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Spy Hunt

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The arrival of Ingo and Lani at Union Station in Washington DC turns on Ingo's patriotic emotions, and he sets a goal for himself to help make the world a better place. They live now in a lovely close-knit small, and multi-racial community in the neighborhood of Shaw. The neighbors are friendly and help each other in need. Ingo recovers well from the poisoning and, due to his abilities, is used to safeguard the children in the father's absence. The gravity of the events brings the whole group closer together. After laboratory testing, surveillance work, amateur forensics, and caution exercised by all of them, they have evidence and are ready to act. After Alex's second child is victim to the spies' aggression, he contacts the authorities with the support of his friends Jim and Lani. Alex, the scientist, is so impressed with Ingo's abilities that he proposes the Police and FBI use Ingo as the contact with the spies, which leads ultimately to the neutralization of the spy ring. Ingo's performance is highly appreciated, and he had the gratitude and admiration of the group. He receives full recognition for his contribution and 'employment' offers and long-term compensation. Ingo has achieved his life goal—of a good life and having the love and friendship of his master—but also fulfilled his self-imposed patriotic duty to make the world a 'better place.'

Mystery / Humor
Lani Gavin
Age Rating:

Untitled chapter

The Good Boy INGO



By Ilana G Holloway— pen name Lani Gavin

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