The boy under the bed

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Justeen is a normal girl, with a normal life. But her whole life is getting turned upside down when she gets her new bed. What is the darkness that lurks under the bed?

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The new bed

Justeen is standing in the middle of her bedroom on the cold wooden floor.

She have been staring at the new bed since her mom put it up early this morning.

My old bed is lying in pieces two floors down.

I do not know why my mom put it apart and threw it out the window, but she was determined that I needed a new bed.

I shifted my glance over to the window in my room, where my mom fulfilled my old bed dreams and made it fly.

The wall of the barn and the old birch is all I can see from where I stand, but I know that the roof of our main entrance is under my window as well.

The new bed is a bit shabby and it have the look of a old psychiatric hospital bed. I start to wonder where my mom even got this bed...

My mom is standing by the kitchen counter making dinner for the both of us. Weird...I always make dinner.

'What are you making?' I think I failed to not sound suspicious.

'Oh, come on! My cooking is not that bad' She laughed.

'I did not say that' I tried to choke my laughter, but a small giggle came out of my mouth and made my mom turn around.

'Justeen, can you please let me cook for you this one time. You always make dinner for us' She smiled, but I know she was hurting.

'I'm sorry, mom. Of course you can make dinner today, what are you making?'

'I'm making your favorite, it's the only dish I can make without making the fire alarm go of' We both burst out in laughter.

My mom poured both of us a bowl of her homemade chicken soup. The smell of it surrounded the room and made my stomach growl like a walrus.


'You do not have to tell me twice' I smiled at my mom.

After we both finished eating I did the dishes, my mom would not let me do it but she gave in eventually.

I went up to my room after we watched the news like we always do.

When I stepped into my room a cold breeze hit my face. My window was wide open and my room was ice cold.

I went over to my window and closed it, it was too cold to be in my room, so I went down stairs to the livingroom and sat in front of the fireplace.

'Do you like your new bed?' I jumped, my mom was standing right behind me, laughing her ass of.

'You should have seen your face when you turned around' she wiped a tear from her eye from all the laughing.

'I'm glad I amuse you' my heart was still pounding from the shock.

'I'm sorry, but I finally got my payback from all the time you scared the shit out of me'

She sat down beside me at the sofa 'Do you like your new bed?'

I didn't know what to say, the right answer is yes, but I always get shivers down my spine when I look at it.

'Yes, but I like my old bed aswell' I sat completely still while waiting for my mother's response.

She sighed 'Justeen, you've had that bed since you were five years old. You got a pretty big bed when you were five because we had the money then, and then me and your father agreed to get you a new bed when you were sixteen.' My face dropped at the mention of my father.

'But I'm seventeen now, and please don't mention Ron' My mom always get sad when I say Ron instead of dad.

'Please, you don't have to say, Ron. He is your father.' Her eyes saddened.

'I refuse to call him dad, he is my father by blood but not by heart. Not after what he did too our family.'

'I do not want to have this conversation again' my mom actually hate to talk about my dad, it dosen't seem like it, but she does.

'I'm going to bed, hopefully my room is warmer than before'

'Okay, goodnight sweetie'

When I entered the room my window was wide open again...weird, I thought I closed it. It was pouring outside and my window frame was wet.

Shit, all of the decorations are wet.

When I shut the window I saw that a cat sat on the roof of our front door entrance.

Poor thing, it must be so cold outside.

'Come,kitty, kitty' how in the hell do you call for a cat?

I have never had a pet before, so I don't know much about animals.

The cat finally got inside, I went out and got a towel from the bathroom. When I came the cat was gone.

Where can it go? It was here a moment ago...

I started to look for it and heard a sound from under the bed. I tried to get it out but it only tried to scratch my arm.

I gave up and put the towel on the floor so it can lay there when it comes out. I sat down on my bed for the first time, with my feet crossed in front of me.

'Kitty, kitty'

Not a sound.

I started to Google how to get a cat out from under a bed, it just said to get it out by hand or try to give it some food.

I do not have cat food or snacks so this was not going to work out.

Fine, then you will sleep here tonight. But, you are going out in the morning.

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