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Samar, being a design graduate, finds it hard to come out of his same dream every night. Upon all the problems he has, he even gets involved in the mystery of the invisible woman. Who is she?

Mystery / Romance
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15 May 2019

He was woken up by the same dream again, either falling off from height or drowning in a deep sea, He got up and went out, crossed two rooms, and went upstairs. He stood on the corner of the second floor, away from the crowd, watching the most beautiful sunrise he had ever seen.” Congrats Samar”, came a voice from behind. It was his dad, Mr. Naresh Lokhande. He was a businessman and owned pretty much everything he wanted. He turned back and smiled.“ Thanks baba”.His voice was not as happy as it used to be. He sounded pale and unenergetic. “Do you have something to say ?”.His father understood that something was bothering him. “Nothing serious baba, but I guess I will miss this sunrise. So watching it for one last time is fulfilling”. He lied quickly. “You are not the person I had seen 3 years back”, his father replied, mostly looking curious for his reply.“Yes, baba, quite a lot has changed in me and I am happy about it. I understand things better now”. “ Good to hear that, but...”.
“Baba Ji!”. Came a voice, footstep hurriedly walking towards them. It was his mother, a pretty Gujarati woman in her 40s, who had got married at a very early age.“ Baba Ji, It’s getting late for the ceremony. And Samar, what are you doing here? I had informed you to get ready an hour back!”.“ Ma, I was just enjoyi..”.“ No unnecessary reasons! go and get ready NOW!”. His mom was in a hurry and making everyone run for it.
He went back to the first floor, into his room. It was the place where he has created memories for three years straight and he was getting a hard feeling thinking about leaving it. He wished he could stay there forever.“ Hey! party man!” said someone patting hard on his back. “Ouch! can you please calm down and reduce your excitement for things?”, Samar barked in pain and anger. It was his best friend Harsh, a bestie for 3 years, who knew all his dirty secrets. His father, Mr. Gupta, and Samar’s father were childhood best friends and presently were good business partners. “Man, it’s graduation! how can someone not be excited?”.Harsh winked with joy.“You overly act for your name...” Samar murmured nonchalantly.
They both got dressed up and went out to search for their respective parents. All of them later entered the big Hall of fame. It was decorated with all the glittery things. The chairs were aligned uniformly and the spotlight was decorated with red and black cloth. Overall the hall was looking grander than ever. Samar and Harsh with their parents took the seats according to the given numbers. And there came Mr. Pandya and his family. Their daughter Ananya was Samar’girlfriend and everyone there knew that and was happy with it. Ananya was busy on her phone. Samar and Harsh both were busy examining the hall, wondering how much it would cost for all the decorations. Their parents started a casual chat which would have never ended if the principal didn’t interrupt them. Mr. Amir Mehta, the principal in his 30s, was the youngest principal the college ever had. He was dressed in a black suit, making him look younger than he was.
“Good Morning Honored Guests, Ladies, and Gentlemen”, he began. “ A graduation ceremony is always such a special occasion - the culmination of years of hard work; the actualization of goals attained and the acknowledgment of successes achieved. So, it is only fitting that today we commemorate the road that we have all travelled together these last few years”. There was a burst of applause all around.
He cleared his throat and continued, “Henry Ford wisely said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress and working together is a success.” As we look back over the last few years, certainly there was a beginning, and thankfully there was also progress and yes - undeniably we have been successful! The result Ladies and Gentlemen of our coming together, keeping together and working together, despite the obstacles that we may have faced along the way... that result is the Graduating Class of My, how proud we are of the success that they have made with the opportunities that they were offered. Congratulations, we are inordinately proud of you all! We wish you everything that you so richly deserve in the years ahead - it has been an honour and a privilege watching your progress and success!”
There was again a huge burst of applause. It was time for the students to share their experiences, which ended quickly because there were few of them interested in doing it and the overall program ended within 4-5 hours. Now he is a graduate design. It was time to pack things up and leave home. Samar finally grabbed his amulet and with Harsh, started his way down the floor. The amulet was a long chain. It was given to him by his mom after knowing about his scary dreams. The amulet was meant to protect him and bring him good fortune. He didn’t believe in it but as it was an expensive chain he didn’t just want to lose it. On the way, they saw many girls crying and hugging each other. They looked at each other with a smirk. They were cool about leaving the college because they had got the job opportunity from the same firm. The office would start within 20 days so they didn’t go home instead found an apartment for rent and started living together as before. 22 May 2019 It was exactly a week after graduation. Samar woke up by the same dream again, but this time he felt being pushed by a human force. He couldn’t see the face. He pushed Harsh to consciousness, waking him up. Both got freshened and dressed up. And decide to go out for breakfast. They together went to a fancy restaurant and sat down at the table in the corner.“ What would you like for breakfast, Sir?”, the waitress asked. She looked like a similar figure. But Samar didn’t think about it much and went through the menu, at last, ordered 2 plates of Dosa. They ate breakfast and went near the payment counter. “Aah!”, it was a sudden sound of a woman screaming. All the restaurant staff rushed towards the noise followed by Samar and Harsh. Inside the staff room, there was no one, and to everyone’s shock, there was blood everywhere on the floor and the window near it was broken. The restaurant was on the first floor and by the broken window it was sure that someone had jumped out of it. There was a note stuck on the wall written: ” KILL HIM”. Blood drained out of Samar’s face. He quickly turned back and started walking out of the room followed by Harsh. He had seen something no one else in the room saw. It was the woman he had seen before..........
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