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By QuinnKitty All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery


21 year old Talissa wakes up in a hospital after what she thought was just a bad dream turns out to be her new reality. Her memory gone of who she use to be, who her friends are, what her life was, And most of all, what she was. Seeking out the truth, she will go through anyone, make enemies with anyone who dares to get in her way. She will do anything to find out the truth about herself. But is the truth something she really wants to know?

Chapter 1: Playing With Fire

Crackle. Sounds of scorching flames crackling against wood could be heard in the near distance. The smell of firewood passed through her nasal passageways. Am I outside? Did I go camping? She wondered to herself. Suddenly she felt the urge to open her eyes. As if something in her brain was screaming for her to open her eyes. Her eyelids ascended, her emerald green eyes flew open. Her pupils became dilated in fear. The entire room was engulfed in flames. The air was stiff. Humid even. She could barely even breath without feeling her throat tightening. She laid on her chest on the floor not at all far from the fire. Coughing due to how thick the air was from the burning wood, the room began to grow hazy. She arose from the floor with her palms in front of her on the wood floor, her knees bent against the floor. What happened? Did I fall asleep? She thought to herself. Why can’t I remember how I got here? No. This is no time to panic about how I got here. I’ve got to get out of here before the flames get me. She told herself. Standing up, she balled her fingers into her palms. There is no way I am dying like this! She took a deep breath in, being careful not to breathe in any of the smoke before placing her arm over her nose and walked forward through the flames. Everything was hard to make out. She needed to somehow find the entrances. Finally, she reached the front door. She sighed in relief. Turning the knob she heard a light click noise. But the door wouldn’t budge.


She pleaded at the door, twisting it, and pulling it back. No matter how she turned or pulled at the knob, there was no way of getting out that way. Thud. Parts of the wooden pillars on the ceiling began to collapse. The apartment was falling apart. And here she was, stuck in a crumbling apartment that was surrounded by flames.

What if I don’t get out of here alive? She began to think to herself. Beep.Beep..beep. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Suddenly she began to hear a loud beeping noise. It only seemed to grow louder. As if it was right next to her ear. The louder the beeping grew the faster it got until finally her eyes flew open as her body shot up in bed, her chest heaving as she was breathing heavily. “Was it...a dream?” She asked herself. Looking around the room it looked nothing like the apartment in her dream. The walls were white along with the curtains. Looking down at her lap she even noticed the blanket that covered her porcelain ivory skin was white.Looking down at her right arm she could see an IV was tapped down. This wasn’t even the apartment at all. It was the hospital. She was in the hospital. Looking to her left she could see a monitor with her heart rate on it. Her heart rate was at 102. That beeping was this wasn’t it. She thought to herself. She moved her hands up to her face feeling the oxygen guard over her nose and mouth. she pulled it off breathing on her own. She had all kinds of questions. Her top question, however, was who was she. And was that dream even real? Or was it just a really bad dream?

Suddenly the door flung open. A tall man who stood at least 6"2 walked in. Alongside him was a short girl with pale skin, dark hair that was pinned up. He sat down in the chair that was by young girl’s bed.

“It’s good to see you are finally awake. Now tell me, can you recall anything at all from just waking up?”

The man asked as he took the clipboard from the nurse who began to undo the IV to replace it with a new one, as well as replacing bandages which she barely seemed to notice. Under the gauges were burn wounds. She winced as she felt her burnt skin sticking to the gauge before her skin released the gauge from it’s grasp. How did..that happen? She began to wonder to herself.

“..N..No..Why am I here? How did I get here? Who am I?”

As she spoke to the man who sat by her bedside. He shortly began to write down a few things with the pen, and from what he could tell he was filling out the information of what he could gather from her.

“Your name is Talissa Yvette. You are in the hospital. Your apartment was on fire. When the firemen were able to get into the apartment, they found you. However, you were unconscious on the floor. Since you were were left with some pretty severe burns.”

Her eyes flew wide open. It wasn’t a dream..! She swallowed a bit hard. Reaching into the pocket of his coat, he took a small flash light or what appeared to be a flashlight.

 “Follow this light with only your eyes.”

He said softly pushing his thumb on the end of it and pointing it a few inches away from her face. He moved it horizontally, her eyes following the light from left to right. However, her eyes were sluggish as well as a bit shaky. Pushing on the top of it to turn it off, he set the flashlight back into his coat pocket.

“From what I can gather, you seem to have lost your memory. There doesn’t seem to be trauma from your head. However, your mind is a bit slow due to the stress of this information I can imagine. We would like to keep you here for a few days.”

He insisted before he stood up.

 “Your family is here so I will be sure to give them a brief summary of your current condition.”

And with that, he took his leave. The nurse finished up replacing the old gauges before she soon followed behind him closing the door behind her.

..My Talissa. I have no memory of anything past the moment I woke up. I have a family.And yet..that dream..that dream might’ve been who I was before I lost my memory. Talissa was so deep into her thoughts she didn’t even hear the door swing open. Suddenly she heard someone clear their throat. As if to get her attention. Looking up she noticed a rather young looking man. He looked much taller than the doctor by at least maybe two inches. He looked as if he was 18. Although she knew he looked a lot younger than he was. He wore a white button up shirt which wasn’t fully buttoned up, a black blazer, black trousers, and dress shoes. His hair was black and slicked back. He had many tattoos but none on his face. She could tell he had tattoos on his chest, neck, and even hands. But it was hard to even tell what they were. Reaching the inside of his blazer he pulled out a wallet, which he then flashed his badge. He was an investigator. At least Talissa could tell he was.

“I’m the head investigator of your case. My name is Jay Montgomery.”

He said in a soft but slightly deep tone.

“I have a warrant, to search your place for any foul play at hand. If there is any foul play, we will do what we can to put the person who did this behind bars. Now, from what I understand you have no memory of what happened?”

He asked as Talissa simply nodded her head. Something about him was familiar. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it. She wanted to tell him about her dream, but who would actually believe her? Definitely not the cops that were for sure.

“I don’t even remember my full name.”
She told him.

“I see. Well if you have any questions, or remember anything at all don’t hesitate to call.”

He said before handing her his business card. She took his card seeing it had the name Jay Montgomery on it along with his cellphone, fax number and email even. It was rather impressive. Talissa lifted her head to look at the gentleman. He gave her a look that no one had given her. At least not until now. He looked at her as if he knew something. As if he knew her. Did he know something she didn’t? But that doesn’t add up. She thought to herself. From his actions seemed like he didn’t know her. But his eyes..they told her a different story. From the looks of it, it was a painful one.
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