The Dust & The Wind

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A normal guy is trying to reveal something through the dusty lies.

Mystery / Thriller
Samrat Chowdhury
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Welcome Ceremoney

Dust is everywhere, "Take care, my dear," She told me & everything goes dark.


"Hi Daniel, you should take the project because client is waiting for the source file" I replied - "Sure, no problem at all" and here my Monday starts.

These days are not going too well for me. I'm 23, Living in an old house with my granny. Just to clarify, I like to be modern and I love to stay groomed but sometime you know, you can't tell what is going to happen with you and your connections.

Friday 12th, 2012

Sun is soaking the whole energy right now which I don't like at all. Like every day, I used to go to my doctor for a monthly health checkup. Oh yeah, I'm a product designer in California.

Sometimes I feel dizzy and in that dizziness, I can see a weird man but I don't know how to explain it. But today I'm fresh and came to my daily health checkup but the doctor ask me to reschedule my meeting.

So I simply say yes and just then I received a call from an unknown number, so at first I cut the call but 2nd time it came so I picked it up and I heard some automated voice

"your registration code 45A, the token amount has been transferred please leave the building now"

I curiously looked over my back and every side if someone is following me or something and after that, I thought it was a prank call or something. So I just leave the building & get into my car just then I got a notification from the bank that someone deposited $40K to my bank.

Seeing that I was shocked and really confused so I just called the bank and ask them for the details of the transaction but they said they don't have any without the name "StuartHardward Agency"

Now I just went to my call history and checked for the number but that was not there so I started thinking about the call. In the call, that voice said two things 45A and the token amount transferred which is done. But what about the 45A? Why would someone send me this much huge money for free? Am I being watched or followed? Too many questions are going on in my mind just then a man stops by my window and is stuck on a small piece of paper.

These all things are scaring the shit out of me. But I still want to know who is behind all this and why me and what the hell is going on?

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