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The Dust & The Wind

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When a normal designer falls into a big mysterious game unknowingly & witnessed the unthinkable which relates indirectly to him but also not.

Mystery / Thriller
Samrat Chowdhury
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Welcome Ceremoney

Dust is everywhere, "Take care, my dear," She told me & everything goes dark.

"Hi Daniel, you should take the project because the client is waiting for the source file," I replied - "Sure, no problem at all," and here my Monday starts.

These days are not going too well for me. I'm 23, Living in an old house with my granny. Sometimes you don't know what will happen to you and your connections.

~ Friday 12th, 2012

Sun is soaking the whole energy right now, which I dislike. Like every month, I came to my doctor for a monthly health checkup for my granny.

I'm a product designer here in Korea. I always try to find perfections on almost everything (Designer things), so my friends don't like this particular behaviour in me, and they always say that I give too much attention to details I should stop being a weirdo. But the truth is this thing has been with me since childhood, and it's also like a gifted behaviour; I can remember stuff If I see it once.

Sometimes I feel dizzy, and in that dizziness, I can see a weird man lurking in the dark. I don't know how to explain it, but today I'm fresh and came to my granny's monthly health checkup, but the doctor asked me to reschedule the appointment for next week.

So I said yes and just then I received a call from an unknown number, so at first I cut the ring, but 2nd time it came, so I picked it up and heard some automated voice.

"your registration code is 45A, and the token amount has been transferred. Please leave the building now."

In confusion, I looked back and every side to see if someone was following me, and eventually, I thought it was a prank call or something. So I usually leave the building & get into my car; just then, I got a notification from the bank that someone had deposited $40K to my bank.

Seeing that, I was shocked and baffled, so I called the bank and asked them for the transaction details, but they said they didn't have anything without the name "Stuart Hudward Agency."

I looked through my call history and tried to find the number, but strangely the number was not showing up, So I tried to rewind the call in my mind that the voice said two things in the ring, 45A and the token amount transferred, which is done.

But some obvious questions were scratching my mind, What about the 45A? Why would someone send me this much huge money for nothing? Am I being watched or followed? Too many questions are going through my mind, and just then, a man stops by my car window and is stuck on a small piece of paper.

"YOU WILL GET A CALL BY 9:30 TONIGHT" written on the paper.

All these things are scaring the shit out of me. But I still want to know who is behind this and why me. What the hell is going on?

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