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Max Ryder , a brilliant kid solves common problems of his hostel and life with his analytical skills and intellectual prowess.Some people were asking that what is Max Ryder about? And I thought that well that is very reasonable thing to ask and I have not told people. At least not clearly. It follows a journey of 11 year old boy Max Ryder,who is descendant of greatest detectives ever in history. With his detective bloodline, he wants to prove his prowess and when a sudden mystery arises in his hostel , he grasp that opportunity to solve it with his brilliant analytical skill and analytical intelligence. Someone is fixing matches and Max is not going to sit down silently.

Mystery / Drama
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I was not keen on spending my days in school like normal people. Nah! That was boring. How much time does it even take to cover the whole syllabus. And then they give a whole year for it. Talk about insanity of schools. But then again normal people do require that time or even more in some cases or so I hear. I come from a good origin . But now as I say this , I do wonder who decides what is good origin and why does he gets to decide? And that is what my mind does when I am in social science class . Don't get me wrong. I like it . It is good . But I just don't see any point in remembering dates or how many years it took to build , siege , how many died? I would rather be just better off reading some spy books . And that is what I have been doing for quiet a while until my uncle Tricky X caught me with it and it is in stasis now .

I can't see what he has to complain. My grades are good . So how does it matter at all that I read spy books or anything instead of course books . But ugh! Who argues with him. He is most competitive person ever. You don't wanna start any debate with him . There is never any conclusion because he has a point against every point and when he doesn't, he manipulates your words in such a way that you doubt yourself that "hey! Did I speak right?"

My name is Max Ryder and I am 11 years old . Yeah I know . You are like what could a teenager have to share about or not even teenager yet . You would be surprised, mate . It was decided after due deliberation with my parents, uncle and teachers that the boy is better off sent to a hostel . Hostel! Oh! Come on . Now there will be a bloody conundrum.

In school, it is not so hard to avoid people and talking to them . I mean if you observe each action and data , you don't need to talk . You already know what happened so there is no point in useless chit chat and now in hostel , all boys are like "hey look at him" and all coz I have to share room with them . Girls! Well they wouldn't be problem. Not same dormitories so they are not problem but boys ..ya that is gonna be really a big problem but the decision was final and I guess that now I am going away to William Wonavilla hostel . What a dreadful name? Let's just hope inside is better than the name sounds .

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