Sins of the Fathers'

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The next morning Kris woke to the smell of breakfast. She eased out of bed and made her way to the kitchen. Quinn looked up from his place at the stove and smiled when she walked in. “Morning babe. How do you feel?”

She kissed his cheek and leaned against his side as he wrapped an arm around her. “Ok. I think I hurt more today than last night though.”

He hugged her gently and kissed her temple. “Not a surprise. Why don’t you have a seat? Breakfast is almost ready.”

She let him guide her to a chair at the bar. “It smells really good.” She noticed her partner and their boss were missing. “Where are the others?”

Quinn flipped the omelet as they talked. “They went to the bank to check on Morgan’s box.” He looked at his watch. “They should be back any time now.”

As he was plating her breakfast Elliot and Jonas came walking in. They could tell the news was good by the smiles on their faces. Jonas held up a half dozen evidence bags. “So it turns out that after six months of the bill not being paid the bank opened the box.” He sat the bags on the bar. “There were birth certificates and ID’s for his wife and son with multiple names.”

“Damn. First, I’m surprised they held onto the contents this long.” Kris said as she picked up each bag and looked at the documents. “And second he certainly was prepared for the worst.”

Jonas sat down beside her and Elliot went to the fridge. “Turns out that the wife, Martha, was the last one to sign in to the safety deposit vault and that was four days after her husband’s death. Dad said she disappeared a week later so she was getting everything she needed together.”

Elliot came back with a laptop and sat across from Kris. “Let’s see if any of these aliases have been used.” After a few minutes he shook his head. “None of these were used. It’s so typical that he used their real birth months and days but changed up the year.”

Kris had noticed that too. “Martha, if she’s still alive, would be in her early 50’s and the son, James Jr., would be turning 29 in like two months.”

Quinn started breakfast for the new arrivals. “Ok. So they skip town in the middle of the night with everything they own.” Everyone nodded, following his train of thought. “How far would you go? A few towns over or a state away?”

“I’d go to another state. Hell, I’d go across the country.” Kris said as she looked over the documents again. “Uh guys.” They perked up and turned their attention to her as she held up the bags one at a time. “Tennessee. Alabama. North and South Carolina. Mississippi. What’s missing?”

“Florida!” All three men practically yelled.

She smiled and smacked the table. “Ok that’s a start. We search the state of Florida for a woman approximately 30 years old with a son approximately 9, she would have had to register him for school even if she decided to home school him.” She grabbed her own laptop and started searching their school system.

Jonas posed a good question. “What if she went off her husband’s script? Whatever it was of course.” He was searching on his laptop too. “Say she decided to change some part of their birthdays.” He was searching Florida DMV for anything that resembled Martha Morgan.

Jesse knew he was running out of time. At the moment though he was sitting outside of Kris’s house contemplating going in and shooting all of them. He knew where they were in the investigation but he believed he could still get the revenge he wanted. Sapp was on a fishing trip with his son and would return the next day. A patrol car drove slowly by, the driver looking at him suspiciously until he held up his badge. The officer smiled, waved and kept going.

“Jesus what the hell do they see in her?” He growled to himself as he watched the patrol car disappear in his rearview. “I don’t have time for this.” He thought out loud.

After a few minutes he pulled away from the curb across from her house and headed towards Mitchell Evans’ house. The man might be older and retired but he was pretty sure that he was ready for anything. As much as he wanted Victor Evans he wanted Barnes and Sapp more. He knew Barnes was also at home so he drove by there to see what his detail looked like. It was going to be a little harder getting to him.

It took hours for Kris and the guys to go through all of the names that came up in Florida. None even remotely resembled Martha or James Jr. Jonas took a break to call and check on his family. He laughed at his father’s fake indignity about being checked up on. They were of course doing fine. He was glad that his dad had been a cop because he didn’t think he could stay sane otherwise.

Quinn and Kris were also searching for any sign of Nick Mason. Kris was sure the pain meds were hindering her thought process because all of a sudden she said. “Pension!” All the men jumped and looked up at her. “We completely forgot that Morgan’s wife would get a pension.”

Elliot practically banged his head on the table. “Jesus! I completely forgot about that.”

Kris patted his shoulder and said. “We all did. It’s been a little crazy around here.”

“I should’ve thought of that right off though.” He sighed and picked up his phone, dialing a familiar number. “Hey Loretta! Yes ma’am. It’s Elliot Davies.” He blushed a little as he said. “I’m great. How are you?” He nodded as he listened. “Yes. Look, I need you to look up something for me please.” He was quiet for a few seconds then said. “I need to know the beneficiary on the pension payments for James Morgan Sr. He was killed in the line of duty in 1989.” He smiled and chuckled a little. “Yes ma’am, I know it was a long time ago but it’s extremely important and I know if anyone can find it you can.” He gave a thumbs up and said. “Great. Call me as soon as you find something.” He hung up and said. “If anyone can find it Loretta can.”

“Quinn and I will keep searching for Nick Mason.” Kris said as the others continued to work. “We will figure it all out.”

Jesse pulled into a spot a few houses down the street from Frank Sapp’s. He’d managed to find out from his secretary that he was coming back late in the afternoon. Jesse had plenty of free time so he sat back and watched the street. He wanted to see his handiwork for himself. He had the bomb set to explode as soon as Sapp drove in and the door closed. Jesse wanted to get up close and personal like he had with the others but this one was too risky. There was a regular patrol of the house so he couldn’t get too close without being questioned. While he waited he thought about the judge and how he was going to get around his detail. It should be easy for him since he was cop too. It would all hang on what his beloved Lieutenant and the others had found out by then.

Sapp and his son pulled up to the house at 6:00 p.m. and Jesse smiled. He was finally putting the last pieces of his puzzle of revenge together. He watched as they pulled into the garage and Jesse held his breath as he watched the door close on them.

“Five, four, three, two…” He said quietly and as he reached one the garage exploded. A smile ghosted his lips as he watched that part of the house become engulfed in flames. He pulled away from the curb and drove to the station.

As Kris and the others waited to hear from Elliot’s friend Loretta they continued to search every angle they could think of. The Nick Mason angle was not giving them anything. He really and truly had disappeared. They still couldn’t reach anyone from Sapp’s office or at his home so they had no idea where he was.

They were starting dinner when Elliot’s phone rang. “Davies.” They watched as his body language changed and he hung his head. “Yeah. Ok.” He looked at his watch. “We’ll be there in about 20 minutes.” He hung up and said. “Frank Sapp’s house exploded 30 minutes ago. They found what was left of his and his son’s bodies in the family car.”

Everyone had already started gathering their things. Kris tucked her phone in her sling and said. “I’m ready.”

All three men looked at her like she was crazy and Elliot said. “You’re sitting this one out. You’re injured remember?”

Kris gave him a fierce glare. “I can walk and talk. I haven’t had anything stronger than Advil since I left the hospital. This is my case too and I’m coming.”

Elliot looked to the other two men who offered him no help before saying. “Ok. Fine.” He growled and motioned towards the door. “Let’s go.”

They took Elliot’s car to the crime scene. The Medical Examiner was on the front lawn with what was left of the bodies. Erik was walking out of what was left of the garage. He waved the four of them over. “Hey guys.” He was covered in soot from digging around in the debris of the garage.

“Erik.” They all said in greeting as they walked up.

Elliot motioned towards the house. “What have we got?”

Erik held up a few evidence bags as he waved his hand around. “The Fire Marshall said it was a bomb and it was wired to blow when the garage door closed. The trigger was in the garage door system. It killed Frank Sapp and his son Julian. The damage was localized mostly to the garage.” He walked them through what was left of it.

“Did you find enough pieces of the device to get any kind of identification?” Jonas asked as he slowly scanned the walls and floor.

Erik held out the bags. “Yes and I already have the lab running the few numbers that are on it.”

Kris could see there was something bigger. “What is it Erik?”

He passed her another evidence bag. “This was found stuck in the wall just inside the kitchen, out of the line of destruction. It has minimal damage to it.”

Kris gasped a little when she took the bag. It was a Macon P.D. gold shield and she recognized the numbers. “This is James Morgan’s badge.”

Elliot, Jonas, and Quinn looked up from the bags they were looking at. “What?”

She held out the badge for all of them to see. “This is his. I’ve looked over his files so many times there’s no way I could forget it.”

Quinn took it and looked it over as best he could through the plastic. “It’s the real deal too.” He looked around at the others. “You know what this means right?” Everyone nodded, every cop was given two badges but only one was real metal. “James Morgan’s was given to his family when he was killed twenty years ago.”

They spent a while going over the scene, finding no more evidence other than the bomb fragments and the badge.

“I’m going to increase the detail on Judge Barnes.” Elliot said as he walked away to make the call.

Kris and the guys walked back out into the yard to talk to Dr. Cross, the Medical Examiner. “Hey Sophie”

She looked up at them with a frown. “Hey. I can say the only good thing about this one is they didn’t suffer at all.” That was a blessing, of all the ways to go, by fire was not on anyone’s top five list.

Quinn squatted beside her to get a better look. “Anything strange about them?”

Sophie shook her head as she looked over the remains again. “They’re all pretty standard injuries if you want to call them that.”

“Ok.” He squeezed her shoulder and stood up. “He’s down to his last target. We need to get over there.”

Elliot walked back over. “I’ve got another plain clothes unit on Barnes but Quinn is right. We should get over there. Kris, you’re going home.” She opened her mouth to say something and he shook his head. “No arguments. We’re taking you home and then we’re going to his house. I can’t have all of us worrying about you getting hurt again ok?”

“What I was going to say was ok.” She gave him a disbelieving glare. “I get it and I would never want any of you to get hurt because of me. So let’s go.”

They were back at Kris’s within twenty minutes. Everyone grabbed what they needed and said their goodbye’s.

Quinn pulled her into a gentle kiss. “Lock the doors and set the alarm.”

She nodded and pushed him towards the others. “Be careful, all of you. I’ll call you if I hear anything. I love you.”

He kissed her again before following the guys out the door. “I love you too.”

Kris checked every entry point in their house before setting the alarm then she went back to the kitchen. She sat at the breakfast bar searching everything she could to try to figure out who the killer could be and what their link to the case was.

Quinn and the others made it to Barnes’ house in record time thanks to the lights and sirens. When they pulled up to the house they could tell something was going on. They jumped out and ran over to the detail.

“What’s going on?” Elliott yelled as they ran up to the others.

He’d left Hank Mercer in charge. Hank held up his hands as they all approached, trying to get their boss to calm down. “It’s ok sir. We thought we had a breach. It was just Taylor wandering around.”

Quinn stiffened at the name. “Jesse Taylor? My partner?” He looked at the others as they nodded, confusion written all over their faces. “What did he want?”

Hank looked a little nervous now. “He said he was just checking on things.” He looked to Elliott. “I tried calling you about it boss, maybe ten minutes ago. Your phone went to voicemail.”

Elliott reached into his jacket pocket where he normally kept his phone. Instead of his own he pulled out Kris’s. “Shit! I must have grabbed hers by accident. Surely she would answer mine if it rang.”

Quinn’s heart was pounding. “No!” He growled. “She won’t answer mine even if it’s Jonas calling.” He yanked his phone out and called their home phone.

Kris was coming out of the bathroom when she heard their home phone ringing. She moved as fast as she could to the kitchen but whoever it was hung up before the answering machine picked up. Then she heard a familiar ringtone but it wasn’t from her phone.

When she walked over to the counter she found Elliott’s phone lying there instead of her own. The caller ID read Loretta so she answered it. “Hello?”

There was a pause before the woman spoke. “Umm. Yes. I was trying to reach Lt. Elliott Davies.”

“Ahh. Yes.” Kris tried to sound as friendly as possible. “Hi Loretta. I’m Detective Kris Parker. Elliott called you to hopefully get some information on a case we’re working on together. My badge number is 9877, you can call our station and confirm if you need to.”

She heard the woman on the other end giggle a little before saying. “No need Detective. Elliott has talked about you quite a bit before. He was real messed up about what he did to you.”

Kris wanted to feel sorry for Elliott but that ship had sailed, he cheated on her after all. “Well, Elliott and I have worked it out but thank you for being a good friend to him.” She didn’t want to seem rude or pushy but the woman had called for a reason. “You said you had information for him?”

“Oh yes.” It was like Kris snapped her back to the real reason she called. “I’ve got a beneficiary name for him on the Morgan pension. It was set up by an attorney and held in account for a Jesse Taylor.”

Kris’s throat went dry and she almost dropped the phone. “Could you say that again please?”

Loretta sounded a little nervous the next time she said. “Uhh. Yes. The name was Jesse Taylor.”

Kris went into panic mode. “Thank you so much. I have to go.” She didn’t even give her time to respond as she disconnected. She tried to keep it together as she called Quinn. No answer so then she tried Jonas, also no answer. If she had Elliott’s phone then he must have hers so she tried her own, also no answer.

She couldn’t help the scream when she heard a male voice say. “You’re going to die tonight bitch.”

She turned around to find Jesse Taylor in her living room with a gun in his hand. “How the hell did you get in here?”

“Doesn’t really matter now.” He laughed as he stalked towards her with his gun pointed at her. She moved to the other side of the breakfast bar. “You’ll never be able to get to the door in time.”

Kris kept a gun in the drawer by the trash compactor. “I don’t need to make it to the door.” She said as she pulled the gun out and pointed it at him.

He laughed again and said. “Do you really think I didn’t check for something like that?”

Kris now realized that the gun felt lighter and silently cursed. “It doesn’t matter what you do to me. They’ll come for you and you’ll never make it.”

“I don’t plan on it.” He said in an icy tone that made her shiver. “But at least I’ll take you with me.” He raised his gun and Kris just knew this was it. “I’d take my time with you but your little fan club will be here soon enough I’m sure.”

Kris had dialed her number again and left the phone line open. The guys had been on their phones calling for back up to the house and had missed her first calls. When her phone rang Quinn yanked it from Elliott.

“Kris! Kris are you there?” He couldn’t hear anything over the sirens so he turned the sound off and put her phone on speaker. They were listening to everything.

Elliott was on Jonas’ phone trying to find out how long back up to get to her. “Get someone there NOW! I don’t care what laws they have to break. There’s an officer in distress!”

They continued to listen as Jesse said. “Killing you is going to make my day.”

“They know who you are now Jesse. Or should I call you James Jr.? Do you think your mother and father would want you to do this?” She said in a hopefully soothing tone. She was trying to stall him long enough for help to arrive.

“Do not talk about my parents!” He yelled and everyone’s blood turned cold at the hatred in his voice. “You have no right to talk about them. They were innocent in all of this.” He was quiet for a few seconds. “Like I said though, it’s not going to matter. You’ll be dead and I’ll be long gone before they get here.” He started moving towards her. “You think you’re some kind of…” He shook his head. “…good guy or savior for this city. You’re not. You’re just as bad as the scum we arrest every day.”

She knew he didn’t like her but comparing her to the people they arrested was pretty harsh. “Look Jesse, I know we got off on the wrong foot but it doesn’t have to end this way. We can talk this out.”

Quinn could barely breathe as he listened. “That’s it babe. You keep him busy. We’re almost there.”

Jesse laughed almost hysterically. “You have no idea do you?”

Kris shook her head trying to understand. “No. Why don’t you tell me why you hate me so much?”

“Because it’s in your blood.” He waved his gun around and smiled a little at her confused look. “It’s so deep in your blood that you can’t help it.” He laughed again. “You’re going to end up just like him.”

“Who Jesse? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She tried to get him to open up but a look flashed across his face and she knew he’d shut down.

Elliot had put the word out to go in silent so they wouldn’t make matters worse. They quietly prayed someone would make it before they did.

The patrol car pulled to the curb a half a block away. Quinn’s cousin Marcus and his partner Jamie slowly made their way up the block and spilt up when they got to her house. They communicated their positions by radio as they quietly approached the house. Marcus had been there a few times for dinner and knew a few ways to get in without being seen.

He spoke quietly to Quinn through the radio. “I’m going in through the doors in your room. As far as I can tell the alarm is disabled.”

Quinn felt a little better now that Marcus was there and they were a few blocks away. “Be careful. This guy has killed at least five people so far. Shoot to kill.”

“Without a doubt.” He didn’t say anything else as he made his way down the hall. He heard his partner say he was in through the garage. “Copy.” He said quietly. “He has her in the kitchen. We shoot to kill.”

Jamie said quietly as he peeked around the corner. “I can’t see him in the kitchen but Kris is behind the breakfast bar.”

This didn’t make any of the men listening feel good because they knew she was trapped. Quinn gripped the phone as he listened to Marcus. “I can’t see him either.” He made eye contact with Kris who very subtly looked to her right towards the living room. He gave a single nod in understanding and said quietly to his partner. “Living room to your right from the bar.” Both men moved simultaneously with their guns pointed at Jesse’s chest. “Give it up Taylor.” Marcus said calmly.

Jesse laughed as he looked down at the red dots on his chest. “Not a chance.”

Before any of them could do anything he threw two flash bangs and ran for the door. The guys couldn’t take any shots for fear of hitting each other or Kris.

All Quinn, Jonas, and Elliott could do was listen to the explosion and wait. “Marcus? Jamie? What’s going on? Are you guys ok? Is Kris ok?”

Jonas screeched to a halt in front of the house and they all ran up the driveway. “Kris?” It was still pretty smoky when they entered. “Kris? Are you ok?”

Quinn and Jonas were both calling for her. She wanted to answer but all she could do was lie on the floor and hold her shoulder. Her ears were ringing and it was as painful as when she had been shot. She could hear them clearing the house and calling for Marcus and Jamie as well.

She finally felt Quinn’s hands on her, his voice close to her ear. “You’re ok babe.” He gently picked her up and carried her outside. “I’ve got you. You’re ok.”

She could vaguely make out Jonas and Elliott helping the others. Soon they were on her front lawn and she was lying back against Quinn. It took a while for the ringing to stop.

She finally managed to say something. “Is everyone ok?”

Quinn helped her sit up and he cupped her face. “Everyone is good.” She could see the worry in his eyes.“How are you?”

She gave him a faint smile and put her hand over his. “I’m ok. Just rang my bell a little.” She chuckled and winced at the pain. “Are you sure everyone is ok?”

He kissed her and nodded. “Yeah. They’re fine.”

They pressed their foreheads together for a few seconds. Jonas came over and knelt beside his partner. “You ok?” He asked as he put his hand on her shoulder.

“Yeah partner.” She reached up and squeezed his hand. “I’m good. Can we get back inside now?”

Both men shook their heads and she understood that the house was a crime scene for now. “Did anyone see him leave?”

Elliott sat down beside them. “No. We missed him by seconds but we will find him.”

Her front lawn and house was crazy for a while. It seemed like hours before they got to go back inside. There was an All-Points Bulletin out for Detective Jesse Taylor a.k.a. James Morgan Jr.

They coordinated with Bibb County Sheriff’s Department and the surrounding counties law enforcement to set up roadblocks to keep Jesse from getting any further.

All Kris could think about was what Jesse had said to her. It’s in your blood. It’s so deep in your blood that you can’t help it. You’re going to end up just like him. She couldn’t figure out who he meant.

Quinn sat down beside her. “Hey.” He said quietly. “What’s on your mind?”

She half smiled at him; he could always read her so well. “Something he said. I just can’t shake it.”

“We were listening the whole time.” He said as he took her hand. “Is it the blood thing? About you ending up just like someone?” Kris nodded. “Do you know what he’s talking about?”

“Not a clue.” She said as she looked up at him. “I need to know what he means Quinn. We have to find him again. Has anyone checked his childhood home?”

Quinn blew out a sigh. “Not yet. Wouldn’t that be too obvious though? I mean he’s gone to such lengths the last few months, hell for all we know maybe the last year. Why would he go there when the whole city is looking for him?”

Jonas and Elliott joined them as she said. “You didn’t see him. He knows he’s not making it out of this alive and he’s prepared for that. He’s going to hide in plain sight.”

Elliott agreed with her. “His car has been spotted at least a half dozen times throughout the city in the last hour. I don’t think he’s going to go far. He may go to the house because it means something to him.”

“Then we need to go.” She said as she stood up.

Jonas jumped up and stood in front of her. “You’re not going anywhere. He’s tried to kill you twice already.”

Kris felt the angry tears prick her eyes as she stepped up to her partner. “You don’t get to decide for me. I’m going because he’s tried to kill me twice. For him this isn’t just about his father. He blames me for something too and I need to find out why.”

Quinn stepped between them. “Ok guys. We’re all going so let’s get it together.”

Kris loved the way he supported her. “Thank you.” She said as she looked up at him.

Quinn took her gently by both arms. “You’re the toughest, smartest cop I know and I will always support you. But you have to go in this with a clear head. If something happens to you, I won’t forgive you.”

She looked at all three men; her boss, her best friend, and the man that she loved. “I’ll be fine. You guys have my back. I just want justice for the families.”

They geared up and loaded up in a loaner S.W.A.T. SUV. Jesse had access to everything in Macon P.D. so they couldn’t be too careful. Their first stop was his childhood home. They cleared it and found no sign of life.

Marcus and Jamie had joined them in the hunt. Kris searched everything she could on the Morgan’s, hoping she could find other property in their name. She even went as far as to search Martha’s maiden name.

“I got it!” She yelled triumphantly. “Martha Morgan was Martha Jean Norris and her family had a cabin on Lake Tobesofkee. It’s still in her name.”

Elliott called it in and they headed in that direction. Much to their surprise Jesse was sitting on the steps outside of the cabin when they pulled up with a shotgun resting across lap.

“I want to talk to Parker alone.” He yelled as they all exited the SUV and approached him.

Everyone was a ball of nerves and Jonas growled. “No way in hell Taylor.”

Kris put her hand on his arm. “I’ve got this. You guys have my back, I’ll be fine.” She held up her hands and walked slowly towards him.

“That’s far enough.” Jesse said as he raised his gun and pointed it at her.

Kris heard the guys behind her ready theirs so she stepped in front of him. “I’m here. Just like you wanted. What do you want to talk about?”

He laughed dryly and watched over her shoulder as more cars approached. “I want justice for my father.”

“Jacob Vance killed your father Jesse. You know that and he’s dead too.”She tried to sound understanding. “Someone killed him right after he was acquitted.”

He looked at her now, she was his sole focus. “You don’t have any idea do you? Who you really are?”

Kris knew her father was a bit of a mystery, always had been to her but her mother wasn’t. They had been very close until she’d passed a few years before. “I know that I’m Kris Parker. I know that my father died when I was 4 and my mother died three years ago. That’s all I need to know. She was a great woman and she loved me very much.”

She flinched as he shifted the shotgun to rest under his chin. “You have no idea.” He said it over and over, talking like no one else was there. “You really have no idea.”

Kris was scared now. He had the barrel of his gun up under his chin and his eyes were wild. “Jesse, don’t do this. You don’t have to do this. We’ll help you. Just talk to me.”

He laughed and sobbed at the same time. “I have no one left to live for, surely you can understand that. And a cop in prison is as popular as a Pedophile. You know that they’ll kill me.”

She could see he was resigned to the fact he wasn’t going to leave here alive. “Solitary confinement is better than death.”

“How do you think I’ve lived my whole life?” He shouted and shook his head. “My mother lived every day terrified that someone would find us. I couldn’t even go to a public school. So don’t tell me how solitary confinement is better than death because I’ve lived it. Your father saw to that.”

“What?” Kris couldn’t understand what he was saying. “My…my father was dead long before all of that happened.”

“Jacob Vance was your father Kris. All the proof you need is inside.”Kris missed his movement until it was too late and he pulled the trigger.

“No!” heard her own screams mixed with the ones behind her but she couldn’t move. She was frozen to her spot from the words that came out of his mouth before his death.

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