Sins of the Fathers'

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Chapter 3

They were standing at their desks when Quinn’s partner finally walked in. Jesse Taylor was a transfer just like his partner. Quinn had come from Nashville, had twelve years on the job with seven years as a detective between Narcotics and Vice. He’d ended up in Homicide because it was the only available spot open when he arrived. Jesse was a transfer from Tampa and had been on patrol just months before.

Quinn had tried really hard to make some kind of connection with his partner over the year that they had been working together but it never worked. “Lieutenant Davies has been looking for you Jess.”

His partner smirked and shrugged as he walked over to the coffee pot. “Well here I am.”

“We have a case.” Quinn said instead of calling him an arrogant bastard. “We’ve been partnered with Kris and Jonas by the request of the mayor.”

“Oh joy.” Jesse said sarcastically. “Working with the Wonder Twins is just what I wanted for my birthday.”

Jonas made a move but Kris grabbed him. “He’s not worth it.” She spoke quietly but loud enough for Jesse to hear. “Go talk to Davies. We’ll be in the interrogation room.” She knew Quinn would need a minute with his so called partner and their boss. It really wasn’t fair because he was a damn good detective.

Once we they in the interrogation room Jonas said. “How the hell is he even still around?” Kris shrugged because she had no idea either. “Davies has to do something about him. It’s not fair to Quinn or the rest of the squad.”

“I agree but we have to trust that Elliot knows what he’s doing.” She said as she looked around the room at the boxes of files. The amount was astounding but not surprising after 25 years of service. “We should get started. Quinn can catch up when he’s done.”

Kris started with the beginning of the D.A.’s career and Jonas went with the middle. Twenty minutes had passed when the door finally opened and Quinn walked in. “Sorry guys. Had to go to the principal’s office.” He looked around at the mess they’d already made. “Damn that’s a lot of files. Where should I start?”

They both knew he’d talk when he was ready so Jonas patted his pile saying. “I started in the middle and Kris at the beginning.”

Quinn sat down across from Kris and grabbed a few stacks. “Guess I’ll start at the end.” He grabbed a box, took out a handful of files and started reading.

After a few hours discussing and separating they had several piles of files; deceased, mistrials, still in prison, out on parole, and ones still awaiting trial.

Kris was so tired she couldn’t see straight and she’d only gotten into the third year of his career. “Ok guys.” She stood up and stretched. “We’ve been going since 3 a.m. I think it’s time to call it a night.Let’s get some real food then go home.We’ll come back early tomorrow and start again.”

They’d eaten their last two meals and snacks at the station. Both men stood up, stretched, and took a few minutes to straighten up their mess. They’d put the files they felt like were useless back in the boxes and stacked them in a different corner.

Quinn stuffed the files he was working on in a box and said. “How about we go to Manny’s?”

She smiled brightly because he knew the way to her heart. “Pizza is exactly what I need right now.”

Jonas chuckled and picked up his own box. “You’re going to turn into pizza one day.” But then he groaned at the thought of one of Manny’s Supremes’ and said. “We need to go now. I’m starving.”

Twenty minutes later they were sitting around a table in Manny’s talking with his family while they waited on their food. It was the best pizza place in Macon, family owned and operated for forty years. Manny had inherited it from his father and now ran it with is family. Manny, his wife Marianna, their three daughters Gabriela, Ariana, and Isabella and their son Rafael all worked there.

Manny brought their pizzas over himself and smiled. “It’s so good to see you guys. How is everything going?” He shook hands with all of them.

Kris was the only one not stuffing her face at the moment so she said. “You know the bad guys never sleep Manny. How’s business?”

He chuckled and nodded. “That’s what I hear my friends but I guess you would call it job security?” They laughed because that was unfortunately true. “And business is going great. We are very blessed.” He frowned and said.“I heard about those poor children, that poor family. I can’t even imagine how they must be feeling. They are such good people.” He watched his family wander around. “I would be devastated if anything happened to them.”

All three understood, even though they didn’t have children of their own they all had younger siblings. “We’re going to find out who did this.”

They were barely getting into the files and it seemed as though every single one they looked at was cause for alarm. They’d been going over the files for a week and a half. They’d interviewed everyone they felt like was a threat and they were still no closer to an answer. The results for the tire treads left at the scene came back as treads for a late model 90′s Chevy or Ford sedan. They were so basic that they weren’t really much help. They were still waiting on the results for the gun and there was absolutely nothing special on the letter.

The security footage they had requested had finally arrived from the school, the restaurant the kids last ate at, and the traffic cameras in the areas of the city that had them. They took turns between reading files and watching the videos. There were several nondescript dark cars and motorcycles that passed through around the times the Benson’s car had but unfortunately they couldn’t get much from them. They couldn’t even get any kind of description on the person following them.

Quinn’s partner was still playing MIA and their Lieutenant finally decided that it wasn’t worth the fight. “Are you guys making any progress?” Davies asked after he popped his head into the room they were using after knocking.

Jonas pointed to a few stacks of files and said. “We’ve narrowed it down to around fifty people so far.Most we’ve already interviewed.We’ve scheduled interviews with the rest and we’re still waiting for a few alibi conformations.” He held up the one he was reading. “Quite frankly though I’m a little surprised there aren’t more. I mean he’s been a prosecuting attorney for twenty years.”

“I’m a little surprised too. He had a pretty decent closing rate before he joined the D.A.’s office. They stole him away from the firm he’d signed on with.”Elliot closed the door as he stepped inside and watched his team. “Quinn, I want you to know that I’m looking for a new partner for you. There’s a small pool of officers that just passed the detective’s exam. I don’t know what’s going on with Taylor. I know he passed the exam but I think maybe he was promoted too quickly.”

Quinn couldn’t agree more. “I just don’t think he’s ready for something like this. Maybe he shouldn’t even be a cop.”

Elliot tapped the table and nodded. “Maybe.” He sighed and stuffed his hands in his pockets. “I still want you to stick with Kris and Jonas on this ok? The mayor did ask for you after all.” Quinn nodded. “Alright.” He walked to the door and turned back as he opened it. “If you guys need anything just let me know.”

Taylor was on the other side of the mirror watching and listening. He laughed as they talked about him, reveling in the fact that they had no idea who he really was or what he was doing. He thought back to 18 months ago when he was going through his mother’s house after she’d passed away. Cancer had taken her away from him at the age of 50. He was in the attic of his childhood home trying to pack things up because he was selling the house. He found a file stuck far back in a cabinet and pulled it out and it changed his life forever.

The newspaper articles in it were about a man named James Morgan Sr., a cop that had been killed in the line of duty. Jesse cursed as he looked through the pictures and found one of him and his mother. The family of the fallen detective, Martha and James Morgan Jr. was the caption under the picture. Jesse couldn’t believe it. He continued to read through everything and found a letter from his mother.


My dearest son, I’m so sorry for keeping this from you. Your father was a great man and was betrayed by his partner. In the event of his death we were to leave our old life behind. You’ll find everything you need to explain why in the files I’ve left for you. Just know we loved you very much and did this for your safety.


He continued to look through the files to find the truth. The articles said that it was originally believed his father was killed by a drug dealer in a meeting gone wrong. Their home had been raided a week before his death and his father was arrested. He was suspected of being a corrupt cop. After further investigation and reports being turned in by Internal Affairs Morgan was released. It was revealed days later that Morgan’s partner Jacob Vance was the one that was corrupt. Vance was indicted and as his trial approached the evidence and the witnesses of his corruption disappeared. In the end the judge had no choice but to dismiss the charges. A week later Jacob Vance was found dead in his apartment with three gunshot wounds to the chest.

Jesse had applied to and was accepted to the police academy after college in Tampa. His mother wasn’t happy and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t talk him out of it. After five years on patrol he took the detective’s exam which was a week after his mother passed away. After finding the letter and files he laid low, collected as much as he could on his father’s murder and kept a close eye on the Macon Police Department. His passing scores came back so he applied for a transfer to Macon for a detective’s position. His plans of revenge were set in motion when he received the letter informing him of a position with the department after his interview. Kris Parker and her merry band of followers would never find out in time.

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