Sins of the Fathers'

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Before she opened her eyes she knew that it was morning and that she was alone. She could feel the warmth from the sun shining into their room. She was very surprised to find herself alone because Quinn never left without letting her know in some way. She looked around the room again for a note that she may have missed, but still nothing. So she reached for her cell to find there were no missed calls or texts. When she sat up and looked around a little more she realized something was wrong with the monitor they’d been watching Philip O’Dwyer on. She jumped up and moved quickly to the desk. The room on the screen was empty. Everything that had been lying out in his room for the past two weeks was gone. It looked like he had never even been there.

Quinn was gone and now O’Dwyer was too so she called her partner, three rings and she got his voicemail. She tried both men a few more times before she really started worrying. Next she tried her boss and breathed a sigh of relief when he answered on the third ring. “Davies.”

“Thank god Elliot.” She said in a rush.

Elliot was more than a little worried by the tone of her voice. “What’s wrong Kris?”

She looked around as she grabbed the few things she had in the room. “It’s Quinn and Jonas. Quinn was acting strange last night, he was talking in his sleep and now he’s gone. He always wakes me up or leaves me a note when he leaves but there’s nothing here. I tried calling him several times but he’s not answering. I can’t reach Jonas either and to top it off O’Dwyer is gone too. His room looks like he was never even there.”

Elliot didn’t bother waiting for her to finish what she was saying as he grabbed his keys and ran for his car. “Stay where you are and don’t let anyone in. I’ll be there in ten minutes.” He called his cousin and they pulled up at the same time. “Something has happened.” He greeted his cousin as they ran in and startled the lobby full of people. “I think they made their move last night and took Quinn and Jonas instead of Kris.”

“Taking two cops would be the stupidest move they could ever make.” Jay said as he watched his cousin jab the buttons for the elevator then throw his arms up in frustration and run for the stairs. “Right?Elliot?”

Elliot was in great shape but the sprint up the stairs had him a bit winded. “I don’t know Jay. I just don’t know.” They reached the room and Elliot banged on the door. “Kris! It’s Elliot and Jay! Open up.”

Once she hung up with Elliot she tried Quinn and Jonas several more times, still with no answer. This led her to go back to the monitors and play back the night before with her gun trained on the door. She was running through the video from the time she fell asleep to present to figure out what happened. There was a loud bang on her door and she jumped up, gun level on the door until she heard her boss.

She quickly let him in and went back to the video. Jay joined her as she told them what Quinn had said in his sleep. “It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“It does to me.” She heard Jay say as he sat down. “I’m so sorry Kris.All of this is my fault. We’ll find them, I promise.”

She turned around to find her boss pale and shaking. “What in the hell is going on Elliot?”

Jay found what they are looking for and gasped. “Oh. Shit.”

Kris turned back around quickly to see Philip O’Dwyer with his face in the camera. “Hello Detective Parker.” He laughed and it chilled Kris to the bone. “Are you having a lovely morning searching for your beloved and you giant of a partner?” Her throat burned from the bile that rose up. “Don’t worry. They are unharmed, for now anyway.” He chuckled and his vacant eyes felt like they were burning a hole through her. “Your father ruined my family and now I’m going to ruin yours. I am a fairly reasonable man though and I will give you one chance to save them.”He smiled brightly and pointed at the screen. “I’ll take your life for theirs, noon at the place where it all started.”

Kris could only assume that he meant the old O’Dwyer home. She turned to her boss again. “Tell me what the hell is going on right now Elliot or I swear you’ll be sorry.”

“It’s my fault.” Jay said as he faced her. “A few days ago I heard him talking to someone on the phone and they were talking about you. They were talking about a hit on you. I told Elliot and he decided that we shouldn’t tell you for now.” He shook his head and Kris could see his sorrow all over his face. “I’m so sorry. I should’ve just told you.”

“That was my fault. I’m the one that convinced you not to.”Elliot said remorsefully.

She looked between the men. “Quinn and Jonas knew about this too?” Both men nodded. “We’ll deal with all of this later. We need to go to my house. I need to get something.”

Elliot drove lights and sirens to Kris and Quinn’s house. He knew it was his own fault that he got a knot in his stomach every time he pulled up there. She was with the native Tennessean because he had cheated on her and lied about it. “I swear I’ll call in every favor I have Kris. We’ll get them both back.” It was the least he could do for her.

“He said to meet him at the place it all began.” She said as she let them into the house. “He has to mean the old O’Dwyer family home.” She found the file she was looking for on the breakfast bar. “I assume you have S.W.A.T. on standby already?” Elliot called Antonio Moses right then to get them ready. “Great.” She grabbed the file and headed back out the door. “Tell them to meet us at the Museum of Arts and Sciences. It’s a mile and half from the house. Tell them no sirens; we want to keep the element of surprise as much as possible.”

Elliot didn’t even bother to remind her that he’d done this a few times too. The fallout from not telling her was going to be bad enough. At 11:00 they were standing in the parking lot of the museum with Antonio and his team.

“Are you ok?” Toni asked where no one else could hear him. She nodded even though she wouldn’t meet his eyes. “We’ll get them back Kris. I promise.”

She knew he meant it but all she could think about was that they wouldn’t be on a rescue mission if the guys hadn’t lied to her in the first place. “I’m going in first.” Everyone turned their attention to her. “He wants me and I intend to give him what he wants.”

“No!” Elliot’s voice thundered over the group of officers. “I won’t allow you to do that.”

“Allow me?” Kris laughed and got in his face. “You lost your ability to tell me what to do the moment you chose to lie to me again. I’m going to give him what he wants and I’m going in alone.”

Jay hadn’t known the female detective very long but respected her immensely. “Kris.” He said quietly, feeling like that was the best approach. “I know how you feel about them. One is your partner and best friend while the other is the man you’re in love with. But you know you can’t go into this without having a plan.” She glared at him and held his hands up. “I’m not saying don’t go in at all but let us scope the place out first. We don’t know exactly what he has in there and we can’t go in blind. Jonas and Quinn will never forgive you if you get yourself killed trying to rescue them.”

Antonio put his hand on her back to reassure her. “I’ve got the equipment. I’ll send a couple of my guys up there to see what we’re dealing with.” He hoped that their 10 years of knowing and trusting each other would win her over. When she finally nodded her consent he got his guys together.

Jay pulled some equipment out of the trunk of his car. “I’ve got a thermal imagery scanner and the newest in long distance eavesdropping.” He chuckled as he held up the satellite looking device. “It’s good for sound for up to 100 yards.”

Toni admired the gadgets. “Why don’t you take a couple of my guys and try them out? I don’t want to be responsible if one of them breaks.”

“Works for me.” Jay said as he passed the equipment to Toni’s guys and climbed in his car.Jay had brought his personal car so they took it to do the recon because it looked less like a police car.He looked to Kris hoping that she understood he would do everything within the law and possibly outside of it if necessary to get them back.

Elliot called the city to have them set to turn the power turned off on the house when they were ready. He also had them send over floor plans for the house so they would know all of the access points available.By the time the plans were delivered Jay and the S.W.A.T. guys were back. Everyone gathered around the hood of Kris’s car to strategize. She still wouldn’t let them change her mind about going in by herself.

Jay pointed to three rooms as he filled them in on what they’d found. “There are at least seven people in the house. Jonas and Quinn are being held in the living room. The front and back doors are manned by two guys with guns. There are three with the guys in the living room and two in the hallway outside of the living room.”

They looked over the floor plans and Toni said. “I think we should send one team in through the basement. For the rest there are at least a half a dozen entry points along the back of the house.This would normally be bad for us. Thankfully the grounds are covered heavily in trees and other foliage so it will cover us pretty well as we approach.” Everyone seemed to agree with his plan. He motioned for Kris to follow him over to the S.W.A.T. truck and she did. “As someone that cares for you I have to say that giving yourself over is a bad idea Kris.”

She smiled sadly at her adopted uncle. “I know I’m a cop and I’m supposed to do things different but I can’t let him keep them for a minute longer Toni. Imagine if it was your family.”

He nodded in understanding even if he didn’t agree with it. “Ok. Fine.” He pulled a knife off of his belt and handed it to her. “You know they’re going to take your gun. You need to have something.”

“Thank you.” She hugged him quickly and slipped the knife between the bracelets she was wearing. She looked around at the small crowd and said. “Let’s go get our guys.”

Kris took a separate car and the others loaded up in two S.W.A.T. SUV’s. They drove for a mile until they found an area where the rest could abandon their cars because they would be going the rest of the way on foot. Kris would drive up the long driveway alone after she gave them a head start. It would give them time to get into the tree line right after she pulled up. Toni told her over the earpiece that they were two minutes out so she drove the rest of the way up to the house.

When she approached one of the men covering the front walked over to her car and motioned for her to get out. He guided her into the house with his assault rifle pointed at her back. Another man appeared and patted her down, taking her gun. He didn’t find the knife because he didn’t pat her down all the way and it was tucked up her shirt sleeve under several bracelets along with her Asp Baton.

The new guy shoved her towards the living room. “Move bitch.”

She stumbled a little but made her way into the living room with yet another gun in her back. It made her sick to think about Jonas and Quinn or any of the guys outside getting shot. When she walked in she gasped as she laid eyes on her partner and her boyfriend. Both men had been badly beaten and a fire raged inside her.

“You son of bitch.” She growled at Philip O’Dwyer who was sitting at a desk near the men. She rushed over to them and looked them over. Her heart breaking at the obvious torture they’d been through.

Quinn groaned as she gently lifted his head and catalogued his many injuries; broken nose, busted lip and eye, possibly a fractured cheek bone. “You are an idiot.” She said quietly to him. “What the hell were you thinking keeping something like this from me?”

That would be his biggest regret. “I’m so sorry Kris. I love you and I didn’t want anything to happen to you.”

She sighed heavily because she knew he meant well. “I love you too but you lied to me Quinn. You know how I feel about that.” She didn’t abandon him but she did step closer to her partner to check him out as well. He was wearing the same marks as Quinn. “You are an idiot too you know?”

Jonas chuckled painfully and nodded. “I know but just like Quinn, I love you and was trying to protect you.”

Even though they did the thing she despised the most she understood because she would’ve done the exact same thing for them. She turned to O’Dwyer, trying desperately to control her anger. “You have me now so you can let them go. That was the deal.” Jonas and Quinn tried to argue but so much had been taken out of them that it just came out as grumbling. “Come on O’Dwyer. That was your deal.”

He laughed maniacally and waved his hand. “Yes it was and I reserve the right to change the rules. I’m going to kill one of them while you watch, I’m going to rid the world of you and then I’m going to kill the other one.” O’Dwyer rose from his desk and walked over to where she stood. “Your bloodline must be stopped.”

“I am nothing like my father but clearly you are exactly like yours.” She said through gritted teeth. “I would never hurt the people that I care about. I would certainly never kill my own partner for anything in the world much less over greed.” Her fists were clenched at her sides and it took everything she had not to punch him.

He moved around them in circles, assessing her and it gave her chills. “We are all capable of these things.” He circled behind the guys and tugged on Jonas’s hair which made him groan. “Your father ruined my life. He took my family. My mother sent me away to Ireland to be raised with my cousins. You have no idea what it’s like to have your family ripped away from you.” He moved his attentions to Quinn, grabbing him by his jaw and yanking his head back.

Kris’s stomach churned at the thought of either of them coming to more harm. “I will give you anything you want just please don’t touch them again.”

He walked back around and stood in front of her. “You are learning the anguish of losing someone you care dearly for.” He sighed and waved his hand around. “This house was once filled with love and laughter. Now it’s filled with ghosts.”

Kris heard Toni tell her they were in the tree line and would move on her orders. She let out a breath of relief and moved around to stand behind the guys. “Your family created their own ghosts Philip. It’s not like they were innocent in all of this.” She wiggled her wrist so the knife would slide out of her bracelets and into her hand.“They sold people for money for crying out loud!”

“Regardless of the things they did they were still my family.” He didn’t seem to care that she was standing behind Quinn and Jonas so she began to slowly cut the ropes around their wrists.

She cut Jonas free first and slipped her Asp Baton into his hand. “Aren’t you a man of your word Philip?” He gave her a surprised look. “Your family lived by their word. Are you not like them?” She moved to work on Quinn.

O’Dwyer scoffed and growled. “You know nothing of me or my family.”

“Actually I know everything there is to know about O’Dwyer family from Wexford, Ireland. My father amassed a rather large file on the entire family.Also, I am a detective and did my own research.” She finished cutting Quinn lose and slipped him the knife as she gave O’Dwyer a rundown of what she knew about his bloodline. “I’ve spent the last four months getting to know every little thing about you and them.”

She really had no idea how she was going to get all of them out of this because his anger was palpable. “Just because you read some files doesn’t mean you know any of us!” His hatred for her was so suffocating that she moved back around to put herself between him and her friends. “People like you make me sick.” He spat as he watched her move. “You think because you read words in a file that you know someone.”

“Yet you seem to think you know me.” Kris said and it brought a little smirk to O’Dwyer’s lips.

He nodded as he moved closer. “Oh but I do know you Detective because I have done more than read files on you.” He laughed darkly as he looked at her with something akin to pity. “You and your friends only found me because I allowed you to. I have been following you for almost a year now. I know about your deceased mother. I know about your family in Savannah.I know about your ex-lover and what he did to you. I even know of the things you like for your current lover to do to you in the bedroom. There is nothing I don’t know about you.”

Kris felt a cold chill run up her spine. There was no way that this could have happened. He could not have been watching her for almost a year without any of them knowing. “You’re lying.”

“Am I?” He laughed at her pained look. “Jesse Taylor received most of his information from me.” He waved his hand. “Sure he found some of it from his childhood home when his mother passed but the good stuff came from me.It took many years to find him and when I did I made sure that he had everything he needed.”

This was far worse than any of them could’ve imagined. “So this was your plan from the start? Everything that you’ve done was leading to this moment?”

O’Dwyer shrugged and chuckled. “I am a hell of a planner. Although!” He raised a finger excitedly. “I have to say that I am surprised that one of them…” He pointed back and forth between Quinn and Jonas.“…didn’t tell you about the phone conversation.”

“So am I.” Kris would deal with that later. “Like they said, they were doing what a family always does.They were protecting one of their own.”

He laughed and waved his hand around. “Do you really believe that’s what they were doing?”He made a humming noise.“Because I think they did it because they don’t think you’re strong enough to handle the truth.”

Jonas and Quinn protested which caused the man behind them to hit them again. “Stop!”She held up her hands.“Just stop.I don’t even care why they did it.All I want is for you to let them go.It’s time for us to settle our business.”

“This is taking too long.” She heard Toni say in her ear and she couldn’t agree more.

“Come on. Let’s get this over with O’Dwyer.” Kris said to their captor. “Let them go and you can do whatever you want with me.”

He laughed and shook his head. “Eager to die just like your father was?” He said smugly as he continued to pace behind his desk. “I’m the one that killed him you know.”He laughed at her surprised look. “I killed him for what he did to my family. It was the first time that I had ever pulled a trigger and let me tell you it was the most exhilarating moment of my life.”

“You were only thirteen years old.” He nodded and she felt like she was going to be sick. “You’re a true sociopath just like the rest of your family.”

The man screamed and pointed his gun at Kris. “Stop talking about them like you know them you smug bitch!”

Jonas and Quinn had had enough time to rest up so their objections were a little louder. “No Kris!”

The commotion brought another guy back from the other room and they stood behind Jonas and Quinn with guns pointed at their heads. “You have quite the fan club Detective, although I can’t understand why.You’re nothing special.” He motioned for his guys to move the prisoners and that’s when it all happened.

Kris charged O’Dwyer as Jonas and Quinn attacked the men behind them. Quinn pushed back, knocking the guy behind him off balance while he shoved the knife into his thigh, severing his femoral artery. Jonas pushed back also and broke the arm of his gunman with the Asp Baton. Both men were pretty worn out from the beating they had taken but their adrenaline was high and they weren’t going to lose this time. Too many lives depended on it.

Toni and his team heard the commotion and breached the house. As the loud noises from the breach reached the living room O’Dwyer used his desk as cover as he tried to get away. Kris jumped over the desk and they struggled for his gun.She cried out when she felt the searing pain in her stomach after she heard the shot. Then she heard Toni scream as she started falling. O’Dwyer looked smug as hell until a bullet hit him between the eyes and he fell along with her.Everyone rushed to her side and pulled O’Dwyer off of her.

Things became very fuzzy for her after that. She felt hands on her and voices around her were begging her to keep her eyes open. She tried to ask how everyone was but couldn’t get any words to come out. She blacked out for a while.The next thing she remembered was waking up in the ambulance and seeing Quinn’s bloody and tear streaked face above hers.

“Kris!” He gently cupped her face. “Babe. Oh! Thank god!” Her eyes started to flutter closed. “No! Come on Kris.” She felt his lips kiss her forehead. “Stay with me.You’ve got to fight for me. You can’t leave me now. Please Kris.”

“Quinn.” His name was all she could manage before she faded out again.

Quinn screamed for the paramedics to drive faster. They had a police escort and he knew they were doing the best they could but for him it wasn’t enough. He needed her to know how sorry he was for lying to her.

The paramedic reached for him and he pushed her away. “No! You focus on her. You keep her alive!”

The medic held up her hands and calmly said. “She’s stable Detective. You’re bleeding badly from your head so let me take care of you too. Please.”

He finally agreed and let her work on him. She cleaned him up as best she could and finished bandaging his head as they pulled into the emergency room bay of the Medical Center. Of course they had called ahead letting them know they were bringing in four injured police officers.

Jonas fought with the nurses and doctors when they pulled up and he jumped out. “Get off of me!” He struggled to get to the ambulance that was carrying his best friend and partner.

A doctor and two nurses tried to get him on a stretcher. “Please sir. We just want to help you.”

“Help her!” He screamed as he pointed at Kris being pulled out of the back of the ambulance. “I’m fine. Just please help her.”He tried to keep his composure as he watched her being wheeled inside.

The arguing got so bad that hospital police officers tried to restrain them. Elliot came running in and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Get your hands off my people!”

The officer in charge held up his hands. “Ok! Ok! Everyone just stop!” His voice was loud enough that everyone froze. “Believe me, we understand that you’re upset but this isn’t going to help anyone. You all look like hell. Let the staff do their jobs. Please.”

Even though Elliot outranked him he respected his position. “Come on guys.” Kris had already been wheeled back to be looked at. “Let them do their jobs.” He exchanged a nod with the officer and led his guys to the back.

The emergency room lobby began to fill up with officers after it got out that Kris, Jonas, Quinn and one of Toni’s guys had been injured. Elliot was with Jonas and Toni with Quinn while they waited to hear about Kris and Toni’s guy.

“I need to call her family.” Quinn said to Elliot as his nurse cleaned up his face. “They need to know.They need to be here.” Elliot dug his cell out of his pants that were laying close by and handed it to him.

“I’ll call Savannah P.D. and have a car pick them up. Then I’ll get one of our patrol cars to meet them halfway. It’s the least we can do.” Elliot said before stepping out into the hall.

Quinn made the call he had hoped he would never have to make. Janice stayed as calm as she could while she listened and got the kids ready to leave. “There’s a police car outside.”

“Go with them. They’re going to bring you guys halfway and one of our people will bring you the rest of the way.” Quinn held back his tears as he talked to Janice. “I’ll call you if I hear anything before you guys get here.”

After they put a cast on Quinn’s arm and felt that he and Jonas were patched up enough they released them to join the others in the waiting room. Kris’s doctor came out an hour after they had arrived. “She’s stable for now. We’re getting ready to take her into surgery. She’s was very lucky that even though he used armor piercing bullets it doesn’t look like it did any major damage.” He sighed heavily as he looked around at all of the officers. “We’ll know more when we get in there of course. I’ll send someone as soon as we’re done.”

He was thanked before he disappeared into the back again. Another doctor came out to tell them that Toni’s guy was in surgery and he was going to be fine. All in all it was the best news they could have hoped for. Kris’s family finally arrived and it broke Elliot’s heart to see her kid brother and sister crying. They turned to Quinn and Jonas for comfort. Elliot was finally able to talk most of the officers into going home with a promise that he would leave an update with the Desk Sergeant so they would know how everyone was doing the next morning.

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