The Diaries

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Nathen Megurine and Lady Kira Luka, have never met. or have they? when Nathan comes to Kira's home odd things being to happen. Disappearances, odd happening to the home, children he sees running around. and lastly the Diaries. watch Nathan discover a past back in the 1930's and watch what happens with this shrivel around him.

Mystery / Horror
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Chapter 1

The trees whizzed past the window as we drove down the dirt road, we were headed to the villages manor home where the Lady Luka lives. she hold the largest company in the world and she wanted to meet me to discuses a merge. this would be an amazing opportunity for the both of us. i looked at my Butler Raymond and asked him how long is left.

“not long now Mr Megurine, just around the corner. Would you like me to come in with you?” he looked at me through the review mirror with his warm brown eyes.

“No thank you Raymond, i would like to conduct business with the Lady Luka alone. you can head tot he hotel room. i will call you when i need picking up. he nodded his head and focused back on the roan the air becoming a comfortable silence once again.

After another couple of minutes the car finally came to a stop outside a large manor. the walls were pained black with a sleek dark grey roof. it was timely looking like i had just walked into the Victorian ages. surrounding the home was an over grown garden and a cracked path, the black spike fenced was broken in places and the gates were a mess. one lay on the ground and the other hanging on by one hinge.

I looked at Raymond before stepping out the card with my leather brief case. i made sure to straighten my tie and neaten my grey suit, before standing straight and walking through the broken gate. once i had stepped over the fallen gate door i felt as if i was somewhere else, i looked behind me to see that Raymond had already fled but i never heard his car go. sighing i made my way over the rigid dark oak doors, using the rusted brass door knocker to make myself knowns.

i heard the knock echo through the lands around me, she must no have neighbours for miles. i looked to my right to see piles of old news papers and letters. i tried knocking again but the door remain unanswered. Maybe I had gotten the wrong home, I thought. sighing in defeat I began to make my way back down the broken wood steps. as I reach the bottom I took one stop onto the broken path and the creak of the door behind me had me frozen. the hair stood up on the back of my neck and i feared to turn around. Until a small, soft and gentle voice wafted through the air.

“Hello, Can i help you?” i turned to meet a small girl, she had long blonde hair to her waits and it was held back form her face by a head band. she had large clear blue eyes and a small button nose, her lips were pale and thin just like her skin and figure. she didn’t look malnourished just small. most of her was hidden behind the door.

“Good morning, my name is Lord Nathan Megurine. i have an appointment to se Lady Luka?” the girl stared at me for a little bit before the door opened wider and a figure faded in from behind her.

“Rhianna, what are you doing in the do-” the boy cut himself off when he saw me, he was the spitting image of the girl Rhianna. same eyes, colour hair, nose and lips. he was much taller towering over the girl and he seem more filled out body wise. the only major different was his hair style i was short, shaven at the sides and longer on time gelled back off his face.

“Rye, This is Lord Nathan Megurine. he is here to see mother.” he looked at his sister and then back at me. stepping out he held his hand out to me, i quickly step back up on the porch and shake the boys hand.

“Please come in and wait for her, she shouldn’t be long.” i nodded my head and followed the boy, the girl held his arm and joined us, Must be siblings. the Hallway was dim lit, it had n old fashioned red run going down either side and in the middle of the tow hallways a grand stair case.

we went down the right side passing four side door on the way two on the left and two on the right each door facing the other. we entered two double doors into a large living area. a fire was lit into the fire place and one each side was floor to ceiling bookshelves, filled with books. along the far left side was four large floor to ceiling windows. each this a set of velvet red curtains framing them. there were two large Black L shaped sofas around a long coffee table, i slipped in-between the two sofas and sat on the right hand side one close the the fire. the siblings sat opposite me.

“so how old are you both?” i started to make small chit chat with the room feeling awkward, the boy spoke after a minute.”

“we’re 16, My twin being the youngest. you?” he cocked his head tot he side, i chuckle.

“I’m 46, old i know.” they didn’t make a sound at my joke.

“so you’re lady Lukas children where is you’re farther?”

“He took off, Mother was 15 at the time and he was married. mother said it was Romeo and Juliet moment but he chose his wife and gave her money to get rid of us.” the boy smirked a littler. “But mothers love there children to much, she she used the money to build her company and provide for us. She a truly good mother.”

“your mother does sound amazing.” i herd a buzzing from the boys pocket, he pulled out a phone and frowned a little.

“mother will not be making it home tonight, She invites you to stay tonight and she will be back by tomorrow lunch. have you eaten?” i nodded my head.

“Yes thank you i have, I’ll take the invite to stay the night if that okay though?” the boy nodded his head, leaning over her picked up a little bell and rang it. not even a minute later a young lady walked in. she had read hair tied behind her and a maids outfit, she had miss matched eyes.

“Luna, show out guessed to the Guess room and she is comfortable.” the maid nodded her head and i followed her. we went back down the dim hallway and up the stairs, trying right time time at the top i was led into the furthest room on the hallway. there were clothes laid out for me and hanger provided for my suit.

She must have suspected her late arrival then. sighing i got changed and got into the cold bed. the mattress was soft and i almost instantly fell asleep when i heard the door creak open.

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