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Chapter 25

Four days later

Four days after the death of Michael. It was unbelievable. Everything was back to normal, although I could still see the fear that lingered in everyone. After what we had been through, it was impossible to simply forget everything.

I was walking to the hospital to meet Aric and Xavier. They were both being discharged, and I couldn’t wait to get them back home. Aric and I had decided to sell the house. It was too painful after Mom’s death. Since Sarah and I had returned from the forest, we’d stayed at Xavier’s house.

I couldn’t bear to go back to my house and I knew for sure Aric wouldn’t want to go back there either. So when I broached the subject of selling the house, he didn’t even let me finish my thoughts before he accepted.

Sarah would be living with us on and off, but she wanted to travel around the world too. It was time for her to fly free and find a life for herself before it was too late.

When I reached the hospital, I saw both Aric and Xavier standing at the entrance.

“Hey guys! How are you feeling?” I asked when I got closer.

“Good. I was tired of sitting in that hospital bed. Happy to be out of it,” Aric said with a laugh.

“Agreed,” Xavier said with a nod. I laughed with them but quickly sobered when I saw a teenage girl helping an older woman into the car. I thought about my mom constantly and after her burial the day before, it had become harder. She was really gone.

“She would want us to be happy, Alexia,” Aric said. I knew he was talking about our mother.

Xavier wrapped me in a hug and kissed the top of my head. “C’mon, give us that sexy little smile.”

Aric punched his arm and grumbled. “That’s my sister, and her smile is cute not sexy.”

“Whatever,” Xavier said over his shoulder, but he let me go.

“Oh! Our taxi is here. Let’s go.” Aric said.

When we reached Xavier’s, Sarah was standing on the porch with her suitcase.

“You’re going already?” I asked with a pout.

Sarah gave me hug and then said, “Yeah, and I have to hurry. I don’t want to miss my train.”

“I’m sad,” I said to her.

She slapped my arm gently. “C’mon, stop pouting. I’ll come visit often, and you have my number too. We’ll stay in contact.”

She went over to Aric and Xavier and gave them both a hug. The last few days, Sarah and I had gotten closer. We had become good friends, and I really was sad to see her go.

After Michael’s burial, she’d made the decision to leave and it was impossible to change her mind. I didn’t want to hold her back, so I let her go without any tears.

After Sarah was gone, Aric, Xavier and I went into the house. I closed the door behind me with a smile. Everything was back to normal, and I couldn’t be happier.

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