Vampire Virus

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A girl named Clare was a normal girl, that was until she went into the woods and faced a vampire. The vampire bit her and she turned into a vampire. How different will her life be? Will it be normal? Who knows..

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

"Clare! Dinner time!!" My father yelled. It was dinner time and I was starving.

"Coming..!!" I yelled from my room, yawning. I had just woke up from a nap.

"Clare, get down here right now!!" My father yells again, making me groan.

I arrive downstairs and look at my father. I go to the table and sit down, hoping for him to not say anything. It was normal for us to sit down, eat, and leave. We never said anything.

That was until now.

"Why were you here so late. You were a minute late for our right on time lunch!!" He shouts, slamming his fists on the table.

"I-im sorry, fath-"

"YOU DO NOT CALL ME FATHER!" He yells. He clears his throat. "I am SIR to you."

I nod. "Y-yes, sir.." I say, gulping.

My father sighs. "No lunch for you," he says. "Go to you're room. Now!!"

I nod, and head to my room.. Crying.
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