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My heart won't break a little when I hear your name if I never know yours.

Mystery / Romance
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0. What is in a name?

Name, as weird as it may sound, is actually a mere noise to attract your attention. People from generation to generation around the world never stop trying to find the most unique, different name, so that other people wouldn’t confuse their offsprings with somebody else's. But alas, it is easier to be said than done, because once a name idea came into their head, someone else, somewhere, must’ve already bore that name.

In this whole wide old word, with its population of 7 billion people, it is absolutely natural to find people with the same name. Some of them are even exactly the same, because there is no such thing as pure originality. But to make things easier, let's just assume that there are 7 billion names in this whole wide planet.

If I were to be paid to read a list of 7 billion names, I wouldn’t even bother looking at the same name twice. They are all basically the same and are just different noises copied by so many people with a huge range of misspell and mispronouciation and then later combined with some other generic last names. And therefore, name, quoting Shakespeare, what is in a name?

But sometimes in life, perhaps once (or twice if one is lucky enough), name actually does have a meaning. That one name that stands out from the rest of its kin, the one that makes life more bearable to be lived. Or the very name that also breaks one’s heart a little when it somehow comes up.

But in order to get your heart a little bit broken upon hearing that name, you have to know the name first.

And that is the first thought rushing into his head the first time he saw the guy in tacky yellow shirt that one afternoon in autumn.

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