The Man With the Briefcase

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A father wanting to spend more time with his daughters, takes them on a little vacation only for suspicion to arise when they fear someone, a mysterious man with a briefcase, may be following them.

Mystery / Thriller
elise gehosky
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Chapter 1

I was laying in the middle of the floor. My head felt like it was full of dust. And it was dustier than the room around me. The carpet I was laying on was faded blue and torn apart. It prickled at my back.

The walls around me were made from that fake wallpaper that was supposed to look real. It was dark and wooded. It was peeling away.

The only light in the room was entering through the single large window to my left. There were no blinds. "Mom should buy blinds, first thing." I thought.
This was my mom's new house. She was leaving, leaving us. I looked over out the window. My mother and the house proprietor came into view. Their figures were blurry. This was probably because I was laying at a strange angle. Or because I was half asleep. Or maybe it was because I didn’t have 20/20 vision. Could have been all three.
I focused my eyes anyway and the figures came in clearer. I heard my mom's flaky voice but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. The man who had just sold her the house was holding a clipboard and I heard his pen tapping against it. The sounds were distorted, but full and clear at the same time.
I looked back up at the ceiling and felt like I was a part of the room. Empty.
Mom wanted me to help set up with her furniture but I couldn’t motivate myself to think clearly. And because I couldn’t think clearly, I couldn’t stand up and help.
I smiled with my eyes closed and imagined my life somewhere else. Anywhere else that wasn’t this dusty small house.
I always thought my mom deserved better. A better house than this. A better husband that she didn't have to leave, and two better daughters. I could be the best daughter in the world.
I could jump up the second she opened the door. I could greet her and help her without hesitation. I could solve her problems. I could fix, and resolve the marriage with my father. I could make sure we were still a happy family.
All I wanted was to make sure everyone felt safe and proud, all I wanted was to make my family proud.
A sense of safety and security is one of the best feelings, I think. Everyone deserves to have the knowledge that someone, your family, is in your corner.
But my corner was soon to be split in half.
I often imagined a better life. A life where my dad would come home from work and not drink right away.
A life where my dad would come home and his happiness wouldn't be faked.
A life where he didn't have to try so hard to please my mother- it would just come naturally as it should.
A life where my sister and I saw eye to eye, a life where she cared more than just herself. But I knew nothing could change. Especially not now. So I continued to melt uncomfortably into the floor.
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