Nightmares Come To Play

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Chapter 2 of Jackie

*This chapter will be shorter than previous chapters*

They all can see what I see, from their screams alongside mine. Without knowing, my gaze lowers to the ground. Fear is the predominant emotion, whilst I try to raise my eyes slowly afraid of what I would see. 88, 85, 82… My fear endlessly amplified, but my eyes moved higher and higher.. 79, 76, 73… My entire body is shaking violently, as fear is still the only emotion I can feel. 70, 67, 64… My blood is running cold from the nightmare I have seen every day since 5 stands in front of me. 61, 58, 55…
An invisible aura surrounds the monster, the aura is suffocating to me. 52, 49, 46…Being in the presence of the aura slowly decreased my height. 43, 40, 37… The more I fear the monster the more the aura magnifies and the closer I move to the ground, suffering from the overwhelming aura. I gasp as a huge wave of overwhelming power slams into me and I hit the ground so hard I can feel a bruise forming. 34, 31, 28…
Rolling onto my back, I grunted because my back hurts from hitting the wall earlier. 25, 22, 19…Being on my back gives me a better view of the monster’s face. 16, 13, 10…I can cry at seeing my nightmare’s face that looks identical to mine. I can cry at seeing an evil version of myself. I can almost cry at seeing someone who chooses the wrong side of the puzzle. Watching her is hurting my soul. A tear slides out of my eye as Jaglaben, my monster, says
“Hey Jackie, my old pal! Are you ready to play?” 7, 4, 1…
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