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Prophecy of Ragnarok

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Born in the time where the old gods and goddess walked among mortals. A clan tasked by the gods to save the world and are reincarnated over the life time, the gods For tells of a prophecy to happen in the future where man forget the old ways and follows religions blindly, where chaos and greed flourish. Where time flows and the lives of five men and a life a young woman will be changed forever,for the time of war has come and they will need to figure out and how to understand the life changing prophecy. The story follows a girl that is known as Renee Vasquez who finds her long lost baby brother Dorrian whitemen. Where he awakens the dormant soul of Astrid nova McKleever in her. A old Norse shield maiden who was appointed by Odin to fight in Ragnarok during the modern age.

Mystery / Adventure
Rachelle Koch
Age Rating:

Chapter 3: The village called Osomi

Odin left Asgard, and traveled to Midgard. On his travels in Midgard he came upon a village who’s name has been long forgotten, but not by him, Osomi, there lived A clan. Odin arrived at their village a gave Astrid’s mother Solveig (the chief) her uncle Osborn ( the war lord) Astrid ( shield maiden) her cousin Gudbrand ( the Berserker) and her grandfather Ingvar ( shaman ) with their power of reincarnation. The all father taught them how to activate their powers by drinking a special blend of honey and boulder Barry mead, After the all father left to continue his journey.

A year passes:

Astrids (P.O.V)

“ WHAT DO YOU MEAN...” Astrid screams at the top of her lung, when she over heard her Mother Solvegi the chieftain was Discussing Astrid’s betrothal to Eric Kerr chieftain of Maelifellsgil, with her grandfather Gudbrand.“ Are you really serious about this, because the last time I checked that Man was the one who had me kidnapped a couple of Moons ago all because I am a chieftain’s daughter and need I remind you of what chieftain Eric Kerr had done to me.... he had me Imprisoned, beaten, and forced himself upon me on multiple different occasions after he had me beaten to the point where I would be unconscious, and I would go days without water and weeks with out food at a time just to prevent pregnancy. NOW YOUR CONSIDERING A BETROTHAL TO THAT PIG!!”

“ Now, Now Astrid” Ingvar said with his hand up in the air as he approached her, “ It’s been several moons ago and the situation has changed. This is a diplomatic matter, where if we want peace with him the condition of the betrothal to you or war with them if we don’t accept.” He finished as he put his hands on her shoulders to Comfort her. His hands where huge and rough but all so gentle.

“ besides this is my decision to make and as your chieftain you will do as you are told,” her mother Solveig said in a Stern tone.

“ chief, with all do respect you can’t Expect....” Astrid said before getting cut off by Solveig.

“ I EXPECT YOU TO DO AS YOU ARE TOLD! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!” Solveig yelled at Astrid while slamming down her axe in the middle of the table making a loud thud.

Astrid jumped at the sound and tried to stifle the tears that threatened to escape her eyes as she turned away and ran to her room. Upon hearing this Astrid would rather run away from a forced betrothal to this man. She absolutely refuses to be anywhere near him. She grabbed her shield and her axes, she called Anja, and snuck out to the port. Where she knew there were Viking long ships awaiting orders to set sail to the Saxon country called England.
Upon arrival Astrid stowed away on one of a Viking long ships. While Astrid was hiding on the long ship, a horn from raider ships sounded off their attack.
Five long ships beached themselves on shore and on the sails the emblem of Maelifellsgil.
Upon one of the ship was Eric Kerr. He was a short fat man with a face that would make a baby cry, he had a burly black beard, and a scar over his left eye. Which made Astrid smile at from her hiding spot. She was proud of it, because she was the reason why he has it.

During one of the beatings he had given her, she had grabbed ahold of a sharpen rock and attempted to dig it into his skull but the rock broke and gashed his left eye instead blinding him permanently. He grabbed her by her hair and almost beat the life out of her. Then slung her so hard that she hit the Kabul wall and knocked her out.

Raiders jumped off ship and started attacking people with their axes. Astride grabbed ahold of Anja and sounded her battle cry “ for Valhalla”. Then jumped off the ship and ran head first into the fray of battle. She thrusts her axe’s into a mans torso and uses her shield to bash his face in. She then grabbed his falling sword, turn and start to push forward. I slash and stab and hack five more raiders. Her eyes hone in on Eric Kerr, “ this time I will kill him” she thought to herself as she lopped off a raiders head, as she approached the ship Eric was still on.

Eric (P.O.V)

As the horns sounded and all hell broke loose I ordered my men to kill anyone they see but not to attack Astrid. For she would be my bride and will be my Prize.
As my men started to jumped ship before it could beached on the shore, men and women came running down the hill side, their axe’s and shield’s in hand sounding off their battle cries for Valhalla.
I sat upon my ship watching the battle unfold, waiting for the opportune time, where I would kill that bitch Solveig for the disrespect she showed me....when she attacked me and my village under cover the night, while I made sweet passionate love to Astrid’s semi unconscious body. “Her moans and grunts where pleasure to my ears, especially after she gouged out my eye with that sharp ass rock she found. No more, not this time, this time will be different there will be no rocks that she can sharpen.” He thought to hisself. All of a sudden a familiar voice range out over all the steal hitting steal yelling, “ For Valhalla!”
I turned to see where it was coming from and five yards away there she was my bride, my prize, jumping out a long ship and running head first into her foe she had gotten covered from head to toe in blood by a fallen raider who’s head was lopped off as she ran forward. I watch her take her axe and thrusts it into a mans torso and uses her shield to bash his face in. She then grabbed his falling sword turns and starts to push forward as she slash's and stabs and hacks five more raiders. Her eyes honed in on me burning with the passion of the sun, as she lopped off a raiders head as she approached the ship where I am stationed.
Her beauty no’s no bounds her dark brown hair cover in blood still glistens red hue as the sun beast down. Her moon kissed skin soft as a baby’s bottom, and her light blue eyes reflect the greenery around her, where solely set upon me, brimming with passion.
As she approached the haul of my ship, one of my men plunged his sword into her back from behind mortally wounding her. I yelled out as it was happening to the Warrior but with all the screaming and yelling and steal clashing he didn’t hear my order to stop.
Before could do anything Gudbrand roared so loud I swore the earth would break underneath the sea and swallow me hollow. I saw him run through my men like they where rage dolls to get to this warrior. He took both of your axes and drove them into the mans back. Then you took his arm and ripped them off of his body. I had never seen that done before in my life it was like he had became like a bear, He had ripped this man apart like a man splintering wood for a fire. Then he jumped aboard my ship making it Quick in fear of what’s to come, I scrambled to grad my sword and shield and before I could do anything he was already on top of me with both arms still in his hands.
Gudbrand Eyes where as black as a cavern at nighttime, he was beefy and like a Frost giant, veins piping out of his neck and arms, he was covered head to toe in crimson blood but you could still tell that his had bright Auburn beard underneath and he was bald, his skin was kissed by The sun goddess herself.
Then he proceeded beat me with them, and in a moments of the beating I felt the Valkyries taking me to Valhalla.

Astrid’s (P.O.V)

I felt it before I saw it, the excruciating burning pain of a sword; that had just penetrated me from behind, straight through to my gut. I tightened my grip around the hilt of the sword and did a wide out word slash to kill the bastard, that just stuck his sword through my back. When I turned around fast and my sword was met with his shield, blocking its path to his head.
I fell to my knees and looked back towards the ship that Eric was still on. I saw his face in Pier agony and him screaming at the top of his lungs at the man before me to stop, but do to the fact that we where in battle his screams where muffled.
I gave him a huge smile, I did not care about the fact that I had blood spilling out of my mouth as I coughed, and in a moment I felt the Valkyries taking me to Valhalla.

Gudbrand (P.O.V)

I was coming done to the port from hill side, with a couple of my men to, finish putting supplies on the ships. When I spotted Astrid hop into my long ship. I rolled my eyes at the thought that she was trying to stow away on my ship again.
I know something happened between her and the chieftain because she would always go the port and stow away on my ship, usually to go out on the water so she could vent to me about how my Aunt, her mom was so unfair. This time though she was taking a small bag with her axe and shield, so I knew that what had happened was something big and she didn’t agree with it.
I sighed and rolled my eyes at her from afar. Then a horn sounded with war cry’s, I looked off to my right and I immediately recognized the emblem on the ships, Eric Kerr chieftain of Maelifellsgil. I saw that sorry excuse of a man; he was more of fat pig then a man, on the farthest ship. me and my men dropped what we where carrying and grabbed our axe’s and yelled our battle cry “For Valhalla”,and plunged ourselves into battle. Others from our village came rushing out following our lead down the hill slashing, stabbing and clashing of blades against blades, blades against shields. Blood covering the battlefield as body’s started to litter the beach. Then out of nowhere a familiar war cry sounded off “ For Valhalla!”
I turned to see Astrid jumping out a long ship with her axe and shield in hand, running head first into her foe about five feet away from me. I saw her as she thrusted her axe’s into a mans torso and used her shield to bash his face in. She then grabbed his falling sword, turns and stars to push forward as she slash's and stabs and hacks five more raiders down. I follow her lead trying to keep up with her force, then I saw him cowering on his ship and then I realized as to why I wasn’t able to keep up with Astrid, she had went berserk out of Blood lust as she mowed through to the ship to get to Eric Kerr. Then I saw a young raider come up to her and dug his sword through her back to her gut, I screamed her name out with tears streaming down my blood soaked face. Then the next thing I know was I saw nothing but Red. I picked up speed and Tour start through my enemies to get to her, but when I got there she had already been Decapitated, then I blacked out, out of sheer rage.
When I came too I was aboard Eric Kerr’s ship with his dead body underneath me feet with two bloody arms in my hands. I had know clue as to how or when it all transpired. I saw my aunts Solveig up on top of the hill with the look of shock and sorrow written across her face. When she had gotten down to the beach I was there carrying Astrid’s lifeless body to her.

“ NOOOO!!!....” Solveig cried out as tears fell out of eyes.
“ Chief...I...I...tried to keep...up with her”. I said trying to hold back the tears. “ I...I am sorry auntie Solveig, at least she’s in Valhalla with the all father drinking the best mead and sharping her skills for the battle yet to come.” I finally said to my aunt as I placed her daughter into her arms and tried to make my way to my ship.
“ thank you Gudbrand for avenging death.” Solveig said as she coddled Astrid’s body in her arms. “ We had gotten into a heated discussion about the peace treaty that Eric Kerr sent a few months back, but I guess since he had gotten to impatient with the reply and took upon hisself take her by force.”
“What!!!” I said in shock.
“ then thats the reason why I saw her try to stow away on my ship Because it had something to do with that pig?” I said with utter disgust while pointing my finger at his ship.
Solveig just nodded her head in reply to my question.
“ might you filling me in on why she was on my ship in the first place then chieftain?” I has asked grunting through my teeth in and rather irritated tone.
She sighed and looked up at me with tears in her eyes “ it was a peace treaty with the condition of her being betrothed to chieftain Eric Kerr of Maelifellsgil.” She finally said, “ she had over heard me and your grandfather discussing it. It wasn’t ever going to happen but before I called explain it to her any further she had packed up and left. Then this...” she broke off and Stared off at the beach.

Once dusk hit we sent Astrid off on a ship ablaze off shore And celebrated the victory of today battle. That is when I was told by my aunt Solveig of how I had two arms in my hands and Eric Kerr dead.

“by the time I had arrived at the beach that You had became like a bear, You had ripped apart the man that had killed Astrid, and had taken both of your axes and drove them into the mans back. Then you took his arm and ripped them off of his body. I had never seen that done before in my life...” she said with a hearty laugh then down a tanked of mead again, before continuing with her story, “ afterwards you jumped aboard Eric Kerrs ship with them still in my hands. Than You ran up on Eric before he could do anything to defined himself. You then proceeded beat him to death with them in your hands.” She finished as she started chugging down her thirteenth tankard of honey and boulder Barry mead. After that I drank tell I couldn’t see straight and passed out in Astrid’s room.

{ Gudbrand will now be known as Dorrian Whiteman who lives in Bakersfield California in the year 2002}

Dorrian’s (P.O.V)

I woke up to a woman beating me, she was yelling and screaming at me and beating me with a leather strap. I raised my arms up to cover my head and face, that’s when I realized that my hands and arms where kid size. When I yelled stop to her, I sounded like a young boy. She continued to beat me I look over to see this box with red numbers say 3:45AM. The only light I had came through the door that was wide open behind her. She had continued to beaten me until that box said 5:30AM. Then she left and went to what I thought was her room to sleep. I sat there in the farthest corner in the room waiting for her to come back. I guess I had fallen asleep when I heard a noise that sounded off. I jilted awake, the noise was still going off I frantically look around my dimly lit room and my eyes fall upon the box, the numbers where flashing it read 6:30AM, the closer I got the louder the noise got I grabbed it a hit it all over until I finally hit a button on top. I the proceeded to pull on it and noticed a long rope attached to it, I gave it one good yank and it came undone from its place. I pulled the rope to me and on the end of it was this small box looking thing with two short metal spikes at the end. The spikes where rounded and not all that sharp.
“ what is this thing, this couldn’t do any damage to a person.” I thought to myself, but before I could investigate further, I Heard the woman yell. “Dorrain Whiteman you better be up and ready for school, the bus will be here in a hour and 15 mins!”
I quickly look around the room and ran to the door, I looked for something I could use as a barricade and found nothing I could lift. I grabbed ahold of the handle and accidentally hit a button. I heard a click and jumped back.
“ what was going on, this wasn’t Astrid’s room that I had fallen asleep in last night, everything about this place was strange and different.” I thought to myself. I looked around again and saw a lever I went and pulled up on it. Then a bright light turned on and blinded me for a minute. “ what the hell is going on how did the sun get into the room like that?” I asked myself.
I had all these question and know answers to them.
I looked around the room, is was rather small but was quite spacious. I had a bed underneath the window the floor was soft and felt like fiber, there was a wooden table with box’s in it. I go over and pull it out by the handle. I looked in and found a bunch of under garments. I grabbed them and placed it on top, and continued to pull of the other and found more clothing, I found a shirts, pants, and what looked like really shot pants, I took a shirt the was black in color and a pare of pants that where blue and placed them next to the under garments on top. I quickly in dress and from the clothing I was wearing and put them on. Then I ran into another problem I had know idea of where my boots were. I looked around some more until I came up to another door in my room I opened it and there they were but they had leases instead of straps and they came to my ankles. I grabbed a pare put them on and look around in this brome closet some more I found a bag and grabbed it too. I went to the door and grabbed the handle and pulled it. I wouldn’t budge I pulled again and still it wouldn’t open, I twisted my hand and heard a click and pulled again this time it opened.
I was meet by a really petite unhealthy Woman coming up the hallway.
“Dorrian hurry up, go brush you teeth and hair.” As she grabbed ahold of my arm and dragged into another room and helped me with, that of which she told me to do and before I knew it I was being hurried out of the house while a another bag was being put into my hand. When the door opened to the house I saw what looked like a road but it was black with yellow and white lines painted on it. There where no horses pulling wagons, but hard metal beings with wheels on them. I went up to it to touch it, it was warm to the touch. I tried to investigate further before being dragged way. “Get away from the car and stand here so the bus can pick you and your sister up.” The woman said annoyed at me. The this big yellow and black striped bee came around the corner.

“ THE BUS! THE BUS MOMMY IT’S HERE!” The girl squealed at the top of her lungs as she jumped up and down with excitement while pointing her tiny fingers in the direction.
“ Okay some questions where answered, like who this woman dress in here underdress was to me. Who the small girl was and what that metal beast that is grading the front door was, and what that huge bee is, but As for the rest not so much.” I though to my self as I saw the bus put up I watched as its mouth opened wide and inside was a woman wherein trousers and a shirt the same color.
“ good morning come on and get seated with the rest of the kid's” she said unenthusiastically and point to the behind her.
“ good morning Mrs. Stron.” My sister said as she slowly climbed the steeps inside.
I followed her lead, “ Good morning Mrs. Stron, Thank you for picking us up.” I said as I climbed the steeps and went on the bus.
The bus was crowed and there where a lot of kid’s of all different colors, shapes and sizes. On one side there where girls and on the other side there where boys.

“Dorrian come sit here I saved you a spot.” And young boy said as he moved his bag out of the way and patted the seat next to him.
I went and sat down next to him. Then the bus started to move. On the way there I observed all of the kids on the bus and keep a close eye on my sister. The boy pulled out way he called a hot wheels truck and showed it to me.
It was bright red with a black stripe on the hood trailing down to the end of the truck.
The bus made several stops until finally coming to a stop where there where a lot o buses and kids coming out off of the bus’s with grown up’s greeting them in even more stranger clothing. To come and think about it the whole ride was strange. I saw really tall buildings that looked like they would touch the sky, cars running all over, some of which had strange colors flashing on top with loud screaming coming out of them while they chased after another car.
A huge metal snake that made the bus stop for a really long time and made a even loader roar then the car with the flashing red and blue colors.
I got off the bus and watched as my sister went in on direction. I had to have looked bad because a really nice lady asked me if I was feeling alright. I shook my head and she escorted me to the infirmary.I was checked out by another lady, which the other lady called nurse joy.
“ thank you Mrs. Green. Okay Dorrian what is going on with you today.” She asked.
“ I’m confused, And I can’t remember what I was doing yesterday. I think I hit my head really hard on something I have a not right here.” I said pointing to where it was. She gently touched it and I winced in pain. “Do you have a headache?” As she continued to check me out. You may have a mild concussion, stay here so I can monitor you.” She said and pointed a bed for me to lay on.
The moment I laid down, I must have passed back out because nurse Joy called my name and when I opened my eyes she was siting next to me with two cups in her hands. Had handed me one, “ there take this for the pain” as she handed me the small cup and the lager cup with water. I tossed them back and drank the water. “ now stay here so I can monitor you or do feel that you are able to go on to class?” She said.
“ Umm about that what class am I in right now?” I asked sheepishly.
“Will your in Mrs. Truest’s class in F12. I can go with you if you would like?” She asked.
I shock my head and we walked to the class. When we got into the building and she pointed to the class room I was to go in then turned around and left. Once she was going I went straight to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom washing my hands three young boys came in and blocked my pathway. One stood up against the wall in a cocky way with a goofy grin on his face. While the other two surrounded me on both sides. They both grabbed my arms and held me down.
“Not again” a small voice in my head said they started to beat me up three against one. As they where beating on me I blacked out. When I came to all thee boys where all bloody and on the floor ten feet away from me. I looked down at my hands and they where all blooded. I went over to the sink to wash off but the I noticed the sinks busted and mirrors where all smashed up. I turned around when a startled voice yelled at me “ WHAT DID YOU DO DORRIAN!” The man said.
“ I don’t know I blacked out and when I came to it was like they where like this” I said in my defines.
He grabbed me by my arm and yelled, “ to the principals office now!”
When I got there the principal had called my mother and explain to her that I was no longer a student at their school.
When we got home she was livid and nearly beat me to death again life growing up was hard it wasn’t until I turn 17 and graduated from school that I was able to finally leave my mothers care I had a job at a car I went to college slept on my friends couches. But then I found myself back in my moms house in the beginning of January 2012 my mother got a phone call she brought the phone in to me and told me that it was my sister that she wanted to talk to me.

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