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Max is a 14 year old boy who just moved from New York to Elko, Nevada. This new and desert environment has already made him less than comfortable but add on it being the first year of highschool with his newly raging hormones and you got yourself the disaster that is his life. As he wanders through this unfamiliar world he meets a few allies along the way making him feel almost like he can call the place home.....until the mysterious disappearance of a young boy sets the community on fire during the darkest night of the year, Halloween. While Max just so happens to be the last person that saw him..

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1: Introducing Max

"I'm telling you honey this is exactly why I didn't want him going outside!" The booms of the small yet angry man whipped through the cozy living room like wind.
Though the eyes of the young boy who stood there, watching from the staircase in secret looked soft in their golden brown orbs, they had a deep dark desire for the man that stood right in front of his blonde frail mother to just drop dead.
His pale face was reddening the more the man went on and on in a belligerent manner. It almost seemed like the man was forgetting she held his offspring inside the small bump that was apparent in her pink leggings and white jacket.
"You know that little slimy boy has been sabotaging my gym equipment in the garage!? Earlier today while I was lifting weights I dropped one on my foot because of some sort of syrup shit he put on the weights. He needs to be punished!"
This is when the little volcano in Max erupts.
"You already punished me by moving us across the country!" Max walks completely down the wood steps.
"It's your fault I have to start off at a school that I have no friends in..." His fire dies down from the harsh gaze of his mother.
If anything the rage was a front for his anxiousness. "I just want to go home.."
His mother's blue eyes dim, with a tenderness sweeping upon her tan face. "Oh honey this is home now. I'm sorry you can't hang out with old friends but there is no excuse for treating your step father this way. Please apologize to him."
Max chews on his lower lip, trying to bide the time before his gaze is forced to meet the snarky man and all his shortness.
"Now Max." He glances at his mother's crossed arms while she gives him the motherly look of a warning sign.
Max groans finally reaching they blue eyes of a wrinkled filled, leathery looking tanned face.
The man's slicked back blonde hair was supposed to make him seem more youthful but, all it did was add to his unbearable uncoolenes and lack of self awareness.
"Sorry." He mumbles making the man squint his eyes over at him.
"Pardon what was that?" Sarcasm leaks through the man's ragged voice.
Max balls his hands into a fists. "I said sorry." He forces out now that his whole body has became a tomato, his mother smiled feeling pleased.
"Great. Well you know the deal Max no video games or phone for the next three days."
He nods frowning deeply. "I understand."
His mother pouts with sympathy.
"These days will fly by I promise. You should really take a shower tonight. You got a big day tommorow."
Looking at his young mother, that had kept her smooth skin well taken care of and her lips never chapped; It was a mystery as to why she ever got with a scummy old man.
"Okay mother." He holds his arm as he walks upstairs in defeat. If he were to look back at the old man before reaching the second floor he'd know about the smirk that was on Ben's lips.
Regardless of that when he made it to his room and saw all the boxes he had still yet to unpacked he was quick to neglect them and just lay upon his blue sheets.
The small window right behind his desk, gave him clear view of the sun set and the colors were wonderful in their blues and purple streaks.
The glistening on his forhead came from the extreme heat he had been in all day; Max had worked hard in his plan to inconvenience the man who has always inconvenienced him. He wondered how such a small town would even have enough kids to have a high school.
From what he had seen this place moved slow, very. It was nothing like the bustling city he had gotten used to as a child.
All there was here for him didn't feel like enough. That city had his friends and this place only had his mother and a man he never cared for. What's more was the baby growing inside his mother; It was some sort of bizarre alien that decided to ruin his life by making this whole family thing official.
There was no looking back now. Max got up from his bed and looked into the mirror that had a small crack in the side from him carrying it up. He could still see his miserable face that had an extreme paleness to it. Under his brown eyes there were dark bags from the lack of slep he had to endure coming here.
His hands run through his thick auburn hair where his nose wrinkles seeing his bright pink cheeks. Max wasn't a fan of most of his features. Though that could just be the teen angst hormones kicking in. He had gotten taller over the year but his arms were still basically spaghetti and his whole body looked slender.
Of course Julia, his mother always tells him he's just going to be one of those pretty boys who should probably stay away from any sort of physical activity, in case of ruining his "gorgeous" face.
It would sting like ten bees on his chest, how was he supposed to manage here if even back at home he got teased for his appearance?
Though he wasn't dumb nor did he want to be some whiner. He knew the small teases would never out weigh the amount of attention he was given for his dimpled smile or shiny teeth.
People easily thought he was welcoming and "kind"..
Funny though this trick only seemed to work for the girls at his junior high who, a great deal would go on and on about how unlike he was to other boys. It just wasn't something he took credit for because he was like every boy who sometimes said something a little to cocky or who wanted to get praised for their athletic skills.
It was all there just that no one seemed to listen. He was angry on the inside and emotional when it came to serious topics. Everything about him seems wrong, like he was wired to be some sort of freak.
Max couldn't look within his own reflection anymore; It was starting to make his stomach hurt with how much he had the urge to hide his face. A new school wouldn't be his clean slate, all it'd be is a more stress inducing place now with him having to make friends all over again in which he wasn't going to be making anytime soon.
Max layed down but just to pass out from the long day he had of sitting in a car then grabbing boxes out of a moving truck. It wasn't until the morning where he would be stunned to see that he had slept more than 10 hours.

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