Cyber Chaos

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Charlie-the boy who got cyber bullied by the most popular couple Arianna & Jake. His best friend tried his best to help stand up to them but it was getting too hard, out of know where........

Mystery / Thriller
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.Charlie - The boy who is getting cyber bullied
.Jackson - Charlie's best friend
.Arizona - Charlie's girlfriend
.Arianna - Bully No1
.Jake - Bully No2

Jake and Arianna are high-school lovers, very popular too, Charlie and Jackson do not know who they are as there is nobody in there school or year that goes by there names.
They only know this because Jackson's Mom is the principal of there school.

Charlie and Jackson became best friends in year 6, there last year of primary school,
Where Charlie started to receive messages on Instagram about how ugly he is and how he needs to change his looks, but he did not know who they were.
Charlie just let it happen because he thought it was a sick prank.

Charlie and Arizonna became a couple in year 7 and have been together since, but Arizonna had to move up north towards the end of year 8. They are both still in very strong contact and are now seeing eachother every 2 weeks.
Both of there parents don't appreciate or like that there together because both families were brought up to be the best Christians they can be.

At this time no one yet knows what is happening.
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