Nightmares Come To Play

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Chapter 2 of Cam

That was all it was, so why was it so hard to remove. Was it because, I know once I remove the glass, I will be left bare and defenseless. Is it because I am not ready to face the consequences, the damage, and the suffering if I allow my only defense to be wiped away. Simply, because how can you break something that is already broken? You ever wonder why it is so hard to break a broken person? Simply because there is no such thing as kicking me while I am down. Many people will say that they want to be at the bottom, because the only way they have to go is up. Am I afraid to remove the glass, because I know that I have the possibility of going down? Or is it because of the person that stands in front of me? If so, then I ask myself, why would I allow outside things to affect how I feel on the inside?
As my thoughts directed towards Chistore, his presence was a dominating factor over my thoughts. Cautiously, I gazed up at him, straining my neck in the process. Since he was standing, while I sat on the ground chained. “You stopped thinking enough, so that we can finally talk?”
“What exactly would you like to talk about?”
“Life. Experiences, Advice. Bondage. Chains. Captives. Victory.”
“I don’t want to talk about those things.” Turning my head to the side, since I was sick of the conversation. I was far from removing the broken glass.
“You don’t have much of a choice.”
"Everyone has a choice. It really is about the placement of the choice."
"And your choice has already happened, deal with it. Now, how about we start." With a snap of his fingers, I was no longer sitting on the ground, I was tied to a branch of the tree, which looked as if it was 85 feet off the ground. The only thing securing me was 5 times the rope was twisted around the tree, how long would it stay 5?
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