Nightmares Come To Play

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Chapter 1 of Emma

Goosebumps are running up my body, as I walked closer to the rusty cross patterned gate. Each step forward to my old workplace sent shivers up my spine. When I was younger I can remember how much I wanted to go to Dice's Carnival. Now, I only wanted to return to the comfort of my bed and act like nothing happened. When I finally reached the gate, the first thing I saw in big bold bloody letters was “Die’s Carnival.” With fear written on my face, I glanced at Carly, my best friend beside me. I could see she was scared too, however we had a goal. We opened the gate, which left our fingerprints where layers of rust were.
Once I entered I examined my atmosphere, As I did so, I saw the dingly fallen clowns, inside of the machine, which I placed the out of order sign on. While I commenced my examination, time started to slow, as it felt as if my eardrums would burst. The clock tower, in the middle of the carnival, loudly screamed in agony. As each ring, it slowly erased all my dreams and hopes along with it. Seconds after the clock stopped, an hairy rat, that was as long as a size 8 shoe and as wide as three fingers, ran across the checkered patterned patterned flooring. Carly and I jumped at one of the many consequences of our sudden intrusion. Quickly recovering, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the old water fountain, my mom would tell me to stay away from. To the left of the fountain, I noticed the huge chalky red lips of the big clown head connected to the ground, its teeth looked as if they would start to chew you up if you entered into its head. If you paid attention, you could notice that each clown's hair was similar, yet they were pigmented differently. Ever since I was younger, clowns were the best in my book and nothing could change that. Clowns just always seemed upbeat.
I continued to study, firstly gazing at the vivid, bright, yellow paint on the wall, the paint was cracking. It reminded me of someone trying desperately to keep their composure, as they are on the verge of breaking down, after rocking themselves to sleep after silently crying. Just like broken glass, perfectly situated on the floor to fix, the cracks are visible and permanent. Red spots accompanied the bright yellow, the spots looked as if they were dripping yet nothing ever touched the floor.
I stopped staring at the wall, once Carly reigned above the silence, “I guess, you aren’t the class clown anymore.” Knowing her she was trying to ease the fear that was bubbling inside of us, which could only be released once we were.
“Why can’t there be two of us?” I played along, knowing she needed me to.
“Because your head is already big enough? Why don’t we get on the ferris wheel?”
“I am hurt, my head is bigger than his. Sure why not, but who will operate it?”
“We know, and you of course!”
“Look, the worst friend award goes to Carly Simms!” We both just continued grinning as we reached the ferris wheel. While Carly found a good seat, I gazed upon the rusted bars of the ferris wheel. A picture of the past Ferris Wheels was on the front of the operation box, back then the carts were red, grean, and yellow, but now they were coated with rust.
“I am ready!” Carly was super impatient, so I walked to the back of the operation box. I remember this place like the back of hand, leading me to quickly be able to start the Ferris Wheel. Knowing Carly, she only wanted to go on it for a vantage point, and it only takes one of us for that. Even though there was no reason to stop to allow other passengers on, the Ferris Wheel still slowly creeped to the top, as if it was trying to build suspense. Once again the clock struck and my eardrums started to ring.
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