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Swimming its a normal everyday activity but this is just how I feel hearing foot steps and the never ending conversations as I lay hear sleeping hearing the normal beep the the machine...

Mystery / Action
Roses T
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Foggy Existence Chapter One

Hearing the beep of the machine that checks my pulse, the conversations that envelope around my very being
my mother cries....as... the police take away my father that was a year ago today June 5th no other date in my mind is as important other than.. well june 5th.

It started as any other normal day for an eight year old girl.

My mother Risa was calling papa trying to figure out where he had gone from what my mother said he was gone all night, then came home early that morning.

Knowing the drill I ran to my room.

My parents began to argue over money,bills medical and other wise..

Papa "Did you just hear me stutter risa no no you didn't we can't afford Opal... you know this I told you risa... Risa this is a good opportunity we need the money.."

Risa: "You its always money with you! She's our daughter your flesh in blood why can't you think of another way"

All I remember is hearing the slap of his back hand on my mothers face the rest is just a blur.

Paramedics,Officers, and then being surrounded by doctors and nurses for weeks.

The last remaing memory is papa being taken away.

My mother talking to someone who looked like a worker that came to visit time to tike after papa yelled at my mother Risa.

A month went by, Mother just sat looking through towards me while medical staff walked in and out. An expression of unease well at least thats the energy she gave off everytime the machine beeped.

Thirty minutes before close. Overhearing the conversation between my mother Risa with the assumed social worker.

Sw."Signing over your daughter to us would give her a new chance at a fresh start,same would go for you Mrs. Risa considering your decision; with your soon to be ex's standing currently with the law"

I heard shuffling of some paper and a pen to paper scribbling.

I felt my heart break. My mother dare not return.

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