can. I could not quite understand your message that a stone falling from the sky is spreading disease.I had not seen the stones contain disease until today. I am a healer and stonemason so it will be easier if you give your instructions according to my profession. I do not know from which year you sent a message, but there was no unknown disease spread during this period. If you write in detail where the meteorite is, it will be easier for me to get to the area.I would also ask you to explain the method of eradication of the disease in a detailed explanation. I can imagine that the period I live in is very different from your time. In this period, I will not have a second chance, as there are societies who believe that a stone falling from the sky contains a message from God. I have only one chance, and if I do not take that chance, there may not be a chance to approach the stone again. Since I have to prepare everything beforehand and go to the region, you need to explain the recipe without skipping any details. I don’t want to do anything wrong and if I take a wrong step, the chances of my execution are very high. It is about me that has been ordered to be arrested now because of one of your tablets. For this reason, if I get caught, I will not be able to help you again, nor can I help myself. May God be with you.

As they repeated the message several times, they all hugged each other with joy and started shouting. As they leaped with joy, AI was asking a question. Only for the third time, they could hear it in its repetition. They all became silent.

The image is ready, show it?

An image?

Yes, yes project the image.

When he turned the image into a hologram, Gaver’s picture came out. The operation had been done so skillfully and realistically that the Gaver was alive as if he was there.

No, this is impossible anymore.

This can not be

How could he have done this at that time?

Whoever has made this an art that cannot even be done with technology.

Unfortunately, he would have a name that never made history. Even the artists; had to have the chance to keep their art and above all himself alive. Not everyone had the same conditions. Not everyone lived the same important life. Some lived with the chance to paint a picture of kings, while others tried to live by order to be captured and killed by kings.

Who knows what values had vanished?

Now there had to be a reply to the message. As an answer; First of all, we do not know how to thank. The meteorite from which the disease spread has not yet fallen during your time. Therefore, we will write down the date and place of the meteorite’s fall to earth. We will give you a recipe that you can easily destroy with a mixture you can prepare from materials that you can easily obtain in your own time.

If you prepare it as we explained, you will be able to destroy it without any problems. You can destroy the virus by pouring the mixture on the meteorite. You can guarantee it by pouring it into its holes in the meteorite.

After spreading the wine with high alcohol content all over the rock, you should plaster the surrounding with mud, then you should cover the environment and prevent them from breaking the rock. We are now in 2104. One thousand people are left out of billions of people. We suffer new losses every day. Since this virus will not be harmful to humans in your period, it does not cause a common plague. Since the virus has changed and reached this period, it has reached a destructive effect at this time. If you prevent the stone from breaking, it will disappear over time. We wrote the information of the place where the meteorite fell and indicated it on the map. The only task that will remain after this is what you will do. We expect what you have accomplished with a message the day after you do the tasks.

What time should we set the message, sir?

Set it two minutes after Gaver left the message.

The message came in a flash of light again, two minutes after Gaverin had sent it. He was very surprised, he wondered how they could respond to this situation so early, but then he thought that it was normal that they could adjust this as well as they could reach the past.

He took the message and decided to descend from the mountain and set off immediately, otherwise, it would freeze. He recovered a little after he got downstairs.

This time they had the first message from each other and now they knew from whom to get help. This time, he had to wait for the meteorite and go to the place where he fell and solve this job. The information of the place where the meteorite fell was written in the new message. After reading the message, he calculated that there were two days before the stone fell. Therefore, he would go near the place where the stone fell and spend his days there. He went to the area and settled down. He tied the horse to a grassy area. He didn’t need to worry about his nutritional needs because he was buying something to eat. The period of anxiety had begun again. But in case he got stuck in his mind, just in case, he got his horse ready and went to the town below and took the best alcoholic drinks with cubes and bound the horse.

He took the big cubes loaded on the horse to the area where the meteorite would fall and dropped them directly onto a soft soil. Since the mouths of the cubes were closed, it just made it stronger. Later, he brought the branches he collected from the trees and hid the cubes just in case. He was thankful that he could sterilize the meteorite, which is not very large, as described. Another day passed, dealing with the cubes. Later, as the time decreased, he continued to feel more anxious. As time passed, the day came when the meteorite would fall. Unfortunately, it would fall again at night time. He waited and waited but never fell. He fell asleep while waiting like this. His eyes were closed where he leaned against the rock. At that time, he could not notice the meteorite falling from the sky in flames. There was a town close to him, even though it was quite far from his own city. It was two hours away, if not very close.

Therefore, he wouldn’t have much time. He had to do everything in a short time. When the meteorite came close, the red color of the flame-lit air was reflected on Gaver’s face for a few seconds.

Gaver still hadn’t woken up. When he was quite tired, he fell asleep deeply. Suddenly the meteorite fell and jumped to the feet when the earthquake hit. It had fallen a hundred and fifty meters away. It opened a very deep place in the ground. He immediately got up and started running. There was not much damage in the environment, but he checked the rock that had been stuck in the ground. He carried the cubes and lowered them into the pit where the stone was located. Because the cubes were large, he dragged them in the ground and lowered the stone. The stone was still pretty hot. He was steaming as he poured the wine. Still, he spread it all over, for guarantee. When he went to bring the other cube, he brought his horse and tied it to the stone with a strong rope, turning the stone and soaking it all over with alcohol. The stone also should not have been broken. Because it was broken, the virus spread. For this reason, he tried to close the pit opened by the stone as much as he could by throwing soil for hours. By the dawn of the day he was quite tired. Someone could come at any moment. For this reason, he pulled the horse with the big shovel he had attached to the back of the horse he had made and continued spreading it into the pit a few more times, and immediately walked away from the area.

He observed it from afar, and, as he had guessed, a group of townspeople came to check the area. They wanted to see what had fallen. For this reason, although they wandered around the area for quite a long time, they could not notice it because Gaver covered him. The rock itself was not very big anyway, but tonight it would close the little space again. The incoming group wandered around and left.

Gaver fell asleep like that. He must have gone unconscious with exhaustion. Whatever he did, he could not stop himself. He dreamed of his father when he fell asleep; his father kept quite a distance from him. He didn’t understand why. That way he woke up from sleep. He immediately checked the area. There was no one in the area, but when he fell asleep, could anyone have come?

He was very curious and very stressed because of this situation. If anyone had come, countless people would die because of him. That’s why he was very scared. When it was dark he got on his horse and quickly rode to that area.

He took a deep breath when he left. Nobody opened it. He brought the rest to the level around him, flattened, and walked away in peace. He had previously taken away wine cubes and broke them into a stream. He did not leave any evidence in the environment. Okay, when it happened, everything gradually got a night of peaceful and comfortable sleep.

When he got up towards the morning, he wrote everything with a pen on the paper they sent and placed it in the protection container, and set off towards Nemrut Mountain.

If he succeeded in doing these, people would not die and the process would continue under natural conditions. Everyone would forget what happened. For this reason, they designed a small area with a time machine that would not be affected by this process. Only one person would remember this process by entering this field. For this reason, the machine was moved to a pre-existing place, namely the garage of Alanis’s house. When the machine provided constant protection between dimensions, Alanis entered that area and waited. Other employees were watching him in their protected clothes. After a while, when Gaver looked at the solution of the stone, Alanis looked; The whole team gradually faded away. In the normal course of time, they went wherever they were, and in a different process, their eyes opened and their memories took place that way. When Alanis had enough time, he left the protection area and shut down the machine. When he got out scared and saw the cars coming and passing through the street, he began to cry with joy. Because his father, who died with the virus, meaning that he was also alive.

Before that, his mother and brother must have also come back to life. When she ran into the house, her mother and brother were in the kitchen. Both were shocked when they hugged them. When his brother questioned the reason for this unstable behavior by insulting him as usual, he was just happy with what he had gone through without being taken off. When her mother asked about what clothes she was wearing and what was happening, she immediately rushed to the garage, saying that she was just working and that she wanted a hug because they were in her life. He took off the suit and began to think about how he would explain this time machine to his family. When his father came he would see him and he had to find something. In addition, they had sent a message to them and Alinas with their own video recordings of the science group, explaining the situation. After this process, Alanis had to find them and have them watch them, creating unconvincing memories of this process.

But Alanis was in no hurry to immediately inform about this process. He wanted to see Gaver’s future message first. After persuading his father to eliminate his worries. He went to the machine and set the time and date and entered the coordinates and wanted to receive Gaver’s message. At that time, the electricity of the neighborhood went back and forth for a short time with the excessive electricity drawn by the machine. The message had arrived and read it excitedly.

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