Æsir's Curse

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Chapter 2

Frederick turns when the door swings close; the sound reverberating in the now quiet lecture hall. His blue eyes are quick and thorough to check the space for signs of life. Satisfied with their privacy, he turns back to Hannah with a playful grin.

Pressing her against the wall, his knee finds the inner corner of hers and begins a slow torturous caress. He leans closer. Her breath hitches. His spicy cologne slams into her. Her eyes flicker close and she inhales, welcoming all that she could get from him. His lips brush against her ears. The warmth of his breath tingles her skin, sending pleasure shocks down her spine.

Moro mou, did he say something to upset you?”

Along with the teasing dance of his knee, his throaty whisper and Greek accent has her entranced. Incapable of focusing on anything else, her response is short and her voice is breathy. “You know how Linus is.”

As Frederick’s lips close around her lobe, Hannah sucks in a deep breath. Her heart mimics a runaway train and she relishes the heady feeling it leaves her with. “I just wish he would stop bothering me.”

Frederick smiles. His teeth graze her lobe. When he feels a shudder tear down her body, his breath caresses her again. “That’s my girl”. Leaning back, his eyes narrow and travel to the hem of her shirt. Hers follow.

He entwines his fingers between hers and encourages her arms above her head. His smile broadens when the hem lifts, leaving her navel uncovered. His eyes travel back up to hers. “When you look like this moro mou, how can anyone resist?”

Hannah giggles and blushes. He transfers both her hands to one of his. The position quickly turns awkward and Hannah becomes conscious of her chest being pushed forward. A slow finger begins tracing her navel and Hannah’s legs buckle.

“Rick, please. Kiss me.”

Frederick leans down and places a soft kiss on her lips. Hannah sighs. She frees her hands and wraps her arms around his neck.

A sound by the door has Frederick untwining her hands and placing them by her side. He straightens up just as quickly. “Not now, moro mou.”

When Hannah’s countenance drops, Frederick sighs.

You know I cannot be seen with you. You know how important Julie is to my family. I cannot risk it.” This conversation was nothing new to either of them. Yet she seemed to forget each time he was with her.

Placing a finger under Hannah’s chin, Frederick urges her face upwards. Her eyes had to meet his. It was of utmost importance that she see the sincerity in his bright blues. But she pushes his hand away and continues to look at the floor.

Frederick runs his hands through his hair. “I’m sorry Anna, if I could change the situation, I would. In a heartbeat! I really would. But I cannot moro mau.”

When no response comes, Frederick growls. “Tha eíste o thánatos mou.” Grabbing her face in both hands, he leans forward and kisses her with the passion she sought.

“Speak later?”

She grants him a quick nod.

With a small smile, Frederick leaves.

As soon as the door slams, John stretches and steps out from behind the podium. He walks over to Hannah who is still looking at the floor.

Oh no... you didn’t!”

At the familiar voice, her head snaps up.

“John, let me explain.”

He shakes his head and tucks his fingers into his armpits. “There’s nothing to explain; I saw and heard everything!

“Please don’t tell.”

He lowers his head and tucks his chin in; offering his submission. “You know I won’t.” Lifting his head just a little, he looks straight into her eyes. “Girl, you know you have to stop!”

Hannah shakes her head. “I know. I know. It’s just that…” Blinking back tears, Hannah searches for the right words. “When he’s near me, everything dissolves, including my resolve. I cannot help how I am around him. It’s like … he weaves a magic spell!”

“Did the spell make you write that weepy poem?”

She nods. “Yes. I was with him last night. In the library. I’m not sure what happened. One moment we were studying, the next, I woke in my bed. The poem was in my notebook. In my writing. I had nothing else for class today. I know the poem is obvious, but I cannot afford to fail this class!”

“Aww, girl come here.” John’s arms wrap themselves around Hannah. She sobs.

He strokes her hair. “There, there.”

She giggles. “You sound like my mother!”

“Well someone has to be when you’re around that pig!”


“You’re paying baby girl!”

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