Nightmares Come To Play

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Chapter 1 of Pearl

“Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Was all I heard as my mind replayed what happened.
When I came to, I was leaning against a cold figure which looked like a wall. If I couldn’t feel it, then I would have been deceived. Looking for any other life forces was my first thought, the coast looked clear... As I began to observe the rest of this pleasing room. I saw that there are millions of different types of coal on the ground. Although in the middle is one perfect, whole, stable diamond. How do I get there? I asked myself. To reach such perfection was unheard of, completion beyond words. In a world filled with coal, I couldn’t possibly be the one that was found in the middle. How do I reach something that seems unachievable? How do I fight against the thoughts that say “You won’t make it” the thoughts that call you worthless? The thoughts that ask you what is so different about you? The thoughts that break you down and leave you feeling like you aren't worthy to reach such happiness and perfection. So how do we reach something when all odds are against us?
"You Don't" My inner choice screamed from within. It was right, I will always just be a lump of coal lying on the floor hoping to be picked up one day.
I continued walking towards the diamond just to pick it up. Deep inside I wished that when it touched my hands, it would transform back into coal. However, I still reached my hands out, held the diamond, and cried.
After an estimated 4 minutes of trapping myself into a rectangular prism of my self-pity and incompetence. Continuing to look around consumed my mind, although before during anything else I placed a smile on my face.
My surroundings were simple, besides the pieces of coal and the diamond, which is still in my arms, all that was left was a chair, made out of figured red oak wood, and the strange “wall”.
Just as I was turning around, you could hear something heavy being moved. I turned to see what it was, but it stopped. Once again, I turned around, but longer this time and I closed my eyes, I used all my other senses to help me. All around me I could hear something moving closer and closer as if they were the predator and I was its prey. The scent, around me, reeked of Colgate cinnamint toothpaste. I raised my arms straight out alternating from beside, in front, behind me, waiting to feel something. Right, when I was about to lower my arms, I began feeling something squishy, it could only be the strange cold “wall” closing in on me.
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