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Grace had a hard time growing up so when Harvey came along and showed her the little love she was never given, she accepted it. Little did she know, everything Harvey made her believe in was nothing but a lie. Much like how her mother made her believe she didn't deserve any love. After the tragedy and being labelled as an embarrassment and a failure by everyone around her, she decides to take her revenge and becomes an expert programmer but was everything she believed in even true? What would happen once she realizes Harvey was a robot and something bigger controlled him? That force is the root of everything and Grace must face it with everything she got.

Mystery / Romance
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I am Grace and I wasn’t always dumb like everyone says but my surroundings did make me one. Sitting in front of my computer, I now realize where it all went wrong, to be specific, how I became an embarrassment to everyone who knew me.

Tears form as memories flood in. My father was known for making rash decisions, he’d hit me out of anger, he’d scream to the top of his lungs, he pretty much made our house a living hell for me and my mom. I used to love him a lot. I used to believe in him but over the years, I started to put on a cold face in front of him because what’s the use of destroying your mental health for a person who couldn’t care less?

My mom must have been the head of a non-profit organization in her previous life because no matter what he did, she always sucked it up and made me show respect to him, and then it came to a point where she started making me believe I was like him. Was she taking out her frustration? I don’t know. Okay, mom, I know I was born from both of your blood but you can’t pin that on me. Her making me believe in that shitty thing deprived me of the possibility of me being my own person. It made me believe I was the person I was not and that is why growing up, I started believing I don’t deserve any kind of love. People around me will soon end up hating me because I’m like my father because people ended up leaving him too.

That is precisely why when Harvey came along, I believed in everything. I believed in his love. I believed I could be different. I disallowed myself to even think I could deserve more. Why? Because me finding someone like him was more than enough. I believed in him when he told me he’d make me his forever. I believed him when he said I was the only one. I believed in him and believing in him made me a failure. Sure it was all rainbows and candies in the beginning but what happened next did not only change me but everyone around. It did not only made me an embarrassment; it made me a failure.

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