Nightmares Come To Play

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Five teens venture into the inner workings of themselves as the battle the evil within and that surrounds them.

Mystery / Action
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Chapter 1 of Jackie

Jackie! Jackie! Wake up! It's me. I will leave you by yourself; I will become your only friend. We will make up for all the years you left me unattended to.”

Sweat has found a way to conceal my entire body, once I wake up. Barely noticing the cloak of sweat, for controlling my jagged breathing is my first priority. Counting backwards from 100 in 3’s helps to calm my nerves. 100, 97, 94, 91…I realize the unfamiliar setting which surrounds me, as I begin to steady myself.. Slowly, I move the damp covers that are firm on my skin, off of me. I am commencing my exploration of this unsettling location, as a strange attraction to the wall is gripping tightly to my inner holds. Glancing at the wall, I see the word evil. Far beyond the walls my mind is escaping given that the word intrigues me.

Evil. What is true evil? I can ponder this question day and night, but still wouldn’t have an answer. Being evil is an interesting decision. Everyone has their own background on why they would become evil. What would cause someone to go down such a tragic pathway? Is it because of the type of people we love, or are we, ourselves, the reason? Are we at fault for seeking unsteady bridges? Why do we, as humans, want the unachievable? Why do we have to make a decision between love and evil? Both of them are impossible choices, because of us. Why is that? Why do we, ourselves, make life an obstacle course on each side of this puzzle?

A shift, that shook the entire room, appeared beneath my footing as my mind returned to itself. Falling to my hands and knees, when I was continuing to think. Before this incident, my mind was an endless ocean filled with words. The words have the capability of forming questions before my interior eyes. While I was continuously thinking about the incomprehensible questions, the questions are confining me. With my back against the wall, feeling insufficient was the only way I could feel against the overbearing thoughts before me.

Under the authority of the question, my mind thinks of the warp reality I am forced to live in. Where I have to fear everyone in fear of betrayal. Always have to wonder what someone is thinking, if they mean good or harm. Where I couldn’t feel safe where I was, having an inability to feel safety and security in anyone. Never being able to have a friend to talk to when things get too rough. Where I could only maintain a handful of friends, but consistently pondering when they will be snatched away from me as well. Where I could finally find my way out of impossible situations. To have the bravery to stand up for myself, and believe that my cards were dealt this way for a reason, no altercations. Where faith and determination were enough to pull me through tough situations. Now it seems I always have to hurt someone to get through everything.

When I got back up and was proceeding to walk, a cold breeze assaulted me. Which draws my warmth away, a shiver ran through my body. Pausing to analyze, to comprehend that my unknowing feet were standing in front of a vent. This vent has an irregular pattern, I wouldn’t be able to predict its pattern to leave this room. Deep in my soul I can feel evil arising. Despite this feeling, I continue to search the room, as…

The floor beneath me feels as if it was going to open up and swallow me whole, like it is a whale and I was Jonah, running from God’s will. As I continuously feel the rumble of the floor around me move. A piercing scream shoots through the air, as two weirdly shaped objects fly into the room, from opposite sides. From the strain I notice in my throat, I know my body is guarded. While the floor movement was coming to an end, I was backing myself against the wall with the vent. Realization dawns on me, as an unexpected strong breeze comes in and knocks my feet from beneath me. Another shift is coming, I detect it through my stomach. Anticipating what was going to happen next, I started rolling my body to the closest corner. Just as my back hit the wall, I am seeing a similar figure rise from the floor. I am remembering why I was close to the unpredictable vent, because-



Turning to the ominous figures I grasp as sleeping humans’ faces are facing towards me. Right before the last shift, I was realizing how I was able to appear in this mysterious room. Wondering why my recurring nightmare was only capable of waking me, not me being transported to an unfamiliar place. This person, or people, knew where I lived. My bed sheets were the same as the ones I slept in every night, they were overpowered with my scent. What if these people were moved here without consent as well. The unrecognizable bodies were still in an unconscious state. While I am examining their bodies as I realize multiple similarities between all of us.

Another dreadful chill washes over my body, but this time it wasn’t from the vent. All of the other four teens scream in unison.

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