Cyber Chaos

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Loves young dream

Charlie was running late on his first day of middle school,
As he got close to his first class of the day, he run into this beautiful young girl who was in his year, she had the most stunning big blue eyes with long wavy hair held back with a little blue ribbon.
Charlie proceeded to apologise and he noticed that this girls cheeks were flushed with embarrassment
"After you" he gestured to the young girl as they both proceeded to there lesson.

As Charlie and this girl were walking down the corridor, Charlie realised that he never got the girls name
"Sorry, excuse me" said Charlie
"Yes, what's wrong, did I drop something" replied the girl
"No no you did not drop anything, but I never got your name" said Charlie
"Hello, My name is Arizona, what's your name?" Asked the girl
"Hello my name is Charlie, how lovely to meet you"
As Charlie and Arizona stopped talking they arrived at there classroom 10 minutes late, but there was no teacher in the classroom with the rest of there classmates, so Charlie asked Arizona if she wanted to sneak off somewhere and not go to lesson, she giggled and said OK.

As Charlie and Arizona were finding somewhere to hide for the lesson, they bumped into Jackson, Charlie's best friend, they were all talking for a good 10 minutes before Jackson said that he had to go back to lesson.
Charlie and Arizonna finally found some where to hide and they started talking about there family's and there life's.
They were both stunned to know that they had a lot in common.

While Charlie and Arizona were hiding under the schools stairs there teacher arrived to there lesson, he started to ask where they were because there obviously hiding from him.
Meanwhile Charlie and Arizona are sitting opposite eachother under the schools stairs but it smelt of crushed chalk and it was cloudy, steamy and just really hot.

As the school bell rings they rush out and bump into there old teacher, but he just ignored us as if he was upset about something,
"It's ain't our business" said Charlie
Arizona gives a grin and tries saying something before she is rudely disturbed by Jackson.
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