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Dance of death

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Just making this because I'm bored so enjoy Many story's of death some fiction and others based off real things TW DEATH, AND SUICIDE!!

Mystery / Thriller
AJ Ace
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Chapter 1

She looks over the horizon and a tear slipped down her cheek. The blood drips, from the wound in her side, making a small trail that looks heavenly amongst the white snow. As she slowly slides down the wall next to her, her blood leaving a trail. While she is laying on the ground, a pool of her blood starting to form by her, she feels her heart starting to beat slower. She remembers the past hours and fells it sting when she remembers him. His smile and how she hates to leave him but the battle was to much for her, and she knows that she wouldn't have made it. Even though she had made it to a doctor. And as she takes her final breath all she thinks of is him.

He runs around looking for her, she had disappeared from the battle. And he felt hopeless without her and all that cosumes his mind is her. He walks further and further and his hope fading, when he sees a building that looks over the horizon. In his heart he knows that he needs to get to that building. All he wants to do is see her smile again and they can go and be happy together. But as he got closer he noticed a trail of blood in the snow and his heart dropped to his stomach, he followed the trail to where she was laying. His world came crashing down at that moment and he fell to his knees, sobbing quietly. All he could see trough his tears was her and the black rose that had grown beside her.

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