Cyber Chaos

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It's the end of the school day but Charlie and Arizona were not in the same class, so Charlie has decided to wait outside the school gates for her and walk her home.
He arrives at the school gates and he sees all these people hanging round so he asks himself "umm I wonder if Arianna or Jake are in this group anywhere"
"Boo, whatttts uppppp" said Jackson
"Nothing mutch just waiting for the girl I was with earlier" said Charlie
As he turned his head he saw this most stunning girl it was Arizona, she saw Charlie waiting for her and instantly smiled showing her beautiful white teeth.

She run up to him and said "Thankyou for waiting for me Charlie but my dad is here to pick me up for the next month, I'm really sorry" Arizona said

Charlie said "oh it's ok I can still wait for you though after school and before school if you want?"

As Charlie turned his head to look at Jackson Arizona's dad called her over, they were talking for a few minutes and than drove off Charlie thought that maybe something happened but he does not know.

Charlie started to walk home with Jackson as they only lived 5 minutes away from eachother, Charlie was always going over to Jacksons house to play Xbox and just to have fun, there mums have always been best friends so they were always round eachothers house no matter the time

It was getting late and Charlie's mum decided it was time to go home, so they started to walk home and get ready for bed as they had dinner round Jacksons house, they arrived home and when they got in this blast of heat just rushed into them, at first Charlie thought it was a fire but it weren't it was just where there house was so warm and cozy.
Once they were both settled in for 5 minutes they headed upstairs and got changed they also brushed there teeth, once they done there little routine they got into bed and went to sleep
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