Paper Mâché and Candy

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The candy of the Cult

Mystery / Horror
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Paper Mâché and Candy

I was in a dark room and I could feel motion. I didn’t know where I was going, and at the time I didn’t know what was going to happen. All I knew was that no one they took came back.

The motion stopped. A giant door behind me opened, and there she was. A tall woman with dark hair picked me up and carried me away into a building. In the building, there were seating places, and many altars with weird sculptures on them. The walls were covered with unusual art formations.

The woman put me down on an altar that was larger than the others, in a room filled with sharp metal tools that screamed of violence. I waited there for hours. Eventually, more of them started to show up. Then I knew the ceremony had begun.

They started talking in their own incomprehensible language. I noticed each of them had a box. Each box had a different design of combinations of colors, lines, swirls, and unrecognizable characters. I assumed the characters rituals scribed in their language. They started bringing the boxes over to the altar that I was on. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by boxes.

Once all of them had arrived, they surrounded the altar I was on. Suddenly, the lights went dark and the woman was carrying a flaming object. They all began chanting as she approached the altar. She placed it on the altar. I thought I would meet my destiny, I was going to be sacrificed into the flame. However, I was lucky, the flame went out and the lights came back on.

The woman then moved me and the boxes onto another altar in a different room and left us there. Shortly, they all came into the room I was in. They all sat on the floor around the altar. The woman took one of the boxes and placed it in front of one of them, a young boy. Then he ripped off the outside decorations, gave the woman the decorations, and placed the box to his left. Then the woman took another box, gave it to him and he did the same. He ripped off the decorations and placed the box to the left. They repeated this until I was the only thing left on the table.

Now it was my turn. I thought he would rip off my skin. The woman walked over to the altar. She picked me up so I could see the entire room. I had only just noticed the rope hanging from the ceiling with a loop perfectly molded to fit my body. She tied me to the rope and left me hanging there with the coarse rope biting into my flesh, leaving scars.

They all stepped back, except for one. He wore a mask over his eyes and held a thin wooden bat. He walked towards me, then stopped, turned around a couple times, and stepped up to me. I knew this would be the end of me. He reared the bat, preparing to crush my body. Then, he swung. He struck me on my left side. I didn’t have time to think about the pain before another one of them put on his own mask, spun and hit me on the right. This cycle repeated and repeated, the pain repeated and repeated. The psychopaths enjoyed my suffering, they yelled and cheered with every impact.

Strike upon strike, I began to wither away. Eventually, my insides started falling to the ground. They screamed and ran under me, collecting pieces of my guts, some even ate them in front of me. Everything started to go dark as they all collectively hit me with bats yelling and screaming, “Smash the piñata! Kill it, kill it!”. I felt myself fade away, into an eternal slumber.

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